Friday, October 31, 2008

Hari tu aku rasa aku nie Paul Mitchell

I should have posted this 2 days back. but i was too lazy going out with ur biological dad. yeah the one who has deep eyes and bulky wallet. yerp. remember when the time he said he got to go to an urgent meeting at Cali? yeah i was there. and it wasnt a meeting,more like a holiday. ha ha ha. u are nuthing but a a tiny portion of his productive cell. namely ; the sperm. which he withdraws kindda generously nowdays. oh,tell ur mom hes not coming back tonite. we are going to Japan coz i told him that i am the incarnation of Hello Kitty and he believed it. Such a moron, just like u when i told u that the blood coming out from ur birth canal every month tastes like maple syrup. true story!

last 2 days, the day that my papa shifted into this house. remember? u dont? oh i forgot that u had an ostrich's brain. there there, calm down. dont hyperventilate! coz u got an onion breath. sheesh!ok ok stay with me..there there.

So papa moved in and summore i had to take my two lovely little devil out to the pool. i was feeling kindda tensed out so guess what i did after swimming?


yeah i did that. luckily i got steady hand and accurate instinct of "main belasah je la". Kalau tak, u wont find me in Malaysia anymore. Ill be gone, to a magical province where only people with retarded fringe are welcome. Otherwise,if u are a guy, u'll be decapitated. Yeah, both of ur head. Let see if u can extricate urself from that. And if ur a girl, u will be force to fornicate with a limping and almost decease horse until ur pride has been shamelessly punctured.

Now i feel like a school girl. who just know where babies came from. IT AINT FUNNY MOM! i do not come from a defected mass produced canned food!! especially not from a pickle jar!

see i told u it wasnt that bad? or is it? good bye cruel world!

the pre-loved hair. do not get any ideas ok. ini bukan pubic hair. sheesh u old dirty peverted minded! lucky thing u already secured my heart or else ull be long gone just like the others. hahaa

foot/note : kepada abu bakar elah. ko da bole claim aku jadi anak ko. dulu tanak ngaku kan sebab fringe aku senget. skrang rambut aku da same cam rambut ko. i love u daddy! mintak2 la tade org bace nie. kalau tak kantoi aku anak iban. eh da bace. ehheh hello there earthlings. *waves hand and turn back in shame*

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Papa tanye. Kakak mana arah kiblat?

Yesterday while i was minding my own business at the house hall , my dad came to me and asked

papa : kakak, kiblat mane kiblat?
me : haaaa *buat2 tak dgr*
papa : kiblat la..mane kiblat?
me : ohh..ummm..sini kot *sambil menghayun kedua2 belah tangan ke arah kanan*

tak pun sini *kali ini beralih ke arah kiri pulak*

sini kot *berpusing ke arah depan dan melemparkan tangan ke udara to indicate*

papa: haiyaaaa *kuar slang cina die yg pekat tu* u tak semayang ke dayana?
me : ehehhe ehehheh *tak brani nak cakap2 ape*
papa : tape la..nanti papa tanye kat pak guard
me : ok ok *terus masok bilik buat2 tepon bunyi padahal itu lagu kat winamp*

Tadi,lebeh kurang 47 menet yg lepas.

papa : papa da tau da kiblat kat mane
me : mane mane? *buat2 cam interested*
papa : kat sini nie
me : ouhhhhhhh..papa tanye guard ke?
papa : tak la..papa pakai kompas yg beli kat mekah dulu tu.
me : ouhh

m.o.t.s.i : beli kompas tunjuk kiblat. berguna kalau duk umah org tak sembahyang. ouch

p/s : m.o.t.s.i (moral of the story is) duh!! lembab!

Shh dont tell anyone that...

nie rahsia tau. janji jgn bitau org k?

bole ke?

tipu la..nanti kecoh je bitau sume org. malu la kite camtu

betul ke bole simpan rahsia nie?



kalau awak bitau org..tite nanak kawan awak lagi tau.

kite serious nie.

awak janji tau pegang rahsia kite nie. tanak janji2 ta ya pa wau tau!



kite malu laa


*blushing and tersipu2 malu*

tadi kan

kan kan

cakap la kannnn


tadi kan

kite kan


ter kan kan kann

alaaa malu la nak cakappp


kite kan..ter kan


how do i put this in words

tadi kan

kite kan

ter kan


jgn bitau management please. oh please.lagi pun kite kencing 3 kali je coz it was freezing cold!!

p/s : oh, i should really go for a wax. my leg already starting to look like a dying weasel. tapi tape la. da nak winter kan buat ape nak shave. kang sejuk kene hypothermia plak. tak sempat nak jumpe bf. ha ha ha.

asyik2 p/s je : kepada pihak pengurusan condo. m sorry! i didnt meant to peed in ur pool. its just that everything felt so right that time. as if the urine were destined to be with the chlorine water.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mungkin aku da gile. mungkin tidak. u decide.

aku rase aku aku da dewasa.

sebab aku kene jaga org tua yakni bapak aku yg sakit tu


budak kecik 2 ekor nie dalam satu masa yg sama.

"IKU IKU JOM MANDI SUMING POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!" jerit mulut garik 2 gadis kecil itu.

"AKU NAK TIDO LAAA BUKAN NAK MANDI SUMING POOL!!!" aku meronta keseorangan di dalam nurani ku yg kecil ini.


tapi tanpa sedar , aku berjalam mamaily ke laci yg ade swimming suit itam aku. sarung kan. da ketat. bagos aku da gemok. ke baju nie yg da shrinking? skrang aku dgn towel sangkut kat leher cam indon kontrek nak mandi ramai2 kat longkang besar belakang projek perumahan yg belum siap. aku patut pakai kain batik. tapi kain batik tade. so aku pakai je boxer ultraman yg aku beli kat siam ngan harga sploh ringgit nie. kenape aku keneeeee ke suming nieee..aku tanak ahhhhhhh. tanak tanak ahhhhh!!

tadi abg bawak datang barang2 papa. umah aku da jadi crowded cam kedai cash converters. maybe aku patut jual barang2 papa nie kat situ. dapat duit bole fund aku nye final year projek aku. huh?

DEMNIT FINAL YEAR PROJEK! aku lupe yg sem nie aku da start buat fyp. kalau tibe2 aku ilang, tlg ripot polis. aku mungkin da gile.

skrang nie pun aku rase separuh gile.




sape nak tlg diena?

tanak tlg?

gi mati!

The man called papa

How does it feels like when ur beloved papa suddenly come and stay over with u?



blessing in disguise?

I am so used to living alone where i can just like walking threadlessly in the house, puffing the cigarettes away like i am naturally born with iron lung or coming back home the same time nasik lemak stall open.

Skrang Limited movement. sian diena.

This morning , when he called me , i got very cranky and kindda pissed off with him because he rang me like really early in the morning to shift his stuff over. But then suddenly , memories of my childhood flash vaguely before me. I remembered how he always bought everything that i wanted, toys, vhs disney cartoons, princess's dresses and many more. But one thing that really take me back on my mind was this one time;

There was one day when he was sleeping and i asked him to bring over my p.e attire, then he came, with unwashed face and loose singlet to my school and brought my pinafore instead of my baju sukan. I told him to go home because i was slightly embarrassed by his appearance *
which until now still left a big guilt in me*. He just smiled , kissed me on the forehead and left. This happened when i was in standard 5 i guess. 11 years old. Makan ice cream pun tumpah kat baju lagi.haih

How could i thought of him as a burden? Useless silly retarded me! I am so going to be burn in hell for that. Flame to the very last ashes.He is not not not! I could never repay him for everything that he has ever done for me, even if its takes the whole span of my lifetime. Sayang papa!

Haih. it really feels like highschool again where i have to sneak around my dad. ha ha ha. haih. tak kelaka laa semut!


Kain buruk aku ilang mase tgh kemas2 bilik papa. Macam misteri gile. Mane kain buruk aku? ade sape2 nampak tak? die kaler putih, tapi cam ade kelabu2 sket sebab baru lap habuk. Sape nampak tlg bagi balik please. buruk sangat tu,jgn la amek.pls?

UPDATE : Oh da jumpe. rupe2nye kain buruk tu kat dapor. die lari mase aku tgh lap frame poster chelsea. malu agaknya kalah kat home. GODAMMITTT!!!!!!!

p/s : nak periuk nasik. (=

sumpah muke krenki and xhausted habis!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Merajuk beyond control. pffftt!!

ongek ! ongek !

i swear there is a very thick layers of greasy and slimy loserness smothered all over my face.

Even few minutes before the match ended , all my friends, or which in this case all my friends whom are liverfool fans started to bombard my phone. My phone was there, ringing and vibrating restlessly on the bearable filthy surface of asia cafe's stone table. I received all sorts of ejekan,tapi diena cool, die diam je coz the thing that dont kill you makes u stronger kan?

Eleh, bagi can je la kot. 4 thn baru nak merasa skali. blah ah.this is anfield kunun. anfield my cute bontot ah!




my unfortunate event didnt end all there. Because there was another suprise for me when the time i went to get my car. yeah i do love suprises,even the bad one.'Cos Apparently ,there was a flock of birds decided to have a cirit party on my car.Thank u very much to mother nature, my blue car is now spotted with white dot. so pretty! couldnt have done better my self. pffftttt!

those red circles indicate the countless splatted of birdies turd.

ko siap burung..aku dapat ko aku goreng buat burung goreng tepung. pastu cicah mayonis. hmm mayonis. nyummy! ok m hungry now. any liverpool fans out there willing to be my food? coz m in the mood for biting rite now. and it aint no funny fetish stuff. more like barbaric kindda bite. ha ha ha. tau takut!

da la. Damien Rice song make me so depressed. I should lighted a few candles and filled my room with it. Remind me how lonely i am?

da tido. prepare for another meaningless day!


p/s : i cant be mad at liverpool boys for long period of time. They, (particularly one person) make me melt faster than u can say "Happy Deepavali" .

the neverending p/s : oh by the way. HAPPY DEEPAVALI to all my hindus friends. (is there any?)

Sunday, October 26, 2008


CHELSEA kene menang malam nie.

kenape chelsea kene menang? sebab die kaler biru




PKR! yeah!

hahha doenst make any sense at all. if chelsea lose, any calls from liverpool fans will be ignore. period.

so good luck boys!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The right way to wear your towel. or so i assume.

-post deleted-

sorry if i cause major nose bleed to u g33k out there. i am not, i repeat, am not one of your hentai collection or whatever obscene cartoon u wish me to be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Im done with studying. I want to fly high! weeee!

This happened sometime around last week when some of u guys were busy watching redtube on your dad's newly upgraded bootleg mac book pro that he bought from some junkie who needed the money to buy another shot of self pleasure (credit to BK for the extensive of crappy words)


This morning i woke up and suddenly i am one of the stewardess of Air Asia.

like seriously.

Ha ha
ha . Me becoming a stewardess is like Micheal Jackson returning back to his own base skin color. I cant even reach for my hanged dress in the closet let alone to be stretching myself for a passenger's baggage at the upper partition above the seat .That is how short i am. Not really short, but tall enuff to ride a ferris wheel.Dah la aku gayat.It is not even fictionally possible for me of becoming a stewardess.

So cite die cenggini.


Abg joe; the birthday boy of the day, called me last nite with a verbal output which by now ive come to know as a sloshy voice at about 3 am and asking me if i want to be an extra as a stewardess for this one typical malay drama. At first i was reluctant and uncertained whether i shud do it or not.Aku soh die call aku balik while m doing the consideration. He called me 10 minutes after and this was how he convinced me

Abg Joe : Alaaa adik..jom ahh..slamber jee..jom ahh

Diena : ahhh tanak ahh..nanti kene bahan dohhh

Abg Joe : ala..nie drama melayu yg tade org tgk nye..dont worry..tade sape nak tgk

Diena : ke ye ke?

Abg Joe : tu ah..sape je tgk drama melayu skrang..jom ahh

Diena : ye ah ye ahhh jom ahhhh

So that morning , around 7-ish i drove back from Monterez to Puchong with a painful stomach ache greater than what ur father felt when the intern surgeon removed his testicles and later used it as an ersatz stress ball that u could easily find at the night market along the road of Petaling street.
Anyways, i should avoid all the intense details about my constipation to save u from having a nasty graphical image of how my watery feces bursting out from the kuncupan bunga matahari ku.Luckily my stomach ache completely subsided even before abg joe arrived to fetch me up.

As soon as sampai LCCT je , pondan wardrobe tu terus bagi aku uniform airasia. Fatin and I went to the toilet and got changed. I SWEAR I LOOKED LIKE A FRIGGIN RED RIDING HOOD SIAL! ye ye aku sedar aku pendek. fine fine fine! pfftttttttttt! biar badan pendek, asalkan akal panjang. boo yah!

After that we went for make up and hair at the naturally born sexually confused homosapien .

diena : abg,ketat sikit kan baju nie *sambil membetul2kan baju merah terang bederang ala2 nandek di dahi si itam*

beliau : ape abg abg..KAKAK OK KAKAK! *mencekak pinggang nak menyembul kan mata yg macam fish ball basi*

diena : ok ok ok .kakak kakak *pandang bawah sebab tak sanggup tgk ceracak bulu-buluan di dagu beliau*
beliau : panggil mummy pun ok jugak *senyum malu2 sambil main2 tali kat sweater hoodie die*

diena : *terkesima.speechless seribu bahasa*

Ye lah,i dont know which part of kakak she is. Tau la baru shave dagu and misai. i was only like 5 cm from her face and i swear i could see her janggut practically growing. keheningan yg shahdu sial janggut lu bro. but overall she was nice and helpful.And Oh,i think the amount of make-up on that she painted on my face could bake tons and tons of fancy wedding cakes. pfffttt.

But sadly,shooting ari tu tak jadi. So all of us kene balik. nasib baik. kalau tak mesti aku kene bahan sebab kuar tv lagi. haih.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Upset. Dissapointed. Mildly hurt.

Someone told me that i write way too much crappy and useless materials.
He get so aggravated and down right annoying whenever he read my post , he said.
He also thought that i should write some useful informatics stuff before i get killed in some random gun shot. Because if , god forbid , one day i get killed/suddenly died in horrible accident , people will only remember me as the girl who like to write nonsense gibberish because i didnt contributed an award winning theory about how fat people could achieve an orgasm without moving a muscle or something useful for other people to practice and left in awe for.

I was kindda shocked and felt so scornfully offended by his sudden remarks towards me. What make it even worse was that he compared me to some other girl i didnt even know existed. I was dissapointed because he was one of my bestfriend. The one i turn to when i need a guidance. The one who taught me a lots of things. Why cant u just support me in whatever i do just like what i always do to u? If u can accept the good part of me , why cant u accept the bad part of me? (which is the best part of me according to someone)

If my blog is such a shameful failure , then why the counters keep on rolling towards 10k?

I accept ur advice ,just like i always do.
Ill do something useful , and put some effort into my writing. IF i have the passion to do so.if not u can just simply choose not to read my blog. easy aint it?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Open Houses

I think m gonna explode soon.My body cannot tolerate this much intake of food in one day.

Banyak sial open house ari nie.I got like 4 invites to 4 different houses all around KL,Shah Alam and Sri Kembangan. Aku rase aku bole jadi ADUN bahagian mane ntah.

So , if u happened to see a disheveled girl with a crumple cloth laying down helplessly by the side of the road, please acknowledge her, coz she might be the girl ur boifren once molested savagely with his other rempit friends.

totally off the topic. yeah i know. but that is what makes it more fun. ha ha ha. tak fun pun.

ok bye




nyum nyum nyum

ye ye diena gemok ye ye diena gemok. gemok pom pom pom! When i look down , all i see now is this big round unidentified shape of my belly. ha ha ha


p/s : :"> *dish dish*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Im looking at u through the glass (UPDATED with video)

Stone Sour
Through Glass

I'm looking at you through the glass...
Don't know how much time has passed
Oh, god it feels like forever
But no one ever tells you that forever
Feels like home sitting all alone inside your head

How do you feel? That is the question
But I forget.. you don't expect an easy answer
When something like a soul becomes
Initialized and folded up like paper dolls and little notes
You can't expect a bit of hope
So while you're outside looking in
Describing what you see
Remember what you're staring at is me

Cause I'm looking at you through the glass...
Don't know how much time has passed
All I know is that it feels like forever
When no one ever tells you that forever
Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head

How much is real? So much to question
An epidemic of the mannequins
Contaminating everything
When thought came from the heart
It never did right from the start
Just listen to the noises
(No more sad voices)
Before you tell yourself
It's just a different scene
Remember it's just different from what you've seen

I'm looking at you through the glass...
Don't know how much time has passed
And all I know is that it feels like forever
When no one ever tells you that forever
Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head

And it's the starrrssss
The sttarrrsss
That shine for you
And it's the starrrssss
The sttarrrsss
That lie to you.. yeah-ah

I'm looking at you through the glass...
Don't know how much time has passed
Oh, god it feels like forever
But no one ever tells you that forever
Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head

'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass...
Don't know how much time has passed
All I know is that it feels like forever
But no one ever tells you that forever
Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your heaaaaddd

And it's the starrrssss
The sttarrrsss
That shine for you.. yeah-ah
And it's the starrrssss
The sttarrrsss
That lie to you.. yeah-ah

And it's the starrrssss
The sttarrrsss
That shine for you.. yeah-ah
And it's the starrrssss
The sttarrrsss
That lie to you.. yeah-ah yeah

Ohhhoh when the starrs
Ohhh oh when the starrrrs that liieee

oh orgasmic nye lagu nie! ugh yeh yeh!

like srsly diena. u have to post something more relevant other than this kopipes lyrics.

srsly diena. get a life!

yeah yeah m getting one tonite. in fact,come to think of it, i have my life everynite.

so i have a life. u, yes u, the one who is reading this very sentence , do not have a life. why? because everyday , u click at my url in ur bookmark , and waste ur time reading this. yes this.

this this this this this.

this this this this this.

this this this this this.

see i just wasted 30 seconds of ur life which u can probably use for something more useful , say fapping?

p/s : local calls is boring. i want unlocal calls. i miss unlocal calls. i need unlocal calls.

takde pape pun

really, i dont see any difference between good and bad.

if its good then, good la.

if its bad then, bad la.

i'd rather lead my life the baddest way possible then to be good but endup getting fucked up right in the anus.

srsly,i have nuthing to write. like srsly.

p/s : kat mesia pun ade line tepon.

Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm alright

please someone, lift this huge unseen burden on my shoulder. anyone?


on second thought, tayah la. i cant afford to break down right now.







do not console me.
do not comfort me.
do not persuade me.
do not sympathize me.

or else, ill tear my self to death.
and u wont be able to stand it. even if u claimed that u care for me that much.

i can handle this by my own tiny self.

diena nak beransur. diena ok. dunt worry. diena always appear happy eventho her heart is practically shattered to destruction.takpe. diena ok je la la la la.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Selamat Pengentut Baru

Maria Hazrina is like one of my oldest friend. She was actually my neighbor back when i used to reside at shah alam sec 19. we practically grew up together along with sum other friends. All this while, who knew that die yg akan kawen dulu.Congrats to her.

So anyways, i went to maria's majlis akad nikah with fifie and diera. Dgr cite aku ngan diera da macam nak g dikir barat sebab baju da sedondon.Dgr cite plak pihak pengantin lelaki pun berkaler same gak cam kiterang.tempat tu da jadi cam a place crowded with purple people.haih.

we came,we sat,we ate,we chow. hahha

Aku tengok maria cam cuak badak je nak kawen. so i turned to diera and whispered

diena : aku rase mase wedding nite aku, ade major possibilty yg aku akan lari.
diera : yeah me too man! i dont want to get married!!

aku rase mmg aku akan lari (dgr cite aku dulu sprinter skolah) .M not willing to trade what i have now for a marriage. But then again,m sure one day ill rise to the occasion. if the rite guy came,and swept me off my feet.

At least someone get laid tonite. demnit!!

moving on to totally unrelated topics

semlm lepas balik presentation , i decided to renew my lesen kete. dgr cite skrang nie aku bawak kete secare tidak halal. so lepas habis makan ngan the boys,aku pun bergegas la kat satu banggunan nie. so dgn berbekalkan jacket utk menutup kepala dari kene hujan,aku pun berlari2 anak la menuju ke pintu masok otomatik die tu.

diena : bang,saye nak renew lesen nie.
abg counter : *muke terkesima sebentar* sini tak renew lesen dik. kalau nak renew pegi post opis
diena : *malu lalu dgn pantas mengaver* eh ye ke. saye tak tau bang..baru first time renew nie. kawan saye cakap bole renew sini.

moral of the story. Jangan mamai kalau nak buat decision. u'll end up going to TmNet building instead of post opis. patut la aku heran, bile mase la plak post opis nie kaler oren.

ok bye. nak tido

p/s : nak hello kitty 7 bakul , mac book nye laptop satu, workstation mac satu,3 tb hdd, and lastly mini cooper S satu. itu je k..aku bukan bersifat kebendaan pun.heheh. gud nite unkle.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Selamat Tinggal Myspace

Less than 3 minutes ago i decided to close my myspace account. I cant handle two social networking site in one time. Goodbye myspace. akan ku igt diri mu sampai ke mati. anyways,this is one of the entry that i posted on myspace's blog.


This is she

She is insecure about what the future holds for her tiny self. The demands of her life is so overwhelming. She doesnt knows if she could satisfies the people that hold so much hope on her . Whatever she ought to decides will definitely affects the people around her, the people she love, the people she wud trade her life for.

So she sits there in her solitary existence, folding her arm around her small frame and starts to rock her body deliberately to the unheard rhythm inside her head. Her eyes rapidly closed and she let her mind vaguely travel to the space that contains her past unable-to-delete memories.

Unexpected tears coming down from the corner of her eyes when she thinks about what she has been through , the bad,the good and everything in between that had mold her into the person she is now, into this unmanaged yet wondereful life she have now,into the bottomless tunnel of responsibility. Not that shes complaining , but she could have done better by making different choices ; she told herself. The right thing to do for now is fixing and patching the infinite hole by making the right choices no matter how difficult it is and by making dat she haf to make sure not to put anyone around her in trouble.

She feels much more relieves when she writes this in 3rd person point of view, as if she isn't herself, as if she is writing about another person she created , a fictional character about herself. But who is she kidding, this is about her, all about her.

She would like to continue her writing but somewhere in her not-so-well-functioned brain decided to cut off the overflowing river of creativeness and not to mention the vocabulary pond that already starting to dry off.She doesnt haf anything to write about , at least for now because suddenly it occurred to her dat maybe, MAYBE she is sleepy, maybe her unmade bed is starting to look much more enticing than her bright white and heavily sticker-ed monitor , and maybe , just maybe the atmosphere around her is so blissfully relaxing with a cold breezily wind touches her dull skin and not to mention a dimp table lamp (dat she purposely put beside her collection of plushies so dat they wont get scared if shes not around for their companion) dat starting to look like a glowing disfigured pumpkin.And along with that, she decided to detaches her butt from this soft one-seated couch and finally throws herself at the bed. *to be cont*

p/s : aku bosan. mind the long-and-seems-like-neverending bullcrap. u can read it if u have 1/2 worthless minutes.if not , run and extricate yourself from this mind-torturing piece of shiet. nuff said.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My dream is real. Reality is my dream

Aku rase aku ade masalah mengdiffrenciatekan diantara reality dan fantasi.

Like super really duper.

Aku da sedar lame da bende nie. tapi cam abaikan sebab rase cam remeh. tapi skrang aku rase bende nie cam annoying la pulak.

cite die canie


semlm aku sebok dok buat slide utk esoknye presentation. bile da tgh kusyuk buat keje,mesti la leka kan. tgk2 je hari da cerah and jam pun da cam kul 9 camtu. so aku pun decided to rest and finish the remainding work bile aku da bangun. tgh aku dok layan layan layan nak tido tu TIBE TIBE ade bunyik yg maha annoying. rupe2 nye org kat atas tgh buat construction umah die. mmg kuat gile ah. i can almost visualize that there will be something tembusing my wall. aku da cam cuak ah. aku cam try jugak ah tido. tapi ngan bunyik annoying camtu camne nak tido.

pastu tetibe aku bangun kuar bilik and jalan2 sekeliling rumah. nak tengok kat tempat mane yg bunyik tu kurang bising. failed. sume pun cam bising cam sial.telinge aku pratically throbbing ikut bunyik hentakan org atas. ade jugak terdetik kat hati nak pegi naik atas and maki kimak2 yg kacau aku tido tu. tapi tetibe terkeluar plak scene2 cite hantu yg pernah aku tgk. camne kalau aku naik atas tetibe rumah tu kosong pastu cam skeri2. tak ke mula another chapter in my life filled with mystery? aku nie da la scaredy cat. so being a pengecut i am , aku batalkan je hasrat aku utk naik tingkat atas.

aku try jugak tido walaupun bunyik makin kuat and constantly keep on going. aku da tak tahan lagi da. aku kuar bilik. tgk syam (bf chaq) pun tgh garu2 kepale kusut sebab bunyik yg cam sial tu. pastu aku bengang aku pun kuar ah rumah tanpa memperdulikan boxer jarang aku tu. aku terus pegi kat guard and report yg ade org bising2 kat atas rumah. aku cakap ah aku baru nak tido and bingit ngan bunyik2 camtu. guard tu pun dgn segera menjalankan tugas die. die pun pegi naik atas. aku ikut die dari belakang. bagi semangat. pastu aku nampak 2,3 org construction worker. dalam hati aku cam fuhhhh nasib bukan hantu. kalau tak mmg aku demam malam nie. pastu guard tu cakap suruh buat keje slow. aku jadi batu api, aku cakap yg kat bilik aku ade budak kecik demam nak tido tapi tak bole sebab bunyik bising. those construction worker apologize. aku ngan guard puas hati. aku salam guard tu cakap selamat hari raya,tapi lupe tanye name ape.tape,aku pasang niat kat hati,nanti petang aku blanje die goreng pisang ngan 100 plus.

pastu aku balik umah nak sambung tido. ye lah,org penat kan,xhausted to the max. 2 ,3 menet lepas aku terlelap aku dikejutkan dgn bunyik yg same. kali nie lagi kuat,cam tade belas kasihan nye kuat.aku cam angin berbulu lebat ahhh,takkan aku nak g marah 2 kali kot. tak paham sial cine2 nie.pastu aku cam tetibe blur. aku contemplate dan re-eveluate keadaan sekeliling.aku rase cam ade bende tak kene, tapi cam kurang pasti.

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?

ape yg tak kene nie?


aku mimpiiiii jeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aku tak pernah kuar bilik

aku tak pernah jumpe syam garu2 rambut

aku tak pernah jumpe guard and janji die nak beli 100 plus and pisang goreng

aku tak pernah naik tingkat atas and marah org tu

but but but............

if this wasnt a dream , why did it felt so real?? ughhhhhhh i hate when that happened

this isnt the first time and m sure its not going to be the last one.

mase dulu2 aku rase cam aku rajin g class,tapi attandance aku slalu low precentage. kenape? SEBAB NIE LA!!! sebab aku rase aku da mandi2 and siap2 g kelas. siap argue ngna cikgu lagi pasal any given topics.tapi rupe2 nye sume tu dalam mimpi. fak ahhh fak ahhh

what is wrong with me? someone please extricate me from this awful misery.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Darah Gemuruh

Aku benci presentation!

benci gile babi!

kalau anak babi tu presentation da lame aku bakar baling jauh2 kat tengah laut yg byk jaws!



kenapa aku benci presentation? mainly sebab aku ade severe stage fright. Kalau suara aku sedap pun aku mmg tak bole masok malaysian idol ataupun reality tv show yg lain. Aku rase aku bole bercakap, tapi kalau kene judge mmg aku jadi gagap. *huyoooo unintended rhyme doh. bole jadi artist nie*

slalu bile aku berdiri depan lecturer je mesti jantung aku mengalami palpitations yg maha laju. peluh kuar laju2 cam baru lepas orgasm. time2 tu jugak aku rase nak terperiod ,berak , kencing dan sebagainya. kadang2 rase cm bulu kat ketiak tumbuh seinci demi seinci seiring dgn kelajuan jantung aku. perkataan yg aku hapal selalu nye kuar halfway je kat tekak. tangan aku da bole ganti pipe,sweaty tak hengat.kamis nie presentation, aku nak cakap apa?

tlg la tlg la tlg laaaaaaaa. aku rase kalau tetiap hari presentation aku bole mati sebab tekanan.

p/s : pppfftttttt. tipu je pisang. kat nak date. tapi tak online. goyang ah tu.ha ha ha.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nuthing New.

i wanted to update my blog.





















so here ill end my writing.

omg. losergilekodiena.


UPDATE : aku rase ari nie aku bz/pemes sebab ramai gile ajak kuar. tapi sadly i cant entertain all the request. girl has to prioritize. hahhahah bodo diena. org ajak ko kuar sebab kesian je tgk ko tercongok depan pc. cam loser beyond mind could reach. hahhahahahhaha. ok da. chow.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

the IFness of Raya

If raya was an official sport registered in the board of Olympic , i'd be the only ground breaking record holder for my ability to sustain the hectic and utterly xhausting day. or so i thought.

If small children below 4 years old was a cake that has been meticulously baked to cater the whole team of paralympic ,i would,unrestrainedly step,crush or any possible violent movement that could cause severe injury to the receiving party (i do explain unnescassary details way too much dont i?) on the cake without any tiny feelings of sympathy swirling inside me.

If duit raya was a stabil and normal heartbeat of a person who just had an intense orgasm involving a long,spikey,pointy and might have been old enuff to be an antique,i would be weak and in dire need of life support. My 3 years old niece even received an abundant pieces of angpau compared to me. Is this is fair, then i wont go to fun fair anymore.

If exuberantly served food on raya was a lot less like a carnivale fills with mutated freaks with promising talents, u would be one of the opening acts. Yes the one with the most freakiest physical defection. U are so freakiest that u are the laughing stock among ur freaky friend yaw,working ur freaky job in the freaky carnivale le le yaw yaw ugh haa. ughh demnit! Mind the digression, i have lost my flavoury words less than 40 minutes ago. I dont even know what to think anymore. The visibility between reality and fantasy has been cleverly covered up by invisibility cloak that was once being snatched from Harry Potter's possesion.

Seriously i should go and sleep now or else ill look like ur mother in the morning.

p/s : berak lately nie menyakit kan di celah2 bunge matahari sial. org cakap consume too much red meat nanti berak keras cam batu. but but..i like to eat red meat. red means love. i am a lovable person thus i eat meat. cos technically in my theory meat = love = meat. oohhh yeahh, me likey likey meaty meat meat. weh bodo tido esok nak g penang. bodo bangang makan taik punya org. fullstop