Friday, August 3, 2007

Back to reality

Hello my dear readers,
its been ages and really2 long time since the last time i posted my last blog
things haf been rocky, sumtimes stabil and then back to being rocky again
but time changes ppls

so do i

ive changed
for once being a thoughtless spoil brat to
sumwhat who think twice (maybe even more) when she does something (i think so? seee i even write this to prove that m thinking twice right now..hahha)

i dont go out much these days..let alone partying
m so over social life..its dead..
already been buried into d deepest core of earth..
i buried it so deep dat it almost touches the surface of hell..

its not like m avoiding my fren..but i dont haf d urge or xcitement to go out like i used to last time

mostly i just sitting in front of my loyal monitor ,
cramping my buts on this solid plain wood (sumtimes i put my oh so fluffy pillow to support my back so it wont hurt so much when i decided to detached myself from this chair) ,
and watching media files after another dat ive illegally downloaded on torrent (who doesnt?)

and for the past 6 mths , ive been the luckiest girls on this planet
i got my self a real boifren (not imiginary bf like i used to..hmm where is he now i wonder??)
sum one i cud count on
sum one ive been admiring long before he even noticed (until he confessed his feelings for me..yes syg..i like to see u squirmmm)

and if u noticed , i only blog if i cant sleep
and apparently my insomnia problem had occurred again
i hate when this happen
i cant sleep. all i do is wandering into d space and waiting for 1 million sour sweet candy (or any other..m not choosy) stick to fall off from the sky..
hmm maybe sumwhere out there, a plane full of candies supplies is having a major engine break down..
maybe i shud wait by the pool and just look into the space with my jaws open so big it cud fit an entire astro satellite dish in it
just in case..

well alrite..ill end this nonsensical writings