Monday, October 18, 2010

Mat Rempit is not all bad you know.

I think Mat Rempit is an overrated understatement.

We treat this subculture as if they were low , as if they were as good as dead.

Why do we all have these pre-conceived misunderstanding idea about Mat Rempit?

I tell ya why.

It is because of the media who exaggerated the whole issue. And because of this approach , Mat rempit think that they are like what the mass media dress them to be.

So they act like what has been commonly broadcasted.

"Baik kita buat betul2 dari org dok fitnah2 tapi kita tak buat" - this mindset probably had been instilled in their mind.

Who to blame? The Media? Society? The so-called culprit themselves?

I dont know. Maybe bits of everyone.

You know what mat rempits are good for?

The military. The Enforcement.

If one day , when some low population country is trying to wage war with ours , these mat rempit are going to be the fruit of the country because of their bravery and flaming spirit of protecting whats theirs.

And they come in bundle of flock too. How convenience is that?

Just promised them some token of appreciation, maybe a new ride , or perhaps a class on how to improve their manner.

or if i were filthy rich , i'd open a center of education where my sole purpose of objective is how to improve their spelling. and language for that matter.

Im not backing up Mat Rempit , but im viewing this from a more neutral angle.

I know how it feels to be the one who get hurtful and bad worst being thrown at.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Memory Loss Syndrome = MLS

I hate it when i cant remember the words that accurately explains certain situation/stuff/behavior.

When this happened , i got utterly frustrated and tried so hard to squeeze every bits of my brain juice to work to conjure back those missing words.

I think i might have the early symptom of Memory Loss Syndrome. MLS.
MALAS more like it!


MLS nak membaca like i used to.
MLS nak menulis like i was once before
MLS nak refer to dictionary when i come across a new vocab that i arent familiar with. That used to be a good habit of mine but along the way , i think that habit gradually faded away. I think the internet turn me into this.

Internet sucks away my fondness towards the beautiful wireframe of words and books.

I wanted to be a writer when i graduated from MMU. I was so certain and determine that i can be a good writer because of my fondness with writing and bullshiting.

But now , all that dream and hope had been flushed away down the dirty sewer along with my passion and motivation.

Im not a writer , just a day dreamer with an unlimited access to internet , a crazy typing skill and quick brain reflex.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Call me Cik Wok!

Friday night,

Hmm the most celebrated day of the week for most working class. This is the day where you planned where your weekend is gonna be? Be it lazying around the house , going out for dancing in the moonlight or simply just hanging out with friends.

I used to be one of those , those weekly carefree individuals who can go out and be free-minded all through weekend without any work to be worried about , at least not for the weekend.

But guess what im doing this weekend?


yes work.

How could someone worked from Monday to Friday and STILL have work to do on SATURDAY AND SUNDAY?

Dont laugh! That is not even remotely funny and crucially depressing.

And does it make it even more odd if i announce that i dont really mind the workload? that i actually pretty much ENJOYING every bits of this excruciating moment?

Am i delirious or plain delusional?

Call me Cik Wok because i think ive been plagued with ever so overrated viral of workaholic.

Anyways , being too immerse with work doesnt halt me from camwhoring!

hehe. Im such an handful sort of character arent i?


Screw you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello , I have haters :)

To those who followed my FB 50 vids page might have notice a little turbulence of haters hitting on our stream last nite.

Huh these haters , doesnt have anything to do other than to flatter themselves by belittling other people.

And the funny thing is , they dont even know us.

And what was even more funnier is other persons , who heard about this ,choose to settled with the baseless comment they heard instead of thinking rationally.

But i guess that what haters do , putting bad images on other people just so their mediocre life look more interesting in the day light.

I wonder what u haters do at night , weeping at the lack of inches in your pants , or for girls , wailing hysterically because of your distasteful physical features.

Kalau da kurang elok tu at least perangai bagi la elok sket.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The reason why im restraining myself from going all the way is because of the uncertainty of what the future might have in store for me.

Im one person against a throng of curious and sneaky crowd. I cant even do anything to save myself.

I might be in every figments of ur imagination and the next second Im the new person u just love to hate.

This things happens u know , the wheel of life.

Sometime we cling on the moving wheel , hoping that it would escalate us to the top , but often now than ever , if the clinging doesnt come with hardwork and effort (given it bad , menacing or good) , we will forever be stationary in our own comfort zone.

Whats with a little bit of adventure of moving forward? Why are we so afraid of the unknown?

If u have the answer for this , please let me know because up until now , i still cant decipher the cosmic code of doubtfulness.

Ok im talking/writing/thinking/pondering craps again instead of finishing my ever-so neverending "work load"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Flame for The Flamer

ramai gila stalker/haters aku sampai gila babi dig in aku punye archive ni. pastu dia happy terkinja2 sebab found a minor grammar/spelling/misusage of words yang aku committed like beratus2 tahun dulu (aku ckap beratus tahun sebab nak signify betapa lamanya benda2 tu , sejak zaman tok kadok lagi , sejak zaman aku pakai training bra lagi , sejak zaman ms-dos lagi). pastu dengan "BERANI" nyooooo dok mengomen kat chatbox aku cakap aku ni a SHITTY WRITER.

the thing is,

not even once aku claimed that aku ni writer ke ape ke.

cakap aku guna byk thesaurus tanpa mengetahui apa maksud disebalik perkataan tu.


aku nak rasa offended macam kesian la plak sebab aku tau org yang dok flame aku ni mmg hidup dia diconfine dengan english darjah 6. kepala otak rigid and narrow minded.

aku rasa org ni mesti minah. why? sebab there is no one mamat over there would even bother to point out that puny error and rub it on my face. even kalau dia mamat skali pun , dah mmg terbukti dia ni pussy sebab dok komen2 tanpa nama sebenar.

nak tau dia letak nama apa? dia tulis nama dia "HAHAHA" dgn url tu bangang ke apa namanya tu?

aku rasa mak ko mesti menyesal lahirkan manusia cam ko. sebab hidup kat dunia pun macam tak guna. cikgu ko mesti menyesal ajar ko menulis dan membaca kalau dia tau satu hari nanti ko akan jadi seorang penakut , bacul , bodoh dan hanya berani menaip di belakang computer tanpa actually confronted anyone in their face.

aku kesian kat bakal suami/isteri ko nanti.

ke ko mmg sangat a sad excuse for a living sampai tade org nak kat ko.

aku rasa ko cacat.

cacat otak.


mintak2 ko dapat petunjuk yang benar.

dan tlg jgn kacau idop aku atau org lain lagi. pegi la betulkan muka ko yang kurang pleasant tu.

aku harap2 ada org akan terima ko seadaanya. ye , dgn muka dan mulut ko yg cam azab tu.