Monday, April 27, 2009

I think i have a thing about two school girls who wear a short skirts to school

(Again title does not co-related with story)

Last time , I get quite embarrassed whenever someone asked me where i do reside because Puchong was known as some kind of ghetto place where only mat rempit rejoice. But now i'd proudly say that i live in puchong without any slightest hint of shame. This is mostly because the new expanded wing of IOI Mall is soooo awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Now i have TGIF and FOS near my house.

Anyways,another cool thing about the new wing is DAISO! For those who doesnt know what is DAISO, it is actually something like our 2ringgit store only their product is 100% from Japan. I really like this store because they have all those crazy Japanese stuff that u cant find anywhere here in local store. The store is soooooo hugeeeeeee~ and they have a wide range of product u could ever imagine. (
daiso should really appoint me as their ambassador)

So today, Hafiq and I went to IOI Mall for dinner and after that I wanted to buy a measurement tape at Daiso. The planned was ; find measurement tape , pay and leave but i ended up spending almost 2 hours roaming inside the store, what a waste of time.While all the product seem cheap they are also few that doenst really worth buying. U have to be wise in choosing the products that really hold a value for ur money. Dont let the marketing strategy clouded ur hasty shopping behavior.

From those thousands of uncountable mass produced product , one that really caught my attention was this mouth cover that have a graphical images on it. Here i present to u some of the photos that i discreetly captured while the workers were looking away.

little doggie wants her bone. boner. oh wai-

somehow i look retarded with this frog mouth

dog + frog = one hell of a deform creature.

rock on bebeh! (anyways see the background. that is one hellava choice u have to make)

i used to have this kind of feature on me before the sex change surgery

u kiss ur mom with that mouth?

ngiauuuuuu~ nyaa~

idung darah tgk udang byk sangat.

i look much more appealing in real world. trust me.


Emja said...

First Post!

cikudi said...

gile geek ko weh..tlg laaa~

cikudi said...

gile geek ko weh..tlg laaa~

Dian said...

daiso ada kat the curve jgk kan?

cikudi said...

ade jugak..tapi yg kat ioi lagi besar and byk gile barang

Anonymous said...

cik tinggal puchong mana ye?

JAB_au said...

LoL, Goofy teeth are Awesome.

MyKy said...

i heard /dw/ needs a boner, so i came

azammm said...

so ape kene-mengene dgn tajuk?
pnye la tggu psl girls wear short skirt tu :p hahaha jk jk

Bil said...

best ar mask camtu!! boleh bawak pegi hospital!