Monday, June 28, 2010

Slant ur hand and SALUTE!

Lets all participate in PROJECT KEIREI!

is a Japanese word for Salute therefore by literal English translation means Project Salute.

What started of as a spontaneous act by Shaz Aboy (inspired by Buzzer Beat Jap Series) has turned out to be a massive outbreak stunt that motivate many other individuals to strike the same pose regardless different reasons they may hold.

Project Keirei is a platform for you to express salutations over the little things that consistently moves you or maybe even the people that mold you into the person u are now. This project serve as a medium to credit your own personal agenda by letting the world know what u stand for.

Basically , its a place where they gather all salute post from everyone , despite races , gender and political views.
Ive done mine , have u done urs?

head down to PROJECT KEIREI and post ur bestest most awesomest salute post and email it at . Join the bandwagon and lets make history!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My comppasion goes to those who doesnt have it.

Is it me or the political heat is uprising nowadays? Everywhere , not just local.

Does anybody have the thought , just maybe about a half second or two that there is a possibility of World War 111 happening soon?

I hope everyone come to their senses and set aside their differences to make this world worth living in. We are reverting back to our predominant era people , we might as well start rubbing those red stone against the cave wall because before u know it , all these amount of technology , all these years of cultivating ourselves at this level , all these years of shaping and molding the values and ethics and protocol will be demolished faster than u can say "Oh Shi-"

Lowering down ur ego isn't an act of suicidal. My pity goes to those who thinks that the world revolves around them , as if they are the reason that the sun set high and the moon shine bright.

This apply to all aspect and perspective in life , not just politics.