Tuesday, July 29, 2008




tak bole ke datang hari lainn..time2 hari penting jugak ko nak datangggg!!!!!!!!
bagi ilang mood sial!!!!

Do not mess with me todayyy


why do i have to be red todayyy why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy???


Monday, July 28, 2008

No title is needed.

CHELSEA CHELSEAAAAA..i cant wait for tmrw game.

Baju kawen - checked
Hantaran - checked
cicin belah rotan - checked
cicin berlian sebesar tangerine - checked
winter clothes - checked
sambal tumis ikan bilis utk bawak kat uk - checked
visa and segala paperwork utk jadi p.r uk - checked


what else


some sense and a big knock on the head - unchecked

to Petr - I know u are few miles away from me.Just wait for me bebeh. Ill be there in ur sweaty huggy huggy.

Dah aku nak tido. kepala pening sebab mkn lasagna kat williams.too much cholestrol can altered ur sex drive entirely.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

One of my Satanic Angel

She stands at merely 3"1'. She has the cutest uneven fringe hanging down at her forehead like a mistle toe .Her hair is like a handful strands of angel hair spaghetti that already been soft by hot temperature boiling water.Her face is like a newly wrapped candy, sweet and fresh.Unlike other big grown ups,she just had 3 proud birthdays through out her life.She got the most adorable smile because whenever she smiles she will display the hole between her baby teeths which is still waiting to be fill with a new concrete teeth .

Her blue pacifier is her loyal accessories which u can always see dangling on her neck.Her husky voice when talking and singing will make u even more unbearable for her cuteness and cheekiness. Her energy never seem to worn out even after all the running and laughing and crying or whatever toddlers do to occupied their time.She always act in the comical kind of way and doing what she does best,playing,making noise and chaos.This tiny homosapien is my youngest niece whom i called Elin. *and which until now i didnt even know her full birth given name"

So this morning,with my wildly unkempt hair and half open eyes i went downstairs and went straight to the tv/family room. I threw myself freely on the mattress which my mom purposely placed there for us;my sister,me and my two nieces to rest on.While i was about to doze of from the remaining of my drowsiness , she jittery came to me.

Sweat trickled hungrily down her newly powdered chubby cheek.She tilted her head and look up at me. Her eyes reflected a strong emotions of urgency. Both of her hands were at the middle lower part of her tiny body where the diaper was always put on in between her legs.She crouched down, bended herself like shes having a nasty stomach ache.She then stomped her feet and stampeded the whole colony of termite beneath the well polished wood-based mahagony floor.

The heavy overflowing secretion of natural drugs that coming out from my glands made me too lazy and less interested to entertain her tantrum. But as a responsible grown-up i pull myself from my wonder sweet dream land back to reality.I stood there infront of her. Rub my eyes to makes everything lucid again.She still seemed so anxious. She opened her tiny mouth and said.

Elin : iku iku iku *shortform from Taiku which means "first aunty" in Chinese"
Me : elin nak apeee niee..iku nak tido laa
Elin : *look at me and snickered* Cepat tlgg Elin..Elin nak terkencing da dalam pampers nie
Me : *Speechless and almost hang myself*

Isn't diapers designed to absorb pee? She makes me confuse.If she trying to buat lawak then her brain develop far beyond reach for her age,because for me , that's just brilliant. BUT if she was being really serious about it,then i have to go and bring her for check up.To tighten up any loose screw.

It turn out that, she just buat lawak and before that she even drenched her diapers with a stenchy orange juice.

Kids these days. *sigh*

Oh anyways, this Obvious Theory can be applied in ur daily life to make u look ,smell and appear mentally incapable of digesting simple information.Like this:

1."Hey u..whats the number for 911?"
2."Hey i got blood stained all over my maxi pad."
3."Your mother is a whore"
4."Mom,why is the man in the television always sleep? do we pay him to sleep?"
5."I feel so drunk after i drank one whole bottle of liqour. how is dat possible?"
6.(sile isi tempat kosong sebab gua da tade idea)


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unfinished Rubbish

It was 5.30 when my eyes laid directly at the corner bottom right of the monitor where the usual integer indicating the time was always there. "Ahhh" I sighed silently , carefully not to heard by my fellow colleagues . I straighten up my self from my slouched position. My shoulder hurt,it felt like there were thousand of unnameable force been enjoying picnicking on it.I stretched my body in turning movement. Left,stretched. Right,stretched. After that,I flexed my body foward to awaken my muscles.Ahh, now i feel so much lighter. I went back to my workstation,which deserved to be called "ShitStation V1".

My eyes squinted to adjust my visual of the sudden bright light that the monitor was emmiting. My fingers danced precisely at the keyboard replying at Lowyat.net forum.Alt-Tab,illustrator. "Time to do work!" I snarled to myself. My right hand took the tablet pencil and slided it on the digital pad our civilized ppl would call wacom, In the mean time, my left hand loyaly guarding the abused keyboard.I drew,drew,drew. Ctrl + Z-ed all the way through my work if any dissastifaction occured. "Ahhh bosan sial" I thought. Alt+Tab,Cupids Zone Lyn.net Forum. "Ohh godiee,theres a reply" I smiled foolishly.


when i feels like it.




poyo dgn gaya kan penulisan di atas?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Newspaper on the Rock Please!

ZOMG! I am a beauty pageant queen. I didnt even realized that i won the title of Miss World until last week when i was reading the front page of this some underpaid newspaper i rushingly picked up on my way to my private concorde. I was really suprised for this new findings.I panicked. Shocked. Mortified.

I know what u are u guys thinking. No. Im not lying. My face is now coated with an invisible thick layer of seriousness rite now. I got proof u know.

yeah. i made it. on page 36.

And there was another story that makes me wanna go and get a brazillian wax straight away after reading it.To relief the stress that slowly turning into this grosteque muscles that is.


"Kawan-kawan! Polis Kata Jangan. Tapi slamber korek je wehh!!"

So with this i will end my never ending gibberish.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Not this time. No.

Ouhhh..loookkkkiee its a newww postt..diena has updated her blogspot. This time her entry would be as twice as senseless as the previous one. Uuuu gooodiee!!




No story for u guys.Do u know how hard and time consuming it is to produced one story. Well it is not dat hard actually for ppl with natural talent like me but sometime my brain have to rest and regain back its ability to process yet another spectacular made up stories. The juice has dried up. Squeezed until the very last drop.



wuuuu bole jumpe flo riderrr~
which i just come to know about 5 minutes ago after googling his name.
Ah, whoever he is,m going to the event to WORK! not to have fun tho. Altho i could be sneaking around and fill my own glass.

mmm..thats pretty much cover it all.i am in no mood to sweet-layering my entry this time.

Ahhhh now i can feel relief after m posting this.It is like doing a deed to an old man with an erectile dysfunctional.I need to say no more. I has to go now sleep.


For Noob or first timer : Please read my previous entry. Do not read this one, its rubbish. However if u manage to get through until this very line then u have waste 5 minutes of ur life,dat is if u once suffered from Autism. If u are not, then maybe u had left both of ur scrotum unattended during the wild rave party late last nite and accidentally froze it using the ice laser coz u tot it was cool but actually it wasnt and the truth was u were just trying to impressed Jenna who just got a botox injected in her lips so she would appear more sexy.the end fullstop

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Embarking Journey To Remember

Once upon a time, not too long ago,approx about 48 hours back , there was an indolent girl from a magical enchanted kingdome being called OMGBBQKTHXBYE. This girl whom named shall not be mentioned here has a dream. A dream that can only be achieved if the ruler of her kingdome was not such a heavy sleeper. Her dream was to travel through time and space. Space travel is doable but in other hand, time travel is incapable of being accounted for explanation.

After months of heavy researched about space travelling,sleepless nites and uncertained doubts, she decided it was time to pursue her journey.So she packed all the things she thought necessary and loads of gold coins for her to squander later on.

And so she locked her shabby hut and paralyzed her pet cat with high dose of anaesthetic.Outside was a hand down donkey carriage her deceased father gave to her right before she had her first menstruation. She was now set for her long awaiting but poorly planned adventure.

She encountered one after another obstacles but she never seemed to gave up just yet.After 3 days on the road, she decided to make a stop and rest for awhile before continuing her journey.Her exhaustion was inexplicable.

She was half conscious when her donkey
*whom was now responded to "Apis" when being called* brought her to one town full of all sort of pollution. With her spared energy she brought herself to the window pane and was so surprised of the condition of this town. "I never thought of seeing this in my lifetime. Town full of smoggy and iron noisy creatures.Oh my!" She whispered softly so that only herself could catch every words being said.

She opened the creaky windows to have a visually clearer look of this unusual place.Grey smokes of harmful substance hungrily hurtled inside ,filling in the empty spaces inside her carriage. She suffocated and panted in deep grief.She was extremely exasperated by this situation.She shut the window quickly with her right leg. "I shall not ignore this.I shall expose this to everyone back home!". So she puts her hand inside her sack and rummaged thoroughly for a new device she bought that could captured a static image.She pointed the device and started to clicked relentlessly to everything that comes in her way.

After that she went to checked into one of the house rest she thought would be a decent place for spending a night in.After a brief moment in the toilet for hygienic purposes, she curled onto her bed and ready to end her day."But before that" she thought "I want to see those pictures again". She took the highly engineered device and started to go through the pictures. Images by images she gone through with a smile drawn on her face but suddenly her attention plastered in one of the images she took. This was the image of a digital signboard. A very big signboard with a peculiar words.So she posted this right now for everyone to look and ponder at.

So what might this "KUN" word means? Her head frowned showing an expression of critical thinking.

At first she thought of KUNci. But then again it doesnt makes sense. Why would a key be lying down waiting to be picked on the road. No this most not be it.

OR or it could be KUNta Kinte. Hmm no. He died. yeah He is not a fictionaly character kids. Not like Superman or Hell Boy.

Maybee KUNsa. eh No..it supposed to be spelled KHUNsa. no. not this.

KUNta? no? nehhh..noo

KUNjing? a mystical creature with a dooey eyes? i dont think so.

Meet KUNcing. A good friend of KUNjing.

Atau KUNlang?

Or it might perhaps be a fast food. KUNdys? neh it doesnt sound right.

maybe KUN Fried Chicken. Thus the K. Nope. Next!

BerKUN? tak tak. nie bersin la.

THIS MUST BE IT. halKUN! kan kan? tak jugak? hmm

haaaaaa nie mesti betul . roKUN kan? hmm..

Her findings of this odd word almost come to no avail but suddenly it occured to her that maybe, just maybe,this kun word might be CONE! therefore KON in Malay.



ok tido. esok keje.

Disclaimer : I hope u guys enjoy reading this useless fairytales as much as i enjoy wasting my time doing it. SO U BETTER BE READING IT GODAMMIT! fuh. kthxbye.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The story about a boy named Syah

I have been given a task/work/torture to do a 1000 cliparts of anything that terlintas di pikiran.So imagine sitting there in sedentary position for 8 hours playing with illustrator.Fun aint it?

Anyways, i am here to tell u about my friend who I used to called Syah. I went to secondary school with Syah back in the year 2001. Syah was a very bright and promising boy.He was the head Chess Club , Tea Club to name a few. He also used to tutored me on Kemahiran Hidup and Biology at the canteen during class break.

And to be frank , I used to have huge crush on him back then. I couldnt even bare looking into his sparkling eyes without getting lost. This may sound a little bit sick to normal ppl but I used to sniff the back of his hair just to get a hint of smell of his brandless shampoo. Heck , I even carved my initials and his with a big heart pierced by a stick arrows at the middle of our names on a surface of the big tree behind my house. But i had a guts of a germ to make a confession to him. I'd rather be stalking behind him than revealing my true feelings. Because god knows what might happened if i got rejected. This story might have not be told if i confessed to him.

Our friendship went smoothly until he started to be friend with the bad bananas. At first it was just a friendly hye and bye with those rotten kids , but then he started to hangout with them until the wee morning. He didnt want to lepak with me anymore. He always ignored my phone calls. We didnt walked to school together like we used to everyday.Our relationship gradually drifted apart. I was alone,lost and devastated.

Day by day his reputation become worst. He has been expelled from school because he tried to grabbed one of the cleaners sagging boobs. But his eyes never showed any regrets. I guess he still has the credibility as a leader because he was now a Head of the rebellious motorist. His gang would normally cruised around the neighbourhood making sound pollution, messing around with chicks and many other bad things.

But all the glorious day did not last long because he experienced a very terrible accident while he was racing with other motorist from other districts of the town. He punctured his lung,broken his left leg and disfigured his cute face.Altho i resented every single thing he has done to me but I cant bring myself to abandoned and let him drown in the sea of loserness alone. I was with him during his recovery period. I nursed him until he was able to stand using his wooden leg.

One day I arrived at his doorstep bringing his favorite laksam because i already promised him that i would cook for him in occasion of celebrating his 52 steps using the artificial leg. But to my surprised he was no where to be seen. I searched for him at every corner of the house only to found a piece of note saying that hes leaving for a country full black color ppl. He also stated that he was making a right decision by migrating there because there was nothing left anymore for him here. He thanked me for being he only true friend and he hoped that we could reunite again one fine day.I stood there inanimately. Expected tears coming out from the corner of my eyes and drew a lines on my rosy cheeks which was heavily powdered with bootleg Maybelline product.

Suddenly my 3g phone vibrated implying that i had a text msg coming in. It was him. He texted me

Him :

Sry babe, I gtg. It for my own good

Me :

Bt y nw? Sape nk mkn laksam ni? Whr r u nw?

Him :

M on the bike odw to the promising land of blackness.

Me :

U got to be kidding me. How can u be texting while riding?

Him :

Kenape tak caye ke? I am u know i am.

Me :

Can u share credit with me. M running low rite now. Duit da habis beli ingredients nak buat laksam u

Him :

OK jap...tu la..org suruh buat activ5 tanak..nyusahkan sial ko nie

tet tet tet *bunyik msg*

Maxis :

012-1223345 has shared Rm5 with u. Enjoy sucka!

Me :

Ckp la betul2..takkan la u bawak motor pastu nak text lagi..i tak percaye u..i tk percayeee

Him :

Tak caye sudahhh!!! i cakap betul nie tau takk...ahhhhhhhhh..dnt u ever talk 2 me again! bitch! sundal! pantat rempit! go 2 hell u ungrateful half-breed.I dont ever 1 2 c n hear from u again!!

I didnt reply after his last text to me.I was shocked of his harsh words towards me. I was crying and crying for the next 4 months.

So that was the last time i ever heard from him until this morning when my friend forwarded to me a video of a very familiar gesture and posture.





He still got the trick up on his sleeve. I cant believe my eyes. Is this true? Is this even possible? I dont know. The blur line between reality and fantasy has become even blurer. So i attached this video here for ur viewing pleasure.

Now i know that he didnt lied to me. I regret not replying his text and wasting the rest of his shared credit to ON PANAS ke 33338. Hmmm..

Well i guess it is time for me to pen off now. Till then.

P/s : This is again another story i made up based on my vibrant imaginations. Nuthing to do with my past , present or my coming future.

P/s lagi : Kebosanan has bring me to the verge of excessive merepekness. So I am here to congratulate u if u have reached to this very line. Thank u for u patienceness. May god bless ur unborned child with a good genes u never inherited from ur parents

Friday, July 11, 2008

Nursery Rhymes went wrong

Ahhh shootttt..its either the gay has taken down his blog or some gay intolerance hacker da hacked the page. Tak sempat nak menjiwai watak gay la like this. I was planning on writing a novel about a boy who contently decided on being a gay after seing his mother abused labia.M not getting anywhere with this arent i?

Anyways, i got nuthing better to blog. M going back to my mom house.

Before i end my writing,i'd like to share smething with u guys.

This happened last week when i was in the car to i forget where with my sister and my older niece named Ana.Ana is 4 years old and currently being educate at the pre-school located 50 steps away from her house . At this age, kids prone to be curious to their surroundings and would normally digest everything they heard,learnt and saw.

So anyways, when i was sembanging with miya about i couldnt remember shit i heard Ana singing a familiar tune of nursery rhymes. At first i didnt bothered because I was focusing on the car and talking to Miya but then Ana was getting kindda annoying because of her high pitched voice and her deaf tune so i have no choice but to direct my focus to her. And if my memory served me well, this is what she sang

Ana : One little two , little three little INDIA, three little four little five little PARIA..
Me : WUHAUHWHUHAUHW..eh ana salahhh laaaa..little indians la..bukan india
Ana : TAKLAHHH..betul la ana nyanyiii..dgr niee One little two , little three little INDIA, three little four little five little PARIA
Me : salah la..sape ajar nie?
Ana : Cikgu kat skolah tu la yg ajar.
Me and miya : *speechless and still in shocked*

Its either she heard it wrong or her teacher just got dump with an indian guy or any other races who goes by the same skin color.

But either way ,

Alrite off me go.


I am very sure that half of Malaysia who are capable of reading have read the instantly famous gay blog *which i am not gonna link here* .Blog tu macam a torrent of stream that flows hungrily into the internet sea of cruelness.Ive read all the post and sadly it burned my eyes and tormented my mind. But then again i dont judge. Because it might be true or not. I have nuthing against gay. Gay love is much more greater than any other love out there,kot. But then again they were so many rude and snide comments about the blog.Reading the comments is like watching a clown who forget to wear his red nose. Who are u to judge those guys? Are u god himself? Let him lead the life he choose. It is his problem dunia dan akhirat.

Yeah aku sapot GAY RIGHTS! u got a problem with that? So aku malas nak tulis panjang sebab my mind is totally occupied with gayness right now. I think m gonna grow a dick tmrw. touch wood! god forbid! that is just so sick in so many ways.

And oh. Scientifically proven that if u judge and critique so much , u'll end up looking like this

U wudnt want to kiss ur partner with those teeth now dont u? So shut up and mind ur own bisness. GAY RIGHTSS!!! all the way.

p/s : Again this post has nuthing to do with our contiminated air supply.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Long Lost relative (UPDATED!)

I have this cousin whom somehow gradually become non-existent through out the years. When i was a small ignorant girl, i remember clearly playing with him behind the backyard of our grandma mansion. He was different than any other of my male cousins. He was delicate,vulnerable and soft-spoken. He was the type of friend that every girl dream of having one. He was like a pet that always like to be intensively pampered.

But one thing that still hanging and dangling on one of my brain cells is his angelic voice and oh not to forget the way he directed his body to move following the beat of the music. I remember being his only audience inside the closet of our late aunt who died because of severe herpes. I also remember vividly playing dress up with him where he dolled me up, matched my shoes with my tops,curling my eye lashes using my mom's curler. We would also tried shades after shades of lipstick and eyeshadow just to cleaned up after 10 minutes of wearing it.

I always knew he was different. I accept him for what he was and what he would be.I knew it was wrong but somehow I didn't want him to change, not even a bit. But inconveniently for him , his family and the whole extended family didn't except him for what he becoming to be.So one day he ran away because he didn't want to cause any disgrace to the family. I was devastated and almost lost my grip of reality. I lost my cousin, i lost one of my family member but most importantly I lost my bestest friend.

Years after years i tried to erased every single memories I had with him. Although it was as painful as the first time every girl had sex , I managed to totally forget abt him.

But last Tuesday , when i was lepaking with my new bf at the mamak and suddenly I saw this one video clip with one familiar voice , face and moves. I stood there , half-petrified. My eyes almost pop out of its socket. My jaw drop down as if there was a strong force of gravity under me.

OMG! IT WAS MY COUSIN! MY LONG LOST RELATIVE! He finally living his dream! Now everyone can kiss his cute bouncy ass because he finally made it!

Here is the video clip of my famous cousin for u guys to drool/praise/worship. Enjoy!

p/s : Make sure u watch until the very end of it. Because u wudnt want to miss the part when he..oh well..m not gonna spoil it for u. Just watch it and feel it.


eh ok bye. nak sambung buat calendar bodo nie.

Disclaimer : Aku tade cousin gay or nigs or kels. Baka elok2 macam family aku nie mane bole produced such a disgraceful human being. Cita di atas hanyalah another figments of my retarded imagination.


I really really didnt meant for any of this to happened let alone to offend any sexually confused boys out there. And moreover i totally didnt meant to bring the worst out of nobody. But unfortunately this very post has made one of my friend feel so determine to end his sexual disoriented.

p/s : bukan name sebenar. like seriously double choc syrup serious!

aPiskE: aku pun rasa nak jadi gay lah
diena wong: kenape?
aPiskE: sebab bontot aku gatal
diena wong: erk
aPiskE: serious
aPiskE: maybe its a sign
diena wong: maybe
aPiskE: kalau aku gay.. aku nak BK
diena wong: aku letak kat blog k
aPiskE: biasalah.. jadi gay kene tahan kene ridicule
aPiskE: okay. just in case kau letak ni kat blog..

aPiskE: there..
diena wong: seriously serious?
aPiskE: yea. why not ?
diena wong: u gotta be kidding the hell out of me
aPiskE: u didnt saw it coming no ?
diena wong: HELL NO!
diena wong: so all this while u were just pretending?
diena wong: to see if u are still interested in women?
aPiskE: pretending ?
diena wong: u used me!
aPiskE: i used you ?
aPiskE: in what way !?
diena wong: in the way to convince urself that u are not gay
aPiskE: i didnt use u
aPiskE: i am truly honest to you
diena wong: u used me
aPiskE: well yeah..
aPiskE: in order for me to confirm my sexuality
diena wong: so are u really gay now?
aPiskE: nope
diena wong: ahh shoot
aPiskE: why ?
aPiskE: u want me to be gay ?
diena wong: hahhaa
diena wong: yeah!
aPiskE: why ?
diena wong: because if u are gay then i can be naked in front of u and not being worried of anything that might happened
aPiskE: IM GAY!
diena wong: two faces!

Monday, July 7, 2008

I'd rather..

Duduk tgh panas mase perhimpunan kat skolah. Coz i can still sleep behind my friend's flabby unburned fat. At least she can hide me from teachers or obnoxious pengawas view. Heck i can even use her tudung as a selimut.


I cant even take my 40 winks. Mengantuk tuhan je la yg tau. M like a pale living zombie in the daylight. Working and handling the pc without a soul.Staring at the monitor without blinking my eyes while my mind vaguely travel to the land of jellybeans. Straighten up my body like i was born not to slouch. Tapping my finger silently so that my boss wouldnt jeling at me.


I've tried almost everything from thinking abt having a hardcore meaningless sex with my future imiginary bf to slapping the swollen buttock of under developed primate who likes to play dressup as a masculine tranny , BUT EVERYTHING COME TO NO AVAIL! Aku still ngantok like one particular politician.


FUHH!!! da ok daaa..nasib baik...arghhh shittt..my heart almost experience a dead mushroom!

ok la. balik. rumah. family guy. comfortor.bogel. tido. heaven in this reality hell.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

One piece.

It was not me who wrote the previous entry in case u guys were wondering. It was my subconscious mind who composed everything from the beginning until the end of it. Coz the normal fabulous me wouldnt even give a second thought of displaying such a strong emotion for the entire world to see. I guess my subconscious mind decided to take control after nestling itself for quite sometime now.And i glad it did. At least i dont have to pretend that everything is alrite.

Anyways, lets not living in the past.

Ive been wanting to post this so many days ago but i got stuck with work. I mean my whole social life have been entirely altered because of my practical. I got less and less time everyday with my virtual cyber space world.

So here it goes.

It has been my obligation to go back to my mom house located 20 minutes away from my place every week ever since i was a free bird. But as much as i miss my family I really dont like to go back to Monterez because I have nuthing to do there other than contemplating at the shiny flickering stars from my luxurious back deck of the house.I know ive been blessed with such a prefect life but I prefer to be at my shabby house full of unnecessary big pile of useless junk.

So last weeknights i was suffering from malignant bosanrism. Disease that only occurs whenever m not in front of the pc. I decided to polish one of many talent that i possess which is sewing.But of course , being a natural born super talented person i am , I dont see any practice is needed. That night I turned my plain grey topshop sweater to one of the world most treasured piece of shit.

So here is the end product of my super fine work after few episodes of Family Guy.Behold!

Ubber awesome eh?

And as usual , my doodling friends decided to infest my stuff. again!

So here is the model that came all the way from Brazil to wear my rare piece.

Oh, have to go now. Got President of Whatever Country in line 1 for me to attend to.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Letter for my future ex-bf

Dear you,
Name one thing that i havent done for u. And yet u still havent notice or choose to ignore. I thank the lord for not continuing our relationship coz god forbid what might happened if we were still together. U treated me lower than turd. I treated u higher than god knows what. And tell me do i deserve everything that u've done to me?

Yes we have our sweet memories that i intend and will delete it from the particles of my mind even if i have to sell my soul coz having u in my mind is like putting a sharp razor rite through my bleeding heart. The things that we've done together and those stupid promises u've made without thinking twice really hurting me. I wonder if u really meant it or just saying it for the sake of our relationship that u have never ever appriciated.

U said u will change. I believe u, I always believe u.But one thing that ive learn from time to time is not to believe what u've said,coz everything that came out from ur mouth is rubbish.I planted full seed of hope long after I ended our relationship coz i never gave up on u. I never gave up on us.
But u are way beyond too much.U lead me all the way to the brink of my anger.I thought u would change.I really HOPE u will change coz my love for u wasnt as fake as u were to me.

I cant take this anymore.So now let me move on. Please ease this for me. Dont call me,dont nudge me at msn,dont text me. Coz u already dead to me.
Dead.I really really hate u rite now.I resent every single thing that uve done to me. But not to worry coz in time i will forgive u. I always forgive ppl who treated me like dirt.I always forgive ppl who took me for granted. Yes u took me for granted even if u denied it.

Remember when the time i said that u are the best thing that ever happened to my life? Maybe then but now I regreted saying that coz obviously you are not. So long. I pray for ur happiness and mine as well.


Disclaimer : This hate letter may or may not be abt me or my past relationship. Meaning may vary from ur own point of view.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

If i have a daughter, I'd name her..

Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet.


sebab aku kerja byk sgat dgn dummy text nie. Buat broucher cctv ni is like being sodomize with a big long botol kicap coz i am freaking lemah for corporate design.Da la kat opis nie ngantok cam suak. Tak sanggup mate i nak menampung beban kerja yg byk nie.

Oh well..org bz la katekan..kejap lagi nak close deal USD8.1juta yg bertittled

Alaa nyahhh..amek la ko nyahh..dulu ko cas 60/- utk duit library yg aku tak pernah lalu let alone jejak kaki..skrang nie ko nak koyak poket mak nie..amek la nok..mak tau ko ade penyakit kelamin berkudis..tak cukup duit nak pegi check dr..tu yg ko mengikis duit hard-earn mak nie haaa. Nasib baik nak abeh belajar da..kalau tak mati la mak ni nyahh oii. Kalau la 10 tahun yg lepas mak tau yg living cost sgt demanding skrng mesti mak teruskan cita2 mak menjadi glorified minah rempit rather than fall into this creative field.

Haih. Aku malas la nak buat keje nie.

p/s : This is for Hafiq aka Bk. Jgn bukak blog aku tetiap hari. Bole memudaratkan dan mengibatkan keaddictan yg teramat sangat.

p/s lagi : Ini utk Hafiz. Apis . Ur pc is nuthing. Nuthing i tell u nuthing! And oh. Jgn bukak blog and stalk facebook aku. Tak baik utk kesihatan batin kau.

And the story ends here full stop

p/s : Sape2 yg tak tau Lorum Ipsum etc etc tu ape..Google is ur best finger tapping buddy.