Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Literally translated text

Hari tu chu baru subscribed to DiGi broadband. Suka la dia satu family sebab ada internet kat rumah. Tapi family chu nie tak reti sangat pasal komputer2 bagai ni , so being the most IT cultivated one in the whole entire extended family , she called me to install all the necessary software that a computer should have , like anti-virus and stuff. But i was busy and said that i would come to her house tmrw.

So tommorow came , I was totally forgot abt my promise to her because i was too busy doing my final year project. While i was occupying myself with action scripting , i heard my phone rang and it was my popo (grandma) on the other side of the line. She insisted me to come over chu's house at kota kemuning that very moment. Being a good cucu , i agreed. More over she said that shes gonna cook for me , and i always love her cooking.

Anyways , i continued doing my work and suddenly i received a text from her.I flipped on my gold colored phone and read the text. Popo tersalah antar msg , dia nak antar kat chu tapi terhantar kat my phone. But something was wrong somewhere , i read it over again and suddenly i burst into laughter. This was exatcly wat she wrote

From : Popo
20 Apr. 2009 10:20

Ni mak masak nasi lebeh sikit
kakak nak datang gan kawan sat lagi boleh?
mak da pesan ubat kuman kompiter

Yes , ubat kuman . u read that right. At first i tot huh? amende nie? bacteria disinfector ke ape nie? and then i realized that it was anti-virus. haih. Popo semangat gila suruh aku buat email , lepas nie dia kata nak bukak blog memasak.


grafreak said...

lol ubat kuman. i liek

BabyCrownz said...

champion! ubat kuman! yeah nama baru!

nab said...


cikudi said...

tu ah die..mende ntah ubat kuman tu..lepas nie die panggil virus vault tu..tempat kumbahan plak kot..

Nanie MK said...

blog memasak?
tabik popo kau.
pape pun dah tergelak dulu baca "ubat-kuman"

Bil said...

ur POPO IS SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! diena.. bil rasa mcm laptop ni ade kurap la.. nak pakai ubat kurap kompiter ade?