Monday, April 13, 2009

The Perfect Figures

Look what i just coincidentally encountered

such a perfect green colored boxes of 3's. I am so gonna hit the lottery with this number. then again, i dont own dog as a pet let alone buying number. its a SIN I TELL U A SIN!!

sex is different matter tho. its a necessity for a human to keep on living . Its a motivation for a person to maintain their efficiency at their workplace/class. Its the fuel to generate and develop the future leader of this world. Its also help to prevent terminally ill disease. such as prostate and cancer. (sense. this paragraph has none.)

I am so hungry i could slaughter a stripper and dip it in her blood , bite the region of her chest barbarically and lastly drink her urine to wash the dirty taste out off my mouth. Mmm , yummy!


rmz said...

who said muslims cant own dogs?

Anonymous said...

You have most certainly lost it...

Me like!

Hint as to who i am: We chatted on facebook last night. stalker more.

Anonymous said...


MyKy said...

banyaknya ahnong kat sini

Man.... while i'd usually laugh at the stuffs u wrote (blood and shietz) cos it's funny,

but i just watched SAW V.

and uh....


cikudi said...

@ rmz : who said muslim can own a dog as a pet? enlighten me pls for i am uncertained about the laws of islam.

@ anon01 : lots chatted with me on facebook. u have to specify details. oh well..m a busy girl

@ anon02 : muahahah back to u.

@ MykY the /i/er : i never dare to watch saw or any other gruesome movies like that. it put ideas into my mind and i am easily influenced. hahahha

MyKy said...

hey hey bila masa aku jadi /i/er plak!

i love SAW, just that it's getting stale after v3. :/

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