Sunday, April 26, 2009

Please read this little missive that i wrote while i was half aware of my own existence (could also be rendered as my trial will)

Dear world ,
If i dont make it alive within this next 2 weeks please note that

1. I dont have that many cash in my bank so any attempt to hack into my bank account would come to no avail.

2.All my gaming system , including those ancient Nintendo's hand-held will be given to whoever can sustain 50 hours on playing L4D. or any other FPS game. or Hello Kitty Adventure Island with a full blast speaker on.

3. All my unutilised guitars will be owned by whoever wanna-be rockstard out there who can hit 20 notes per second without even breaking a sweat.

4. My computer , 2 monitors , and 3 hdds which calculated up to 1TB all together. fully loaded with series , animes , movies,musiq and few hidden gore porns will be inherited by some lucky guy who can fap until he excretes a blue semen full of happily swimming head of awesome smiley.

5. Dont bother fussing over my clothes because most of them are damage ,be it discolored , eaten by cockroaches or rats , losing a button , torn widely apart , if not worst.

6. I'd leave my most treasured collection of vinyl to a person who has a terrible emotional distress , just like me. FYI , staring blindly at this vinyl doenst make u any better , could probably damage ur retina or severely injure ur brain.

Please pray for my sanity for the next 2-3 weeks for i need this strength to keep on going. Even a puny encouragement would do me good.

oh anyways , on totally unrelated topic , last 3 days i decided to shorten up my hair because of the obviously apparent impact global warming has on our planet. Heat is a whore and i am her bitch.

muke da bosan ngna cahaya matahari. tlg la dunia.

sumpah kat luar aku lagi kiut

this picture is self-explanatory

p/s : Smoke is bad , alcohol is bad , drug is bad , sex is bad , binging on food is bad , marijuana is bad . What could have possibly possessed u for being so stupid?


hafiq said...

like i told before, ill keep u alive, awake and happy thru out this 3 weeks. dun wuri bebeh! :)

farahnadia said...

ooo boleh2...aku kiss ko hari2 :D nak?bagi ko heppi skit!givitumebebeh!

Anonymous said...

stupid pervs. no one touches my diena

azammm said...

muka nak comel je

mukhlisz said...

gore porn diena? rly? i nvr figured u'd be so.. graphic. lol

cikudi said...

@ hafiq : i know u will..thanks for all the help..i nak mumoninggg lagi!

@gedu : wow kissing from a girl make u tickle my fancy..hahahha

@anon : dont worry coz i dont even touch myself..not lately

@azamm : tak tak...itu bukan buat2 comel..itu semula jadi

@mukhlisz : its relevant to my course tho..graphical images broaden ur

queen bee said...

oh my darling baby cikudy...mami ci dok sinder get good result.ya tuhan..berilah ketenangan ,keluasan.ketajaman.idea yang seluas lautan di dunia ini...untuk ci my darling sinder..amin..

Emja said...

too hot!

cikudi said...


JAB_au said...

Hotlinking is also bad, but I can forgive you as your a cute girl.

cikudi said...

FIXED!! haha

JAB_au said...

Your lucky, as I normally give people a very offensive image when they hotlink.

azammm said...

tak kata pn tu buat² comel.
u mmg comel & u tau u comel kn. hahaha