Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Moment of Victory

Well i dont need to say much apart from the OBVIOUS outcome of result.

Good game from both sides. I swear my menstrual period is going to burst out of my lower part during the first half of the game but luckily Chelsea has restored back their credibility on the 2nd half of the match. It was an intense game i have to say , tak senang duduk weh kat kedai mamak tu. Da la sume cam stok sokong liverpool , aku cam keras je chelsea sensorang kat situ. Blakang , CHELSEA MENANG WEH!!!

anyways i present this music video to all of u liverpool fans out there. Heartbreaker -

Im so so so sorry , im so so so sorry , i didnt mean to break ur heart. but we did, so u can eat my shorts! haahha

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