Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jakadung Trip in Brief.

Hello Malaysia ,
Phewww it has been one hellava crazy and awesome weekend for us , me , hafiq , apis and nur in Jakadung (that is Jakarta and Bandung merged together).

It was tremendously filled with fun , laughter , and countless night of Indonesian show that was awkward but interesting enough for me and hafiq to be plastered until the end of the show. Dont get me started on the fooooodd. I now have different perception for Indonesia ,my view of the country had changed entirely from partially-negative to fully-positive and this was because everything is reasonably cheap out there. We are practically god of money and spending there has no value on us. Well , that only happened for the 1st few days though until our supply of money gradually subsided into zero. Hahahhaha. Heh , shopping has never been so rewarding either. I came back with 2 full shit loaded bag with new clothes and stuff that i know will nestled in the back of my closet forever.

But then mummy and baba came into the rescue! yay! ahah they came to Bandung and stayed in the same hotel as we were and money once again seemed like a pebbles where u just throw away valueless. Hahahha cakap cam org kaya , poyo gila nak mati. Tapi biar ahhhh , let me have my week of lupa daratan because now i have reverting back to my old self where everything is mediocre and spending money is limited. Its ok , Bandung trip can happen again any day.

p/s : thanks to fikry who bawak kiterang jalan2 dan makan kat kedai cheese generous. u were a great help and a good friend. we are grateful to have u as a guidance. apa2 pun jaga upper bloodline gua elok2. hahhaha

Since i am so lazy and uploading pictures would take forever because theres a shitload of it , so i just upload pictures of food instead of the whole trip. Dont be hungry in the process yeah , coz i know i will.

And lastly......

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another trip

Why do those suicide bombers have to ruined my vacation? U may a little bit made me fear in exploring Jakarta but u could never take Bandung away from me. Stupid dignity-defender.

Anyways , ive been waiting so long for this trip because i never been to bandung nor jakarta before. I heard they still practice cannibalism there , no? Hahahh. errr.

I have to get moving on 0600 a.m but m still here writing this very nonsense to make u guys JEALOUSSSSSS of me. ha ha.

ok bye nak tido.

i wish my self all the best and may i be surround by awesomeness all the time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cleaning out my closet

Hello dearest you,
I am so proud of myself today , because today , not like any other day where i just being useless and counter-productive , i cleaned out my almost-look-like-a-dumpster closet. Lets stroll into a pavement of pictures down here.

there are still couple of bag with clean clothes that i still didnt put in the closet. its been there for like almost 2 weeks.

notice mickey bag down there? it filled with shit load of old clothes that i put away many many time ago.

selective of jeans hanged crowdedly beside each other.

my never or almost used pyjamas pants. as u can see , there is a theme developing there where most of my pants are pink in kaler. its cute eyh? no? heh at least i think it is.

more clothes.

Sometime i wonder , do i really need this much of undergarments?

see those bags under mickey? those two are double shit loaded with cloth as well.

my pants area. as u can see , it doesnt look like a pants area at all.

After 40 minutes or so, YAY! finished cleaning outtt

another bag of old , sad ,unloved and unused cloth that m gonna donate it later. M such a good girl am i?

Hahahha. this little fella has been out there for about 3 days now. I dont even bother to take him in. Oh , he is outside because i spilt milo on him and have do dry him so i put him outside and i guess i just entirely forget about him until today.

But still ,i left him outside. Poor little soulless guy

So , that was pretty much what i did today beside scrabbling at facebook , eating mee sedap that was not sedap at all , chatting and basuh toilet papa. I am such a good girl today.

p/s : i unintentionally killed a lizard with a hot water today. i hate lizard. i hate gecko. bluergh

Harry Potter did not dissapoint me

I just finished watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Sunway Pyramid just now. The movie was exactly how i pictured it would be from the book itself. Although many scenes didnt made the cut into the movie but it was one hellava good condensed movie despite what everyone said about it being half-good than the previous episode. I like it tho , then again u can give me any movie and i'd say good too because not only i admire the work of art but i also appreciate the effort behind the making of it even if it was shitty as hell.

I dont want to write anymore because hafiq keep sneaking behind my back and discreetly reading this very line i write , anddd nowwww he just kissed me on the forehead and said "that sound so wrongg" with a cynical laugh. "oooo baby thats good" he says while passionately digging his ear lobe with his last stick of cotton bud. "ala sayanggg come to bed" he whispers to me in this dimp lit room with a cheeky smile and a dreamy eye , luring me into his comfy area. Despite all that ,i keep writing on every motion that he makes , judging every inch when he moves and anticipating what is next on his mind.

and now he is getting pissed off with what m doing, narrating his moves.

"FINE" he utters in apprehension.

errr i better go now. till then.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New Facelift and Bladerdash

Hello dearest reader,

Wohoooo new layout. Not mine tho but i really like it. Well i just got my period today , no wonder things has been jumbling up and down recently. Pity those around me especially Hafiq. Woman is a complicated creature. Life is way too boring and mundane when everything is logical. Everything has to be ying and yang.

I am so hungry i could eat a giant horse.

I am so bored i have the potential of being a saiko killer. or raper. or eater. I want to be a serious eating machine.

I am so idle , even a fly couldnt detect me as a human.

I am so calm sometime when i walk into a brawl everyone stop moving and confess their sin to me.

I am so null , even number zero praise me for being an ultimate absence of everything.

I am so deprived , everything that comes in contact with me will bounce back to their original position.

I am so pale , i even convinced myself i was bedridden all this while.

I am so confused , every morning i gotta check whats in the drawer and each time i was relived that i am still a girl.

Haih , see whats bosanrism do to ur mind. It messed ur life entirely . virtually and reality. All mixed up in this tiny bag of surrealism.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fat little sea creature

I feel kindda weird saying this but i think this obese sea creature is cute. Not super cute cute but cute in a peculiar way i think. He is like straight from a carefully structured 3D character. Poor fella is pale maybe for the lack of vege in his diet. Im confuse , is this a whale or dolphin? It is too small to be a whale but on the other hand , it is too big to be a dolphin. Maybe something in between perhaps? And look at those little fin , how can he paddle with that fin , can he even move from one place to another? Awww cute little fat somekind of god's creation.

Anyyywhooooo, today is gonna be yet another boring day for me. I think m gonna design some tee for my blogshop , then again i could choose to laze around as usual.

Bye bye now , gotta get ready to bring popo to the dentist. I ought to go as well but i am afraid as hell.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Me made with lines. only thats not my hair.

Such a miraculous digital beauty aint it? Paan did it for me and i didnt even know it right until he tagged me at facebook. I swear he made me look far far better than the real me , after all thats what digital manipulation are for. I didnt know he was thisss good at vectoring. Thanks paan! ko mmg pandai mencuri hati aku. kaple jom? hahhaha.

Anyways , i just came back from makan session with hafiq's and his parents. Papa is too attached with GPS its like almost two timing mama unintentionally. Hahah.

Ok i am so full i think i need to do extra 2 laps tomorrow , which gonna add up to , hmm 5 laps? is that even consider an exercise ? I am such a lazy bum bum.

p/s : i love writing. but sadly , writing doesnt love me. pathetic aint it?

Slow Sunday

Here i am , in my bf's room doing nuthing but browsing to the same ol same ol content on the internet. Funny to say this but , internet has become alarmingly boring nowadays , or that is just me. I havent go to cekidaut any uni for my master yet , simply because i was lazy and the thought of continuing the responsibility of maintaining the grade and coping up with all those written assignment keep halting me back. I mean i really want to further my study but i dont think m ready yet. Boring syndrome is hitting me really bad right here right now.

Haih. Such a waste for this sunday to pass by just like that.

I wish i had more money so that i could go travel all around the world.

but then maybe not , because traveling nowadays is open to all kind of threats , especially with all this ruckus about H1N1 disease. And i have a weak mentality where i just succumb to all the information media cast upon us.

Anywaysssss, i cant wait to go to bandung and jakarta next next week. wohoooo~ shopping time!
After that graduation and only after that i will start considering seriously about my path of life. Until then , all future plans is on put idle.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me being happy with my new buttonless buddy.

Hey boys and girls,

I feel like its been ages since the last time i posted here. Ive been really busy with I Shirt You Not. The support and feedback is sooo overwhelming ,i sometime forget that it all just started less than 2 weeks back. Its so tiring but also exhilarating at the same time. Sometime i dont know what to feel because the excitement is so overflowing. Sometime my invisible genderless physician said that i need to calm down. I DONT PAY YOU GOD DAMN MONEY FOR YOU TO SAY THINGS THAT I DONT WANT TO HEAR!! U HEAR ME, HEAR MEEE??? U WANT BLOOD I GIVE U BLOOD! WHAT MORE DO U WANT FROM ME?!

Ohh kayyy, thats kindda awkward. I didnt said that out loud didnt i? Oh i did? Heck , why they hell should i care.

Anyways , even life seem to be hectic and partially organized , i do get bored sometime. Doing this pengangguran thing is not as fun as i tot it would be. I ought to find a job before pursuing my master. BECAUSE ITS FREAKING HELL BORED WHEN U HAVE NO DIRECTION IN LIFE!

Mind the caps , i really feel like shouting right now . My hormones is crazy and playing a joy ride on a see-saw right now , up down up down , as imbalance as it sound. Sometime i think god implemented period on woman because for us girl to use it as a deadly unseen , untold, known-by-nature weapon to make man afraid of us , that mute intensify fear and apprehension that is almost shown on their visage. And thats boy , emerged a saying like "the hands that cradle the baby rock the world" or something like that. I phailed literature during high school anyways.

On a totally unrelated topic,
Many many many weeks ago , more like less than 3 weeks back , i decided to changed my also-new Samsung golden flip phone to a more newer phone. Just so u know that i never fancy or have any flaming lust for touch screen phone because i dont see any relevant behind a phone that have no button. What is the meaning of texting if u cant feel the texture or enjoying the brutally tapping sound u make on the phone while doing it. But then i brace, prepare myself inside and out and embrace to this new beauty of Nokia 5800. And this change a whole lot of my orthodox perception towards touch screen phone once and for all.

At first i only wanted to purchase this phone because of Garmin GPS software because heh , face it , i always get lost even in my own neighborhood but then i realized that this phone has a lot more potential than i think it was. So yeah , so far m quite happy with it. Its like owning an iPhone , only better because ppl dont stare at u and simply passing judgment whether u deserved to own an iPhone or not.

my old samsung phone . already owned by an anonymous chinese boi.

this phone was kindda cool actualy. it such a shame i have to let it go. be good baby!

i should shed some weight should i? yeah i should.

i was this close to running off with the phone but then i remember that i havent graduated yet. maybe sometime apek , sometime.

hello new baby! come to mama. be silent in bed tonight coz motion makes me happy.

p/s : I dont really use Garmin anyways because she always direct me to unnecessary road. stupid sexy attractive voice. sheesh.

Friday, July 3, 2009

I swear my butt was inches away from the water.

Hello and good evening to my fellow almost decreasing reader,

Hmm, well i have nothing to write about really. Life has been so rapidly progressive. Its like everything is moving literally at the pace of blurry motion , or that could just be because i have once again neglected to force my self to the optician for curing my detrimental vision condition.

I used to think that 24 hours was freaking long , I mean why cant we have only 3 hours a day and a night, wouldnt it be great going to school that lasted no more than 30 minutes. But then again every school hormone raging teens/kids would feel the same ways , and it would not change even a notion bit, not with your same ol same ol i-see-no-future-in-you perception that teacher usually have towards the pupils.

But now, sheessh! i wish the day would stretch more longer that it already written on the law book of universe. Too many work to be done , toooo little time on a side. Sometimes i have a hard time deciding which one is more important where both of them are my top priority. I could easily mini-maini-mo the options with both eyes closed but then this isnt an History high school paper where the worst that could happen was just another grader lower , this is life for heaven sake.

I thought that when im done with degree i'd have more time for my self. Go to spa on an idle Tuesday afternoon , woke up late on Wednesday only to find out that there is another 2 hours left before the day settle itself , watching series after series that i diligently downloaded from the net and of course playing kites on the windy Saturday morning. But my schedule had entirely become more chaotic than it was before. I dont even have time to blog relentlessly like i used to.

OK Done with the rant.

Anyways , i just came back from Thailand. I didnt captured that many pictures to be publish here but i do have some interesting pictures taken on this beautifully structured restaurant. It is located somewhere in Danok. This was the first time i had ever encountered such dining place before. It was a refreshing experience i would say. Hut after hut arranged in curvy manner just inches above the lake. Yes u are virtually floating while dining and the way they serve their food was kindda unique because an actual boat will be approaching your hut with dishes that u initially ordered. And oh! u can actually sleep as well because there are bunch of pillows already scattered around the hut just waiting for ur head to be mounted on them. The food is uber delicious too , if only the price werent that expensive.

Let these picture do the talk coz the finger aint typing no more.