Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dirty Scheme

I got xhausted handling illustrator and flash so i decided to write a poem

when i was a little girl
playing with sand and pearl
thinking that the world
is some sort of happy swirl
fairies fly happily on top of the hills
enchanted little land with no kills

but when time passing by
everything i believe in slowly die
everywhere my eyes lie
i see people cry everywhere in my sight
eating leftover pie with a sigh

i close my eyes , hoping that this was a dream
a nightmare that soon be a over in a gleam
Soon i open my eyes and scream,
My mind said that this is not what it seem
maybe this is just a dirty scheme

p/s : yeah i know its need to point that,captain obvious.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Good Luck Boys (now with updates!)

Ahhh shait! tak bole tgk bola malam nie..keje byk gile nak duck duck duck duckkk!!!!

tape la..harap2 deorang main dgn penuh sopan santun..


sapa2 please update score kat chatbox..time kasih

Update1 : oh tapa..ade streaming

tadak la rasa ketingalan sangat

Update 2 : Mmg tak tgk game malam nie..penat gila! hopefully esok bangun dgn keputusan yg cemerlang

selamat malam semua.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I think i have a thing about two school girls who wear a short skirts to school

(Again title does not co-related with story)

Last time , I get quite embarrassed whenever someone asked me where i do reside because Puchong was known as some kind of ghetto place where only mat rempit rejoice. But now i'd proudly say that i live in puchong without any slightest hint of shame. This is mostly because the new expanded wing of IOI Mall is soooo awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Now i have TGIF and FOS near my house.

Anyways,another cool thing about the new wing is DAISO! For those who doesnt know what is DAISO, it is actually something like our 2ringgit store only their product is 100% from Japan. I really like this store because they have all those crazy Japanese stuff that u cant find anywhere here in local store. The store is soooooo hugeeeeeee~ and they have a wide range of product u could ever imagine. (
daiso should really appoint me as their ambassador)

So today, Hafiq and I went to IOI Mall for dinner and after that I wanted to buy a measurement tape at Daiso. The planned was ; find measurement tape , pay and leave but i ended up spending almost 2 hours roaming inside the store, what a waste of time.While all the product seem cheap they are also few that doenst really worth buying. U have to be wise in choosing the products that really hold a value for ur money. Dont let the marketing strategy clouded ur hasty shopping behavior.

From those thousands of uncountable mass produced product , one that really caught my attention was this mouth cover that have a graphical images on it. Here i present to u some of the photos that i discreetly captured while the workers were looking away.

little doggie wants her bone. boner. oh wai-

somehow i look retarded with this frog mouth

dog + frog = one hell of a deform creature.

rock on bebeh! (anyways see the background. that is one hellava choice u have to make)

i used to have this kind of feature on me before the sex change surgery

u kiss ur mom with that mouth?

ngiauuuuuu~ nyaa~

idung darah tgk udang byk sangat.

i look much more appealing in real world. trust me.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please read this little missive that i wrote while i was half aware of my own existence (could also be rendered as my trial will)

Dear world ,
If i dont make it alive within this next 2 weeks please note that

1. I dont have that many cash in my bank so any attempt to hack into my bank account would come to no avail.

2.All my gaming system , including those ancient Nintendo's hand-held will be given to whoever can sustain 50 hours on playing L4D. or any other FPS game. or Hello Kitty Adventure Island with a full blast speaker on.

3. All my unutilised guitars will be owned by whoever wanna-be rockstard out there who can hit 20 notes per second without even breaking a sweat.

4. My computer , 2 monitors , and 3 hdds which calculated up to 1TB all together. fully loaded with series , animes , movies,musiq and few hidden gore porns will be inherited by some lucky guy who can fap until he excretes a blue semen full of happily swimming head of awesome smiley.

5. Dont bother fussing over my clothes because most of them are damage ,be it discolored , eaten by cockroaches or rats , losing a button , torn widely apart , if not worst.

6. I'd leave my most treasured collection of vinyl to a person who has a terrible emotional distress , just like me. FYI , staring blindly at this vinyl doenst make u any better , could probably damage ur retina or severely injure ur brain.

Please pray for my sanity for the next 2-3 weeks for i need this strength to keep on going. Even a puny encouragement would do me good.

oh anyways , on totally unrelated topic , last 3 days i decided to shorten up my hair because of the obviously apparent impact global warming has on our planet. Heat is a whore and i am her bitch.

muke da bosan ngna cahaya matahari. tlg la dunia.

sumpah kat luar aku lagi kiut

this picture is self-explanatory

p/s : Smoke is bad , alcohol is bad , drug is bad , sex is bad , binging on food is bad , marijuana is bad . What could have possibly possessed u for being so stupid?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Nasik Lemak Stall Tragedy

I dunno whether its me or wat but i always encountered a weird situation whenever i go to a nasik lemak stall , and this morning wasn't an exception from the previous experiences i had.

So after washing my face and putting on some decent attire , i went downstairs to the ground floor. I walked towards where my car is located and I stopped for awhile contemplating on whether i shud take the car or just walk down the road. It didnt take me long to think that i needed this walk considering my lack of exercising , so using this seemingly perpetually idle leg , i proudly walked heading to where the nasik lemak stall is standing.

The morning sun seemed harmless at this hour , it doesn't burn my skin nor did it hurt my eyes. It was such a friendly sun i have to admit. Contamination also didnt seemed to be appearing at this particular moment of time. My body and mind were enjoying the joyful serenity of the morning breeze. I thought nothing could ruin this blissful morning , but i thought wrong. I shud have known better that this is too good to be true.

From afar my eyes could catch the solid figure of the stall . There was only a few meters away to reach my destination. I was really eager to see that the stall was not crowded as it usually is. I approached the stall and there she was , the makcik that owned that stall. She greeted me with warm and friendly smile. There i was , thinking again that nuthing could ruin my beautiful morning.

Makcik : Assalamualaikum
Saye : Waalaikummusalam , nasik lemak satu makcik.
Makcik : nie nak sambal tak?
Saya : haa..letak sambal lebeh sket..tanak kacang tau..pastu ayam ni ngna telur lebeh
Makcik : ok ok
Saya : kuih satu 40sen eh makcik..da mahal eh..
Makcik : biase la dik , ekonomi da merosot..
Saya : ye la tu makcik kuih sardin ade tak?
Makcik : tinggal satu tu je dik..amek la..da ade gula2 sket melekat..terkene donat la tu
Saya : tape la makcik..saye mmg suke makan sardin ngna gula ni (sarcasm alert! but i didnt think she noticed tho). Nie sume brape makcik?
Makcik : (paused awhile while calculating the figures in her mind) Semua sekali 4ringit 3plosen

I handed the green 5 ringgit notes to her and she gave me back the remaining balance. I was about to leave the stall until

Makcik : Abe mane dik?
Saya : abe ape nie makcik?
Makcik : abe la..abang mane?
Saya : abang saye kat umah makcik..jage anak dia..demam
Makcik : tade la..maksud saya mana boifren
Saya : err..ntah
Makcik : eh..bukan slalu nampak naik motor ke petang?
Saya : err..saye tak pernah naik motor petang2 makcik..saya tadak motor pun..
Makcik : ehehhehe (nervous laugh) silap laaa makcik camtu
Saya : tape la makcik. saye balik dulu. assalamualaikum
Makcik : waalaikummusalam

Now not only I could understand Kelantanese dialect but i also happen to owned a motorcycle which i'd leisurely ride every evening with my boifren. Makcik nie mesti tak dapat bezakan minah rempit ngan minah yg da nak grad degree yg ada kereta yg cantik jelita yg pandai yg it illeterate. Aku rasa makcik tu kene buat lasik surgery.

So much for my perfect morning.

note to self : sila mandi dan groom yourself before going out coz presentation means everything, eventho u are cynically rotten inside.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Literally translated text

Hari tu chu baru subscribed to DiGi broadband. Suka la dia satu family sebab ada internet kat rumah. Tapi family chu nie tak reti sangat pasal komputer2 bagai ni , so being the most IT cultivated one in the whole entire extended family , she called me to install all the necessary software that a computer should have , like anti-virus and stuff. But i was busy and said that i would come to her house tmrw.

So tommorow came , I was totally forgot abt my promise to her because i was too busy doing my final year project. While i was occupying myself with action scripting , i heard my phone rang and it was my popo (grandma) on the other side of the line. She insisted me to come over chu's house at kota kemuning that very moment. Being a good cucu , i agreed. More over she said that shes gonna cook for me , and i always love her cooking.

Anyways , i continued doing my work and suddenly i received a text from her.I flipped on my gold colored phone and read the text. Popo tersalah antar msg , dia nak antar kat chu tapi terhantar kat my phone. But something was wrong somewhere , i read it over again and suddenly i burst into laughter. This was exatcly wat she wrote

From : Popo
20 Apr. 2009 10:20

Ni mak masak nasi lebeh sikit
kakak nak datang gan kawan sat lagi boleh?
mak da pesan ubat kuman kompiter

Yes , ubat kuman . u read that right. At first i tot huh? amende nie? bacteria disinfector ke ape nie? and then i realized that it was anti-virus. haih. Popo semangat gila suruh aku buat email , lepas nie dia kata nak bukak blog memasak.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Morning dreams that doesnt involve me in it

For these past few days ive been enjoying healthy sleeping hour because as soon as the clock strikes 12 a.m i'd find myself cover under the blanket with heavy eyes. Often i told myself that this would just be a quick nap , a 40 winks so that i could wake up 20 minutes after to continue on my project and this is why i always ask Hafiq to wake me up.


those action is proven futile after so many failure attempts which result me in waking up 6 hrs later , and that ladies and gentleman is a healthy sleep hours. This is also a bad news to my oral care because i would consistently forget to brush my teeth and having a morning cigarette doesnt help either. Cavities and plague hoorah!

anyways , i just cut off from the phone with Hafiq and he told me this weird dream about him and some other friends in some sort of peculiar treasure hunt and I cant help my self but recollecting my dream last night , and yes i had a weird dream as well but cudnt quite remember about it and what i know that this dream has nuthing to do with me.

Gila apa aku tadak dalam mimpi sendri. Demn , otak kene hacked ngan Acai Pills.

Before i end my morning ranting , (pictars totally unrelated to topics, just for the fun of it)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another glorious victory by the Blues

Kemenangan di pihak biru semakin membara2 because melanin gives black people superior mental , physical and spritual ability.

p/s : m gonna end my tradition on putting THE every time at the beginning of my title. its so rigid. and i am a boring person. but this doesnt means that unicorn exist.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Birthday Wish for Dearest Papa

Yesterday was my papa birthday but i got too much things in my hand that ive forgotten to post a birthday wish.


I hope that one that i could repay for anyway possible for everthing that u've done for me to this very day of my life , molding me into the person i am right now. There is nuthing , i mean nuthing in this world i could ask more other than ur love , care and being ur oldest daughter (the youngest one is still being spoil..pffft)

So i wish u good health and smooth sailing in life. U are the luckiest man in the world because u got me and my sibs-..err no only ME! hahahhaa

Anyways , off to birthday dinner with papa and the sibs. Will post up pictures if any

if else

pic == false;



Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Dirty Talk With A Stranger. An Old Stranger

Let me introduce u to a website

where u can secretly revealed ur secret to a stranger

where u can pretending to be a girl and have sexy conver
sation with a perverted 45 years old guy who thinks that u are 17 and hairless

where u can contribute ur ideas to destroy all the creation of robot species before they mercilessly take over our mind,power and woman.

where profanity will not be treated seriously and u wont get sued for violating the freedom of speech

where visual aid aint needed to make u understand more clearly

where the interface is entirely made of alphabets

where being mentally challenged is the in thing

U can talk freely without any string attached with another stranger all over the world. Be warned that the accuracy of context is 99% false. So next time when someone claimed they are a Nigerian prince held hostage by some terrorist at middle east country and wanting to transfer their "inheritance money" to your account , JUST SAY YES! because scamming is seriouse business!

I knew about this website few weeks back and wanted to write an entry for this particular page but didnt have any interesting conversation to put here , but today i logged on (because i am a loser and friendless in real world) to the website and started to say hi to this other person. Anyways , for my fellow friendless society , this website is called Omegle. Go and talk dirty, NOW!

This is how the conversation went,

Talk to strangers!
3422 users online
the Funadvice Traffic Exchange
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi
You: my bf said that my bosom isnt big enuff
You: what a vapid bastard!
Stranger: what's meaning?
You: where are u from?
Stranger: china and u?
You: india
You: yenadey poringey
You: u know even tho our skin look like nikka , dat doesnt mean we like kfc like them
Stranger: man or woman?
You: we like kari
You: woman of coz
You: my inside is so hot hot hot jee jee jee
Stranger: oh I see
You: are u dick or vajayjay?
Stranger: we cool of course
You: i mean are u female or male?
You: man or woman? bosom or unbosom?
Stranger: man
You: yenadey poringey
You: u want me to teach u indian?
You: minachi elek nandek
Stranger: of course not
Stranger: my english is poor
You: my english is rich..everyday i make money by speaking english
You: how old are u?
Stranger: how to add u im my friends group?
Stranger: 45 and u?
You: what do u do for living
You: my age is divided by zero
You: are u pedobear
You: do u like small girl?
Stranger: of course
You: awww
You: i am 17 , virgin and untouched. but i do touch my self , occasionally
Stranger: teaching
Stranger: oh
You: i like old guys
Stranger: tks
You: sometimes i go to mall and wear sexy and seduce old guy
Stranger: how to make friends with u?
You: do u want to watch me dancing?
You: so seksiii u jizzzz in ur pantsss
Stranger: ok
You: do u like sexy girls?
Stranger: of course
You: i can give u good time old man
You: would u be willing to pay ?
Stranger: your QQ number?
You: i can get naked for u
You: whar is QQ?
Stranger: can u tell me?
You: issit something like emoticons Q_Q or @_@ or -_-"
Stranger: of course
You: i am so horny old man
Stranger: no
You: make me happy
Stranger: ha ha
Stranger: ok
You: how u make me happy
You: how long is ur dick?
Stranger: 1 h
Stranger: would u mind?
You: ur dick is 1 hour?
You: 1 hour drive ? ur dick is freaking far.
Stranger: no
Stranger: 1 h is enough i think
You: that is so cool
Stranger: do u think so?
You: i know so
Stranger: oh
Stranger: add my QQ OK?
You: what is qq?
Stranger: it is for chatting
You: issit the same as (",) ?
You: i dont know
Stranger: no
Stranger: do you know a little chinese?
Stranger: i know
You: i know ni hau maaa
You: TIU lei lomo hamkachan
Stranger: ha ha
You: kthnxbye

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
or save this log or send us feedback.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Moment of Victory

Well i dont need to say much apart from the OBVIOUS outcome of result.

Good game from both sides. I swear my menstrual period is going to burst out of my lower part during the first half of the game but luckily Chelsea has restored back their credibility on the 2nd half of the match. It was an intense game i have to say , tak senang duduk weh kat kedai mamak tu. Da la sume cam stok sokong liverpool , aku cam keras je chelsea sensorang kat situ. Blakang , CHELSEA MENANG WEH!!!

anyways i present this music video to all of u liverpool fans out there. Heartbreaker -

Im so so so sorry , im so so so sorry , i didnt mean to break ur heart. but we did, so u can eat my shorts! haahha

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Penat Day and couple of shots of us jizzing in our pants.

Good morning ppl, yes a good morning to all of u, eventho its pitchy dark outside , i'd still like to greet u a very very good morning , and there is a reason behind this unusual greetings of a time like this because i just woke up from sleep. Yes it is proven that i am a nocturnal species because my arrangement of dna has been reengineered that particular day i was biten by a vampire. Haha. eyukh~

The reality : Ive had such a exhausting day which explain the extreme sleeping hours. Once again , ive succedingly screwed my sleeping hours. Which i did not plan to but bound to happened nowadays.

Anyways , after waking up at 7.30 , i went to MMU only to find that there is no class. But we had a discussion over some final details of our installation. As usual , i did not participated in the meeting, instead i was playing and goofing around and i dragged a couple of ppl with me. The meeting was almost a failure with me being high on sugar (
Note to self : no more sugar in the morning) We took a couple of experimental photos to be put on our description tag. A mug shot of our creative criminal mind. After the meeting , we went lunch at Sakae Sushi and after eating we went to an unplanned shopping session which i spent more than enough to make me suffer financially by the end of the week.

Enjoy the pictures. And remember , drinking milk doesnt make ur bone stronger , that is just a mass media propaganda and a well-planned marketing strategy to drained out all the cow's in the world. Pity the cow.

me and nadia preparing for sexy time together.

meet boy and alep. they are two lonely boys and were matched together by a dating site.

they clicked instantly after knowing each other sizes. such a cute gay couple.

preparing for mugshot. as u can see , only two of us were holding those supposedly name plate , while the other is a natural born retard.

Name : Diena Wong
Crime : being short in the tall people convention.

jgn tengok perut. focus on the hand.

yes! nampak tinggi sikit. camera angle FTW!

bookworm bitches. haha

ye ye. ensem wan ensem. tapi alep lagi ensem. hahaha

sometimes i caught myself thinking about doing it with myself.

the first couple. chaihhh

rokok lemau. lembik. bengkok. kene call abg Superman camni. HAHHAHA

Rangers Mask at Daiso for on 5/-. It doesnt make u smarter but sure make u look cooler.

Me and yunyi after doing it.

On totally unrelated agenda,



Monday, April 13, 2009

The Perfect Figures

Look what i just coincidentally encountered

such a perfect green colored boxes of 3's. I am so gonna hit the lottery with this number. then again, i dont own dog as a pet let alone buying number. its a SIN I TELL U A SIN!!

sex is different matter tho. its a necessity for a human to keep on living . Its a motivation for a person to maintain their efficiency at their workplace/class. Its the fuel to generate and develop the future leader of this world. Its also help to prevent terminally ill disease. such as prostate and cancer. (sense. this paragraph has none.)

I am so hungry i could slaughter a stripper and dip it in her blood , bite the region of her chest barbarically and lastly drink her urine to wash the dirty taste out off my mouth. Mmm , yummy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Weird Morning Incidents and Some Pictures of me and ur mom doing it

I woke up at precisely 7.15 when i searched the bed for my phone. It was an easy wake up i have to say because my head felt clear and none of my body muscles was aching except for both of my thighs still recovering from its soreness. Such a rare occasion this was for my eyes to feast on the beautiful Saturday morning because usually i still didnt sleep at this hour. I have this nasty headache attacking my head yesterday and after taking medicine i fell asleep while watching Underworld , hence the early waking up.

Anyways , deciding on not to waste this glorifying moment , i put on my brown skirts, took out my ancient purse and went out to buy a nasik lemak. After i parked my car at the side of the road , i slowly sauntering my way to the nasik lemak st
all , one which open on Saturday morning , such a hardworking man he is. From far , i could visibly saw a man who was wearing an helmet doing his transaction with the vendor , just another morning person, or so i tot. As soon as i reached the stall, i could feel the man was scrutinizing me. His eyes were scanning me. and suddenly he said , nonchalantly , without any suited expression

"Nie mesti tak mandi lagi"

for a moment there , my mind couldn't compute with the situation so i just let out a nervous chuckles .I tot he was going to continue the conversation , instead he took his purchase and walked away. I was like wtf?? Is this man a natural born bloody psychic ?? How did he knew that i didnt wash myself? Can he see through my soul? Did he knew dat i was wearing yesterday bra? or the rabbit hole panties i intended to throw away but didnt have the heart to because of the cu
te pattern on it. Did he knows that my menstrual circle is next week?


pic not related with topic but have some context in it which could remotely matches the situation

Such a weird situation . I hope that man have a good life and use his gifted talent for a good course. Anyways , on totally unrelated topics , here are some pictures from our random outing. I put the liberty on scribbling some of the pictures coz i am a superior human being.


he look like that everyday. srsly. this is the action of people who is in denial for his confliction of orientation

dayana and dayana. we make great sexy time with u.

i just realized that i have 3 D's. All with different patterns and designs.

read the shirt yo. statement improvised.

if life were easily labeled.

burned chocolate asses on stick perhaps?

the death of a blond stripper with blue soul.

this picture has no sense at all.

borat remaking.

the invasyun of the mushroom clan

please click on the picture for better viewing. u know the drill. I better do my work now or else (insert any horrifying sound here)