Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dirty Scheme

I got xhausted handling illustrator and flash so i decided to write a poem

when i was a little girl
playing with sand and pearl
thinking that the world
is some sort of happy swirl
fairies fly happily on top of the hills
enchanted little land with no kills

but when time passing by
everything i believe in slowly die
everywhere my eyes lie
i see people cry everywhere in my sight
eating leftover pie with a sigh

i close my eyes , hoping that this was a dream
a nightmare that soon be a over in a gleam
Soon i open my eyes and scream,
My mind said that this is not what it seem
maybe this is just a dirty scheme

p/s : yeah i know its need to point that,captain obvious.


Anonymous said...

here's one for u babeh.

roses are red
violets are blue
i know that u luv me
and i luv u 2

:wub: :wub:

MyKy said...


too stupid/silly/sucky; didn't read.


cikudi said...

miki mos..u jeles. u tak pandai tulis..stupid/bodo/otak tadak tapi juai tshirt

anon : lame~

Hafiq said...

ni cumell syg!hee!suke~

MyKy said...

la.. u merajuk sbb x dpt t shirt, jgn nak memburukkan i..

i pandai bersajak la.. tapi skrg takde ilham :/

cikudi said...

u pandai membajak..tapi tak pandai bersajak..jgn nak berlagak..nanti kene makan ngan burung gagak

tgk hebat kan i?