Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perhaps mine would be like this?

I always , like always have a soft spot for babies ; be it cute , semi-cute or just plain adorable. My heart goes smitten all over their cutesy giggles and heart-warming smile. My emotion would turn 180 whenever i see them making funny faces even after i just went through a series of my recurrent rampage.

Cant wait to get my own baby/ies. I want more but realizing i only like BABIES and TODDLERS ranging from age 0-6 , having more than 2 is not really a good idea. FYI , i intensely despise little children ; especially those with mouth operated on a rechargeable lithium batteries. But given the situation , i would baby sit them just to nag and boss them around. On second thought , little children make a good minions. Dont tell people i told u this.

Below i present to you few clips that has been stored permanently in my heart.

Daddy - Funny video clips are a click away

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ehem , my maturity hasnt grow that much as i thought

Look what Diena recklessly bought over the internet? I know that m gonna regret buying this and it would be another useless junk in my big pile of unused stuff but



that would be another week issue so until then m gonna enjoy this poorly engineered camera to the last bits.

Besides , i have good bargain on this . Pretty little figure for one camera , 2gb SD card , 4 jelly lenses for RM1** . Now that i think about it , this is nothing near reckless at all , in fact it is now a perfectly clever buy in all perspectives.

Im gonna post pictures taken by this camera soon! If not , consider m already getting bored with this product.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Suddenly , impulsive arise

I know i said i dont want anything for my birthday but i just cant resist this cute device. I want it i want it , yes the spoil brat inside me is kicking in. I WANT IT I WANT IT!

Out of Nothingness.

It is Saturday morning , but it feels like its never been anymore Monday than before.
I slept pretty late last night , having our routine late night phone call before sleep and for some weird cosmic reason i dont feel a tad bit cranky waking up this morning. In fact , i was awake 4 minutes before the alarm on my phone scream which was a very uncommon behavior for me to do so.

Well just feel like updating out of nothingness , maybe soon ill have better content other than simply writing off 5 minutes of my waking Saturday morning.

Oh life , where are thou hidden from me?

Oh well , just a random question? What do i want to win in a nice day of a carnivale? A genuine homosexual whom feeds on Attention. Family Guy Season 6 Episode 1.

Bye now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Twenty Four is the new 19

Twenty. Four.

Twenteen. Foor.

Twitty Foul.

Twat Fur.

Toon tie Fough.


Dua Peluk Empat.

Tua Peluh Hampat.

Jua Puluh Lampard?

No matter what ways i pronounced it , or reconstructed the words , jumbled up the letters , it still contains the same meaning. The meaning i would not want to accept but have to because only superheroes or time traveler can defy time. Me on the other hand is neither of those both so going against god will is un-feasible. Although i still have the power of dreaming. Its not healthy but it keeps me going.

Twenty four. 24. I was once 23 , am still now but not soon. Time flown by so quick , as quick as my money vaporize into the thin air. Funny thing is ,I never really grasp the concept of trading but living in these world nowadays i got no say on this.As a human I have to accept on being brainwash to practiced the activity until somehow down the line ive been used to it and have to live with it , breath with it , maybe even die because of it. Money sheesh~ what wouldn't we do for u?

I used to think that as my age increases , I'd desire something big , something more and more in sense of materialism. I am 24 now , i am not too old but i don't want something big and superfluous anymore. I am done being complex because complexity attracts death and i have much more to live for. The world is much more calm , serene and simple when u extract all the hazardous thoughts and the neediness in you. Trust me , i am still learning.

It has always been about what I WANT!

I want new dresses to wear for my girls night out

I want these - digital lomo cam VQ1015 because suddenly i think that lomo is cool. (lomo was not cool before because i have no interest in capturing pictures , i still do actually but with a little less intensity)

I want new 1tb hardisk to store all my LEGAL COPY of series/movies/music and other rare materials that u only earn in heavy digging of resource. This i would not want to share.

Needless to say , the cutest vehicle ever produced i'd like to add.

I could list thousands but not millions , things / stuffs/materials etc that i want but where do i put an end to that. It would be an endless inventory of my wishes and hunger for materialism. A starvation that scientist and fellow sages could not cure until now. The greatest disease that plagued humankind since the world was a tiny seed. Man kill each other in order to triumph and obtain possession over materialism.

I ponder , and i don't like the idea of blood shedding.

Now i only focus on what I NEED.

I need a good health . Checked.

I need a good life. Checked.

I wish that someone as great as Napoleon Bonarpate would come and rescue me from my world of lonesome and boredom. Checked. (No , he is not interested in world domination or continent for that matter)

I need love from all different aspects of life , perspectives and levels. DOUBLE CHECKED.

I need friend who would be there when i need them. Checked.

A parents who would stand by me , love me and would not disowned me by any means. Checked.

I need a car to move around. Checked.

I need money to buy food. Checked.

A roof above my head. Checked. (currently it's leaking but it's alright)

(the list goes on but i wont continue because that would be bragging)

So why the hell do i want anything else when i already have everything that i need? Isn't the fundamental motive of living is to stock up on necessity , not bloat it up.

So for my birthday , I'd want nothing else more than i already have. I am happy because i am being surrounded by all these gifted/talented/loving/bubbly/loving/supportive/sugar spice and everything nice/awesome circle of people.

Regardless , i still and do accept gifts/present/leprechaun as a pet/hugs for my birthday.

Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day People.

and Happy Birthday Diena Wong. Congrats u make it this far , i thought u would not see another sky blue day when u fall down from ur bike and plunged into the drain when u were 11. true story. i was traumatized and didnt ride a bike ever since.

Birthday Girl,
dw :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speending week because this week is a special week :)

Prior to my coming born day which is on u know when , i decided to splurge on a new wardrobe which means countless apparel on discounted price. So this week i call "SPEND LIKE U NEVER KNOW THE MEANING OF BEING POOR" because next week i have hell to pay. And one blazing hot hell while at it. phew~

Below are new occupants of my closet that i've collected from Saturday until Monday and there are more to come because money just fall from the sky like us human intended it to be.

There was a note on my desk , and it reads...

It is from my lovely sister and yes I LOVE IT SOO MUCH! though calling me fat is mean but still i love it! thank u baby sis ;)

Here is the dress she bought for me as my birthday present. :)

Maxi dress , light turquoise gradient skirt that i bought for far lesser price and a dark grey dress from Miya Wong.

Three leggings with same color only different motives.

Lacey legging that i'd only put on anywhere with less light and less prying eyes.

Slashed legging that i bought online. This legging could be use as a clever disguised for my unshaven leg.

A bargained price studded tops i get from a recent bazaar at Rasta, TTDI.

Baby's expression from seeing me doing things that arent profitable and also could possibly be from the exhaustion of observing me changing into clothes one after another.

Cute pins i got from (see paperbag)

Studded bag i bought also at bazaar for last-piece price.

Mostly basics wear. See the pink tag? Those are the discounted tags so basically i paid only quarter of what it were all really worth. There are 7 pieces all together.

Little cute pompoms that i bought at Daiso. Honestly i dont know these things are meant for but i'd creatively figure something fun to do with it.

By the way , come to think of it , this whole spending money on inedible material kindda contributing positively towards my weight loss because the more money i spend on impulsive buying the less money i have to buy food. See how i make things easier for me and others?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A bad bad weird dream.

Just a quick twitch. Its nothing really , just one of those random moment that i have to put my dreams into words. Why? Because it was vaguely indelible. It was indefinitely enduring that somehow along the process of dreaming , I shamelessly cried. Almost immersed in the character i was playing in my own dream , I cried , and for a petty reason too. How sad is that?

So here is what i remember or almost dismember.

I was in Genting and somehow in this carnivale or a circus or something very uprising. I see lots of neon lights blaring all over my view. Throng of peoples coming towards me but not at me for that matter. So for some reason i was being trusted to take care of this pet cat. I dont know whose but it end up under my supervision.

So being surround by lots of confusing crowd , i somehow lost track of time and space. I got carried away with all the game and flashing prizes. I lost the cat. I panicked and suddenly i see myself wearing this white cloth. I dont see how is that even relevant but anyhow my journey continues with the dream camera moving forward very rapidly.

The motion was worrying because i can hear myself pacing agonizingly. I was following the cat , trying very hard to catch it. Apparently the cat was unbelievably fast. I can hear my breath going unsteadily as I tried to catch up with the demonic possessed super-speed kitty. It was a kitten mind u.

And this was where the weird part started to begins. Bare with me as I am trying very hard to conjole every single details as i could while listening to one of many disappointing track of Muse latest album.

So i was running and trying to catch the cat but every attempts were futile.Suddenly the cat somehow morphing into a man? A MAN? I swept my eyes trying to digest what is happening. He got lost into the crowd. His face was like someone i never knew. He glanced at me and disappeared into a jam packed of people. I was stunned , paralyzed by the moment.

The next thing i knew i was being chased away because I did not done my duty well. The owner of the cat appeared to be very angry. I felt useless. And what make it worse was that my lover boi was the leader of the mob , suggesting everyone to hate me and shun me away from the area.

I was devastated and cried along the way. I decided to return home by feet. All the way to kl from Genting by walking , in the midst of night , alone , a girl alone in the night walking solitarily without no one to offer their companionship to her.

I cried so hard that i felt my cheek was wet with tears. I woke up and call my boifren immediately. He comforted me by saying everything rainbowss and poniess and candiess. Those sweet words coming out from his mouth always made me feels better .It was just a bad bad weird dream he said.

A bad bad weird dream.