Friday, August 28, 2009

A little missive over the rainbow

As a half-blogger and half-slacker , i should have more time on my side to do anything as my heart desired. And that anything should be in context of fun , interesting , unstressed , unrestrained activities. And those activities ought to end up with endless of indelible memories which deserved to be told in global scale , if not national.

but how come u dont see me writing those stuff?

simple hasty conclusion,

i dont enjoy parading and showcasing my life to public. For all u know , it may be use against me someday , who knew eh? Theres loads of masked predators out there , just waiting to snap and sunk their teeth deep inside ur skin. brrr shivers much.

As much as i love writing , i also believe in the preserving of one privacy , which can be told and which should be saved. Robbing ur own privacy , violating your own right of concealment , those should be a crime stated in the law tho. Its like committing suicide , only this time it wont claim ur soul.

Anyways , i have nothing against bloggers who enjoy documenting their life-story at large it just that sometime im quite uncertain , or better yet quizzical of what they trying to convey. So to end the confusion that often occured , i just told myself that they are just your everyday attention seeker. Dont take that the wrong way , because to be honest, deep inside , everyone is an attention seeker . Heck , i am too.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Surat Seorang Ibu - This is for u mummy

This is for u mummy. I know how u like this kind of good morale family thingy. I love u to the end of the world , and even so its not enough to repay everything that u ever done for me. I love u I love u.

Some Cert and UP review. Freaking awesome!

Look what was waiting innocently for me in the room when i came back from hafiq's this morning.

Certificate i earned by forced-pledged by my Pak Long. Truth to be told , i never really into this politic-people-organization kindda thing because although i believe in hypocrisy ,i also believe in being honest to oneself because world is suck when it is fill with a giant sea of increasingly deceitful lies.But the benefits are there though. Anyways , this cert is gonna be useful when i want to apply for any scholarship for my master soon. Yes it will.

p/s: Moral destructive tend to happened when we involved in this kind of thing. I dont want to be one of those makcik bertudung tapi mulut jahat.

I never truly believed in our administration system, i think its full of crap and bull never been happier to stay in that context of ideology.

Anyways , today is my first day of puasa because yesterday i was still uncleaned from period stain. I am hungry but luckily a back to back marathon of Desperate Housewives S05 will feed my hunger , well at least for now.

Oh , i went to cineleisure with loverboi last nite for our mid nite movie after so long of postponing. We watched UP.

There i was , sitting on a couple sit with the barrier lifted up , rode in the most breathtaking roller coaster ride of mixed emotion. The story was freaking cute with vibrant colours and interesting characters. It was like as if they were alive and m not because they have more life and emotion and feelings than i do. I think the emotion i submitted for that movie was probably influenced by having hafiq beside me because he is my mr fredrickson and i hope i am his ellie , only for us , i didnt died and we go to paradise falls together to mounted our colorful-helium-floating house beside the heavy-flowing waterfalls.

So this movie is highly recommended for all ages because PIXAR couldnt be more cleverer in their target audience research. Old man + Cute chubby kids + dog = MAJOR BOX OFFICE KACHING KACHING!

p/s : the short animation at the beginning of the movie wasnt bad either. in fact it was freaking cool and cute and awesome and also an emotion-stirrer. Then my emotion is like a scripting variable in FLASH MX , changeable almost in any occasion , just like chameleons changing their skin.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Puasa Everyone and not a very nice one to start off with.

I know its puasa and by right and by common rational sense i'm not allowed to curse/bitch/rotten-talk about anyone else but let me excused myself and make sin only this time because

U ARE A VAPID PLAIN BORING LOOKING BEAUTY that amuse people about how suck ur life is , how it could be better if u had the chance to change it , how boys drooling over u and ur fake smile . the list could go on but that would suck out all the energy in me and u are not worth every tiny cells of my brain,but i guess i couldnt help it if u r such a nuisance to not only me but others too.

i know its not my place to say something so offensive like this but someone has to do the dirty job although anonymously.

Moving on,

Happy Puasa everyone , dont ponteng2 ok because there are chances , and a great one at it that u wont be seeing next puasa , if u are unlucky that is with all this global pandemic of H1N1. It scares and terrify the hell out of me. Questions of what ifs been hijacking my mind and inserting all this horrible possibilities that could happened to me,my loved one or to others. So be safe everyone coz the air is invisible and we are not.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My love bunny.

Look what i get in my bundled of notifications at facebook just now. I was surprised but not shock.

Its my grandmama! She has a facebook now. I guess she doesnt wants to missed out on the celerity of technology growth hence making her joining the band wagon.Cool gila nenek aku.

On others totally unrelated topics . Today we went to Summit to buy miya some formal wear for her class presentation. I got bored and tied up hafiq with a pink ribbon on his head. Judging by his altered new look , it wont be long before someone making him their love bunny if he got into prison. Muka u jambu gila sayang , pisang , pear , apple , gajus suma mesti jeles ngan muka jambu u ni. I pun jeles kadang2.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My perception towards life and Graduation Pictures.

Hello hello mello dearest reader ,
I feel kindda foreign writing this very own post , not only because ive been anti-presence in blogsphere for quite sometime but also the guilt im experiencing right now for not being able to memorize my password for this account. A cow would have a greater chance in scoring straight A's than i do.

Anyways , i just graduated on Monday 100809. For once i felt like ive become a real person , although of course my future doesnt depend on this piece of paper , but it seemed that all my hard work , countless sleepless night, all the anxiety i ever felt whenever the lecturer called upon my name for presentation (mind u , i have stage fright. an ultimate one while at it) , all the cash withdrawal for assignment , everything from day one sum up in this great amazing , rewarding , satisfying day of our convocation. I swear i almost puke on my way to the big stage to received my scroll. I have uncontrollable stage fright. i kid u not.

Now i am still considering in possibilities and options on what i want to do with my life. Be it pursuing my master or looking for a job or starting my own business. I love study but in the same time i wanna experience the working life of adulthood , but that would mean murdering the precious element of my life which i called Diena's Free Time- All the time. But in the same time , i want to step out of my comfort zone , battling in the field of vicious corporate slave , challenging myself to a certain degree out of my reach.

But for now , finishing all my tv series is my priority. Job can wait , after all im a girl , give me a handsome prince with a shitload of gold and i'd survive for 3 generations any day. Then again , something as impossible as that only seemed realistic when im venturing in my slumberland. I have to get myself a self-motivated book. Binging on self-degradation is not healthy.

Anyways , enjoy the graduation pics that hafiq took . Hogging behind my back , coz i know its tempting kan syg? hahaha