Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Mindless Weekend

Good morning stalkers , stumble uponers and whoever thought that the law of gravity doesn't applied on them.

Its already sunday.

I dont get it, why do they call it sunday?

Issit because the birth of the sun?

or maybe perhaps the day itself is so sunny hence the sunday? what if it was raining? would it be called rainday instead of sunday?

does sunday brings the same meaning as sundae? if sunday was a food, wud it be as sweet and fattening as sundae?

Issit possible for sunday to be an english variation of sundal? i dont know, i phailed kemahiran hidup in high school.

None-the-less , i haite SUNDAY!

why one might ask?

because i always feel that sunday only last 10 hours! and before u know it , it is already MONDAY! which i guess stands for Monster Day , therefore the MON? i dont know , i havent had my breakfast yet. my brain work on illegal immigrant chinese workers.

seriously! m fcking bored! m out of my mind! pfffttt!! this is even worst than staying in a prison solitary while playing solitaire in solitude of the isolation.

I have assignments to do. but as usual , i wont do it until it is due 10 minutes before. so yeah, i still got a couple of hours. so chillex~

p/s : pet society is so in yawww!! m so hooked yaw!!

yet another useless p/s that u dont have to read but u read it anyway because u tot it would be somekind of national secret but little that u know that this is nuthing other than a useless p/s : ARGHHHHH BOSAN LA SIALLL!!! take me awayyy.. plis plis plis!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Recycle Boy

Aku ade kawan , name die Ahmad Hafiz. Die nie sangat fashionable. Like totally. Dengan rambut belah tengah yg sangat mengoda dan mengawan that always scream "sejarah mungkin berulangggg, walau engkau ku maafkannn oh kekasihhhh" *rambut belah tengah , tomok , new boyz, geddit?*

Apis nie sangat baik dan generous kepada alam sekitar. Die jenis yg cam back to nature nye org. Tak caye? Tgk la gambar nie

sape je yg kat dunia nie pakai baju made entirely by plastic sampah kaler itam? sape je? APIS SORANG JE WEH! Like srsly.

Oh..tapi rupe2nye itu jacket Adidas yg die beli. Die kate jeket tu mahal ye lah adidas kan, tapi aku rase die kene tipu. Mungkin jacket nie bole double as rain coat.

RALAT : Mengawan suppose to be menawan. Not mengawan. Mengawas is mating. Yeah , the thing that animal do when they are horny. Just like both of ur parents always do behind the close door.

RALAT 2 : Mengawas bukan mating . Mengawas itu menjaga. sorry ralat byk sangat. aku mmg takde future jadi journalist. sekian terime kasih.

p/s : to apis , the one who always embraces himself with ciggarates - Tingok tingok , mane ade Ralat 3. hahahha. kalau ko nak surat khabar lame byk weh umah aku. siap ade surat kabar cina lagi bapak aku punye. HAHHAHA

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Unexpected Melody

Aku baru sedar yg kat winamp aku ade lagu

Patriotik - Jalur Gemilang
Patriotik - Keranamu Malaysia

How loser can a person be? Dont get me wrong , i do love my country but this is too much!

How do this song endup in my playlist?

buruh nelayan dan juga petani
gaya hidup kini da berubah
anak2 terasuh mindanya
lahir genarasi bijak pandai

tgk tgk..DA STUCK!!!!

esok jgn tanye kenape aku g skolah pakai baju bendera. aku da kene brainwashed weh!!!




p/s : hang it there diena.

The Black Lady

So we , idayu and i were lepaking and sembanging in the car at the carpark of my aparment. After the ultimately delicious choclate indulgence has been savagely chowed down by yours truly , which is me , and me wanted to smoke so badly. So we decided to chill at the pool side. I took my ciggarate box out from my small green sling bag. Pulled off one ciggy and put it in between my lips. Unfortunely , my lighter (only now isnt mine anymore because i already threw it down the drain) was out of gas.


I saw this one big black lady, i mean black like black! She could easily be invisible at night. And she was hugee! like a little bit smaller than ur mom. Her left breast alone could feed the entire starving children in Bosnia .Like srsly.

She walked towards us and said

BL : Hey baby! ( bile mase aku jadi anak ko? aku putih je)
dw : yeah?
BL : can i have one ciggarate?
dw : do u have a lighter?
BL : yeah , but the lighter is upstairs *sambil amek lighter kat tangan aku and try nak lightkan*
dw : it doenst work anymore
BL : u just have to shake it upside down u know, the gas is still there , they are floating bla bla bla bla *aku tak paham, lidah die pekat sangat*
dw : nvm. its take this ciggarate
BL : i want to buy ciggarate but all the shop are close
dw : but 7-e is just down there. u can just walk
BL : its far away! *sungguh2 ko tanak jugak pegi kedai! tegas!*
dw : not that far really.
BL : ill pass. anyway , can i have another ciggarate for my sister
dw : mm.. sure ?

Kiwak gile kene rokok kene pow ngan ngan pompuan itam. asal ko tak mintak utk pak lang,pak ndak or satu kampung ko skali? Da la aku baru beli plak tu rokok tu. Da die mintak utk die, die mintak plak utk adik die. igt aku nie welfare ke? Kalau aku tak bagi kang kene pukul. Aku nie da la kecik cam kerusi , kalau kene pukul tak mati aku?

aku redho je la. tape , rokok bole cari.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The little Known Facts

Something less people know about me.

1. I am the messiest person i know when it comes to brushing up teeth. Imagine org kene sawan kuar buih putih2 kat mulut. that is exactly i look like , minus the rolling eyes and the seizure.

2. I eat kerepek with roti. Some people find this weird. I dont. Do u?

3. I am the ultimate supreme super procrastinator. Like srsly! if the assignment were to due on Monday 11 pm , U can still see me happily watching completed downloaded tv series on Sunday night. I have to train myself to work under pressure. I eat bread and sambal ikan bilis this morning.

4.I love the smell of the grass after the rain.It smells so fresh , so pure. Just like me. Like srsly.

will be updated soon with more gruesome details coz right now m off to school.

p/s : arghh 2 weeks! lame la weh!
s/p : arghh 3 weeks! lame nyeeee!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sudden Departured (UPDATED)

I woke up this morning with 2 shocking sms.

Mamad : iQ meninggal dunia semlm pukul 330. xcident

shahan : diena..awak kenal iQ kan. mat rap yg kecik2 tu. dia miningal accident semlm. accident yg kite lalu semlm .

Al - fatihah. May u rest in peace bro.

p/s : will be updated after i come back from the funeral.

UPDATED : Just came back from KL. Really, i have no mood to write watsoever. His smiling face kept on playing in my mind on my way back to Puchong. Somehow , a series of flashback came into the picture. Everything feel surreal. He is just 24. 2 year older than me and already, hes gone.

This make me realize that we, human being are not invincible. We are made from flesh,bones and blood. We are fragile , easy to break. No matter how overcautious we are in handling our daily life , we still cant escape the fate that already been written upon us.

Firdhaus Othman was his birthname but he prefered to be called iQ as his streetname. He was the nicest and sweetest guy i know. I used to be like really closed to him. We used to hang out and chilled and lepaked. Somehow we drifted apart because of our busy schedule but there were still occasional calls and txts in between our void.

Mamad and I went to his aunt's house at AU5 , his body still there. Laying motionless , covered in cloth. My heart sank. My friend , my dearest friend already gone. After reciting yaasin , they brought his body to the Mosque beside the house. I went inside the mosque , bace yaasin skali lagi for him and semayang asar with the rest of makciks2. After Asar kiterang semayang jenazah plak. And then all of us went to tanah perkuburan AU4 . It was drizzled at first , so they quickly put his body inside the liang lahad.

Again , my heart sank.Although we grew apart and didnt hangout that much anymore , but memories is still memories. fond memories.

Dari tanah kita datang , dan dari tanah juga kita kembali.
Dari tanah kita mendapat makanan , dan tanah juga akhirnya yang memakan kita. - Ustaz yg bace2 tadi kat tanah perkuburan.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Brother and his hidden agenda.

Mabuhai dearest readers,

at this very point of time, i am blogging in my well-built black toilet. Why some may ask, this is because i can only smoke in my bathroom. My bonda would kill me if my room is congested with ciggarets buds and smokes.

i have nuthing to blog about actually.

but , here i am , in the toilet , with my only brother , the one who always get high on the greens. In fact , at this very moment , he is puffing away the smoke he just inhaled before that.

that is not my point,

My point is,

while he was serving himself , he - the only sole son of my mother , was busy babbling about , get this

his sex experiences, which i find kindda diskasting. He told me about the time that he banged this chick with his other friend. yeah threesomed.I didnt even know what expression to display. So i just go eeeeyukhhh yek yek.

its ok , not to worry , i'd keep the revolting details to myself. see how thoughtful i am. i should be awarded with a big shiny medal.

Hes gone now. I could hear his car went off from the porch.

Tonight , he said , that he gonna go out with the same girl. Minus his thresome buddy. So i guess tonite is going to get somehow rather passionate. I dont know . I failed bio and chemistry in high school.

Before he stepped out from the toilet , all i could give him was

"Dont forget the rubber brother"

p/s : nevertheless , he is the bestest bro anyone could ever wish for. like srsly. the bestest of the bestest of the bestest

Friday, November 21, 2008

The CopyKat Repellent

Hello dearest readers , stalkers and potential impostors,

I have been blogging since i was still in high school.I still remembered using the old-time classic notepad editor and publish it using Geocities under i-dont-remember-what hosting. It has been on and off over the years. There are time i feel so inspired to write until i'd be lost in my own swirling duo-tone color world and there are also time when i feel that writing is just like a small under-develop unknown country. useless and tak mendatangkan faedah. but most of the time , i am just plain layzeh beybeh.

So heres the thing,

Ever since ive been blogging , there are few bloggers who , well lets just say they kindda snatched a few of my phrasesssssesesss here and there. Using it like their own , as if it came out from their brain. Yeah , the big ugly meatless organ inside the center of your skull. Ive also encountered blogger who ripped off the whole entire entry which was just kindda sad and pathetic because u know , people already know that it was mine .

At first i was pissed off ,rebarbatived, infuriated and any other words related to that. But then i realized , i cant do anything about it , i cant let these loser fazed me. I didnt lose anything, in fact they are the one who should be ashamed of plagiarizing and neglecting the usage of their brain space.And moreover i am not the one who lose away my dignity and pride.

So today , after eating two helpless banane , i decided to put my blog under some license. So this way i will somehow feel safe. I know this is not going to secured or guarantee anything but still! its a license! License is law. And no one is above the law. Not even you , yeah the one under ur big brother's crotch. Is that ur hair or wat? It looks so shiny and pointy . Oh wai-. darn it!

See the circle that circulated around the double C? Thats indicates law. And u do not want to mess with the law. License is law.Law is life. Life is great. Great = Awesome. Awesome is diena.Therefore, diena = law. This concludes our lesson for today kids.

peenut butther asses : counting days is excruciating.

Note to self : No matter how tantalizing a fake plastic decoration fruits are (namely,the apples) , they are not meant to be eaten or bitten. They also cannot magically turn into a real fresh fruit overnight.

note to others : my bonda is the greatest mom in the world! better than mother theresa. and definitely better than ur mom!

p/s : i have problem spelling lisence.licsene.license! yes dapat. pandai diena! hee..mesti la pandai..diena kan good girl. kan kan kan? kan ke tak kan?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The So-Called Morning Class and Drive-Thru Tragedy

She stared at her reflection before her eyes. Her mirror was kinda stained and blurish because of the abandonment weekly cleaning up she often forget. Her lightly eyelinered eyes scanned her choice of wardrobe she choose after her 10 minutes morning bath. She decided to wear her pale brown corduroy-like pants and plain black t-shirt. As simple as that, she doesnt need to wear all flashy considering her destination was only MMU.

After a momentarily astonishment of herself, she went to the computer area and sat on her hand-down black chair that her papa gave her few months back. Lazily, she turned her eyes to the bottom right of her screen where the integer that always indicates the current time. 0735. Still early to go out. Her class, as she remembered stated on her schedule was at 0900. So she just lazed there and alternately tabbing between Facebook , other ppl's blog and few websites about dim sum and not to mention about the morning web cam session with someone over the sea. over the seas. over few thousands of dry and wet sands.

The time now is 0810. She hastily put her phone and her red marlboro box inside her locker-like bag, grabbed the bag and hurried to the front door.She then safely locked the rusty door gate ,walked towards the elevator and pressed the down indicator button. TING TONG, the sound of the elevator rang. *sebenarnye tade pun bunyik ting tong. die cam senyap je bile lif da sampai. loser gile lif umah aku nie. bisu.*. The door opened wide and divided into two which slided left and right ,revealing a man inside its body. A full office attire man complete with black briefcase.He seemed like an assiduous worker. A determined kiss asses one that is.

She gandered at this particular man and wondered - is this how m gonna look like less than a year from now? The man caught her eyes, their eyes met in this peculiar kind of way. He threw her a soft forlorn glance. She then realized that this guy has zero attraction on his physical features.Suddenly the elevator cage hit the ground floor and finally broke the none-frisson moment between her and the nonchalant industrial robot guy.She stepped out from the elevator and advancing herself to the designated car park area.

From far she could see her small blue colored kelisa. This car was definitely not a new purchased one coz there were few visible unpolished scratches lines all over the body.Her papa had bought her this particular car 5 years back when she first got her driving license.She got in her almost ruin car and started the ignition , turned on the a/c and lastly the radio. The time now was about 8.30. After about 20 minutes drive, she arrived at Mekdi Sri Kembangan. She turned off the engine and the air conditioner followed lastly by the radio and lastly she pull off her car key from the ignition. Opened wide her door and get out from the car.

She walked slowly to the eating ground outside the Mekdi,find herself a chair and sit,cross legged. She waited expectantly for anep to come in his silver kelisa.10 minutes has passed and still Anep was no where to be seen.She was getting kinda exasperated by his lack of punctuality.She rummaged inside her bag for her partially functioned and almost decayed phone. She flipped her phone and dialed Anep's phone number.

dw : anepp mane ko nie? aku da tunggu lame da nie tau tak.
anep : diena, class pukul 11 kan ari nie. Ko lupe ke? ari tu ko yg beria2 dok yey yey bile lecturer cakap camtu.
nie sape nak jawab nie aku datang awal? ughhhhhhhhhhh!!! FUK FUK FUK!!! *and several variation of mild vulgar words*
anep : hahaha..good nite diena. aku nak tido.
dw : i hope u rot in hell bitch*cakap dalam hati*

p/s : aku rase sem nie mesti aku dapat dean list dan kepujian sebab datang class awal.

After the very upsetting moment of truth, she called few of her friends who reside around the area but to her disappointment, all her friends were either sleeping , didnt pickup the phone or got morning class.She was on the way to cyber and suddenly she remembered her brother bitch from another mother, Adi Nazreen.She quickly called him.He was awake *YAY!*(or forced to be awake ) and doesnt have any class. "Ok adi, aku datang umah ko nie tau" She said before cutting her brief conversation with Adi. She steered her car back to Sri Kembangan and straight to Mekdi because her stomach was already complaining sullenly.She directly went to the drive-thru space and stop at the first counter.

Kakak Mekdi yg sore annoying : Adik..sile order kat peti suara depan tu eh.
Dw : ...

DEMNIT! buat malu aku jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! bile mase mekdi ade peti suara la sialll???????!!!!! nampak sangat aku nie cam org kampung yg baru lari rumah datang kl pastu nak berlagak bandar! fak gile!


nampak jugak cam aku nie healthy org nye. tak makan fast food. oppose against the industrial wastage of fast food and the greater good. hahahhaah!

p/s : I'd like to congratulate u for suffering ur mind and eyes reading this very entry. seriously. No brain cells were harm during the composition of this true story. except for few naturally fallen hairs.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Weird dream for weird people. not me. ur mother. yes. ur birth mother. i cry almond every morning thinking of that.


sebab die : semlm tido awal! yes yes. miracle yaribaa yaribaa!

i have done my deed to the nation , now i can vandalize public property without feeling guilty anymore.

oh semlm, before my morning call, i had a dream. the dreamt was kindda random, i couldnt exactly remember what was it about but somehow it involved me and inai and a group of under-influenced party people dancing in circle to the commotion outside the building? wadeheyl? my dream is getting weirder each day.

tapi pakai inai? YES AKU DA NAK KAWEN!!!

tape, mak aku mmg tau aku gatal , mengenyam , garik. sume aku. yes yes yes!!!

oh ok. i have to go now. the traffic to cyberjaya is crazy i tell u. not as crazy as kl but still everyday my breakfast is the harmful smoke coming out from these vehicles. bye

p/s : thank u syg!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

i dun care even she is clumsy @ blurhead @ whatever

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

actually aku kene paksa jadi tetamu undangan blog ni.guess who am i? diena's sis? diena's mum?no no..end of dis entry baru aku bagi tau sape aku.dari kol 7ptg td till now diena melepakkan diri kat umah aku.kitorg buat cupcakes yg sedap.seriously...mmg sedap.even decoration nye x la lawa mane, tapi bak kate orang dunt judge a book by its cover.same goes to this cutie cuppy.sedap tapi a bit horrible.haha..dengan d tambah ke'clumsy'an diena,abis berterabur segala barang.pastu die wat muke kesian..ckp, "soooryyyy.....x sengaje...".takpe2..aku dah tau awal2 lg..die mmg clumsy.hahahahahaha...

biar ah die blurhead ke...clumsy ke..apadahal..she's a gud fren anyway.aih kembang la die jap lagi ni.skang dah almost nanti suh la si diena ni upload pic cupcakes.bye ppl..have a great sunday ;)

yang menjalankan tugas,

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pronounciation impaired & few other slight remarks about the black people that can only be seen with xray,not u Obama coz u rocks big time!

Do u guys remember this one kids tv show that was once called ALONG? yeah the annoying big retarded lion with red overall and distrubing smile? the one that the theme song goes like A.L.O.NG ALONGG! no? doesnt ring any bell? maybe u werent born yet or maybe u were busy scraping off the remaining of dried feces from your almost expired grandpapa's back side. Anyways , like any other easily brainwashed kids, i loved to watch this show because choice was limited back then. The show was divided into few different segments like maths,history , english and so on.It was somehow educational and hmm entertaining? i suppose.

So this happened around last week where 4 of us , belang , fifie, piah and me were lepaking at ali corner sec 20 shah alam. As usual , we will always like talking rubbish and convulsioning as if we are suffering from an uncureable mad cow disease. Random topics always comes out of nowhere.Suddenly, this ALONG topic came out. i couldnt really remember how the conversation was like but it sound something like this

Fifie : ko igt tak dulu ade cite along nie.
Bels : ye ah tu..bla blah blah blah
Piah : haaa..tu la..cite tu cam blah blah blah blah
Diena : ye ah tuu..dulu aku cam annoying gile tgk SITI SIFLIS tu
Diena : woi woi aku tgh makan la wehhhh..harus la tersasul disitu *kaverline cemerlang*
them : dah la diena

This is the result of when ur mouth thinks faster than ur brain. Igt senang ke cam nak sync kan mulut ngan otak. This is a very difficult skill that can only be achieved if u were once suffer from childhood discontentment. and m still learning it. so hush~

moving on to totaly unrelated topics.

We , me and one of my favourite bitch , anep , went to terminal for lunch. There were like flock of crows hovering all around the parking lot and anep said

Anep : kan best kalau gagak nie jinak. bole bela
Dw : eeeeeeeeeeeee..diskastinggg..da la burukkkk..itam plak tuuu..
Anep : itam ah cool. tgk Obama. cool kan
Dw : ....
Anep : hehehehhe
Dw : anep tu ade parking tu cepat kang ade org amek. *malas nak layan kang cakap aku racist plak *

p/s : malasnye nak bergerakkk. OMG!!! loser cam broken razor betul la ko nie diena.

peee in the ass : ouch, jgn la tolak, tgk kite da jatuh da pasal awak. no, not u. him! yes, the one who make my life isnt worth watching tv series anymore. hahahah.deng madafada.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yet another filler.



sikit je.

tapi tenang ah jugak.

and oh, i just realized that i cant stop writing. so fear not my dearest stalker for i will continue on writing.



ok. da nak sambung buat slide bodo nie. esok kalau aku aku terencat jgn tanye kenape.

p/s : to ayu. tade pape. loser! hahhahah

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mak ko jual belon. mak ko jual stamp. mak ko jual diri. gi mampos sama dunia!


i know i shudnt be stressing out right now but I AM I AM I AM! believe me even yoga or soothing music or chocolate or even sex cant calm me down right now.

this whole hormone imbalanced is eating me out bit by bit.

i get annoyed really quickly these past few days.

even the sound of people munching their food can trigger me up easily. WHY CANT U JUST MUNCH UR FOOD QUIETLY! sheeshhh!!!

seriously, if hormone was a person , preferably a girl, i would cut her tits and deep fried the damn thing until it completely burn black and finally turn into ashes. stop messing with my system u bitch!!!!!!

last nite, i cried when everything i did came to no avail. call me emo, call me baby , call me hopeless sappy girl but i HAD TO GET IT OUT FROM MY SYSTEM!!! this is the only way i know to release my stress. so dont judge.

hahaha poyo kopopo je nangis amek gambar. ah biar ah. baru dramatic sket. tak gossip girl la cani. xoxo

but even after i drenched myself with my tears, nuthing seemed to had changed. i am still stress to the very last drop of my blood. ughhhhhhhhhhh!!!


i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts
i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts
i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts
i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts
i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts i cant write facts

everytime i want to write something serious on my report it will terribly end up like what i always write on my blog which is NONSENSE!!

oh, lupe. aku kan nak benti tulis blog. why the hell am i doing here? i shud return to my proposal which is by now still a blank sheet of pure whiteness. oh tak, tak kosong sebab aku da tulis

name : nor dayana bte mohd zaini wong
id : 1041106081

tu je la yg aku da tulis. cool kan? rase2 esok kalau aku present kat Mr. Rozi cani die marah tak?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The end of everything. Everything.

Aku malas nak update!

this blog is officialy on HIATUS

I am,at this very point of time, very very and extremely busy being lazy.

I am lazy to think

I am lazy to talk *which is totally untrue even it is proven by certified sycophant*

too lazy to smirk

too lazy to blink

too lazy to think

too lazy to even show any grimace whenever my nieces trying to figure out what tampon is actually for. they end up thinking that it is somekind of nose plug, or ear,or anywhere below ur waist line.

i am prone to dispose to idleness no matter what the condition of the weather is,be it raining,drizzling or just mere windy.

i am a slow moving creature whose somehow manage to get herself into one of the epic bed time story such as three blind mouse. or whatever it is kids these days read about.

and it has finally come to the sad and worst part when i am too



breath. or to be calm as a stagnant water which is a favorite place for a mosquito,usually the sluttiest one, to lay her eggs on.

i am too lazy to blog. to lazy to write. to lazy to compose any story as an eye candy for all of u dearest stalker.yeah u, the one who are now picking her nose,obliviously.

the burning fire of my writing passion has been dry blown away with the agitated wind of laziness.

i wont entertain to any of ur reading pleasure anymore.

to lazy to live but that doesnt mean m giving up on life. i love my life and the people who makes it possible for me to be liking my life the way i never did before.

but but

i dont know where m going on with this.

but u get my point

i am an indolent little adult girl who will be 23 in less than 4 months. who is at this very moment

never get an award.

never been to Japan.

never rode in a limousine with a fancy dress and a nice corsage on a wrist to go with.

never been on a stage to play the reenactment about how puteri hang li po had gotten her first menstruation period.

never ate an exotic food which will make my stomach growling like a vicious beast.

never had a famous Hollywood celebrity's signature, preferably a male one on my butt.

never played any instruments in front of hundreds ragging audience.

never get the chance to meet and greet the new elected U.S and A president.

never kissed a guy in a convertible car under the blanket of million stars.

never gone picnic in the midst of bustling city filled with all sorts or crimes. Especially drugs trafficking and corrupted politicians whom have their own secret society.

never kicked a boy in the middle of the butt. and a girl as well. My parents didnt raised me to be that way. or any other ways ur dirty minded directed u to go.

never been on a telly commercial for some cheesy coffee brand.

never strutted on a fashion runway before. i already told them i am the tallest among 'em midgets! sheeshh!

never met tay zonday in person. i wonder if he taste like chocolate or just plain salty like all of us infamous being.

never had a making out session on a train that heading up south.

never bothered to use good grammar in her writing. *another reason why u shud stop reading my blog. it is a bad influence for any of u 1119 candidates out there*

but most of all




helplessly angau dgn bangau bersama si sengau yang ada panau di tepi danau



who u might ask?

i dont know. go figure. use that big useless brain of urs.

who knows it might be someone relatively close to u.

maybe ur dad , who had forgotten he had a lost cause daughter like u.

or it could be your bestfriend , your brother or simply

your math teacher whom despite his highly educational background still think that the world is triangle.

or or even worst

your on-and-off boyfriend who u caught red handed cheated,not one , not twice but thrice with the same girl u thought was ur bestfriend.

so with this

i will end my useless nonsensical writing once and for all.

u will never see me writing again after this.

not even when u dated a mutated slut down the sewage in the year 3040. yeah the one who had like countless nipples on her body.















no..not u..the one beside u. yeah u! SUCKA!!!

p/s : dont whimper. or else u will end up like both of ur parents who is now in the almost disclose asylum located somewhere in ur imagination.

the could be last p/s : i ought to be sleeping right now coz class started tmrw which is another reason for my impromptu hiatus. deng, i am even too lazy to publish this post.

foot/note : HELLO U.. yes u! the only sole product of two retarded person who u now called mom and dad. I AM DONE WRITING DONT U HEAR ME?? STOP READING!! sheeehsss...cant even ask to do a simple task. i wonder how ur brain work. i dont think any working is done in there. and to think that ive done enuff to help the society of limping flying monkey. ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ILL STOPPP!!!! damage ur brain just yet? just wait for my come back. ill be better. better than ur mom burnt tepung dark it even compliment the gigantic living mole on ur mom right cheek.

maybe ill get married and have two daughters,make that twin.

yeah, twin! the other me i should have to make the world a better place for all the smacky junkies of various drug addiction to run around freely without bumping into each other. yeah better place. better bitter place. ok bye. tido diena tido plis..tido plis plis.


shh~ diena tido. jgn kacau die. or else u wont be able to stand her babbling on and on and on and on about non-political matter, like how ur left breast is smaller than the right one. or vice versa.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Makcik tu kate aku ni...

ya allah tak productive nye aku these past few days!

sumpah tak productive!

ditambah lagi dgn messed up timezone.

arghhh loser nyeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tape..ari nie ade cite best.

kat bawah umah aku nie ade makcik jual nasik lemak. dulu mase time practical aku slalu beli kat die sebelum g office. kuih sardin die mmg terbaik. pastu bile da abeh intern aku tak pegi la kan. nak pulak aku bangun pagi2 g beli kuih. m.t.a.w *mmg tak ah weh duh~*

pastu pagi nie,lebeh kurang kul 7.30 camtu aku turun la bawah nak g beli nasik lemak ngan rambut serabai2 cam cibai.

dw : assalamualaikum makcik *muke ceria despite the awful appearance*
makcik : waalaikumsalam,lame tak nampak.
dw : kenape makcik rindu ke?
makcik : rindu la.
dw: hehehhehe
makcik : asal lame tak datang . baru habis pantang ke?
dw : *terkedu seribu bahasa* makcik,saye nie kawen pun tak lagi
makcik : ye keee..sorry sorry..
dw : seb baik kuih ngan nasik lemak ko sedap. kalau tak aku da jeck da ko nie makcik. haih la *membebel sorang2 dlm hati*

next time, jgn tanye kenape aku g beli nasik lemak pakai dress.

p/s : tapi aku rase,walaupun aku dalam pantang aku tetap nampak cool. demi kasih and cinta.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Magic Poster

At last,she decided to came out from her nest. She turned the knob of her door room slowly for no reason. It was so bright outside. Her eyes automatically squinted to adjust from the sudden light. She walked around the house. Empty. No lives seem to be in presence.

She was bored. Bored to every single bone in her tiny frame. She knew she have to do something. But being a distinguish procrastinator she is, she just delay the work that has to be done. She didnt felt any guilt at all. None.

She climbed the table in her house hall and danced effortlessly to the unheard melody inside her head. The feeling of stupidity rise up inside her. She didnt care. She continued dancing until she couldnt take the stupidity anymore. After the brief exercise , she decided to get back into her room to re-attached her butt on her black office-like chair.

She passed through her dad's now new room. The door was tight shut. She opened the door and peeked a little inside. She scanned the room. Suddenly,to her horror, she saw the big glass frame that contained her proud Chelsea poster leaned on the corner of the room.

She stunned."What the hell are u doing down here, arent u supposed to be hang on the wall?" she questioned the inanimate object. Somehow she expected the poster to respond. Slowly she turned her head to the place where the poster used to be hanged. And this is what came to served her naked eyes.

I dont know what emotion i shud be feeling right now. Haih la papa. Ko bole ganti poster kebanggaan aku ngan tulisan cina sanskrit nie. haih la haihhhhh la HAIHHHH LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

the nuthingness. seriously nuthing.

people come and leave.

but,they always leave.


somehow it become a permanent pattern in ur life these past few years.

sometime when people say "dont worry ,ill keep u forever" , u doubt. Coz , u learn that forever doesnt last that long. Sometime its over just like the blink of an eye. ur right eye. not the left one.

When people say "ill come back to u". they never will. but still u waited , patiently. Still nuthing re-appear.

Sometime u just want to stay in ur dream where everything is like a well plotted fairytale but u cant. and it hurts. it hurts so bad. so bad that u cudnt even trust anyone but urself.

sometime, when u cant even trust urself u tend to keep on falling , like an autumm leafs. flying helplessly. just waiting for someone to guide u.but as usual,theres no one.

but people always leave. even when u wanted them to stay. badly.

u got so messed up until everything doesnt make sense anymore.

someday,when u get totally screwed up like diena, and write senseless thing like this please please get a help. a professional help. coz u are expriencing of what she called a malignant disease of bosanrism.

p/s : ade penyakit rupe2nye aku nie.

Monday, November 3, 2008




somepeople just dont know where to stop.u shudnt crossed that unseen boundaries.enuff is enuff. u crossed the line! i know how to lead my life. u are getting annoying. jgn sampai aku ilang betul2. lek lek ah.
asyik aku je nak kene jage ati org. org bile lagi nak jage ati aku? jgn nak sebok2 bole tak? ape aku buat is none of ur concern.kenape nak kene sebok2. aku rimas tau tak rimas!!!

i have my own reason for this and that. but for u,what i said is nuthing more than a trash lie. just stop! please stop! i really dont want to jeapordize our relationship over some stupid things.

i know this is kindda harsh and kindda rude. but u push me to this edge. ive been so patience and give in to all ur nonsense.but not this time.

Call me ungrateful but i dont think u shud participate in my life decision making.

one more time, just one more tiny flick, and ill be gone. and u have no one to blame other than urself.

p/s : m sorry. please fiddle in other people life. even my parents didnt care that much.