Saturday, February 1, 2014

Talent no more

It's always fun and amusing travelling back to old blog entries. Sometimes i cant believe that i was the one who wrote all those playfully structured sentences. I cant write that good nowadays. Probably because i hardly have time to creatively thing anymore.

Sometimes when i come across a good book which writing style i recognized similar to mine, i always get a lil bit of nostalgic tingles inside me. I used to write alot, and really well too aside from the much too many grammar mistakes.

I wish i can just sit down and let the word flow out of my fingers like it once did. 

Those were the days where i had fun the most. 

I wish i had just keep on writing from the day i decided that work are important. Now i think the talent blessed on me is gone because i took it for granted. 

I guess i have to start back from sratch then.

Diena Wong

Monday, August 8, 2011

Princess Green

Hi there ,
This post is long overdue and the enthusiasm to commit to it is far lesser now when the initial plan was intended but what the hell nobody really read my blog so whatever i post is considerably "latest" to me.

I went to Universal Studio Singapore with few friends on early (or was it end?) June (i cant really recall the date because as you know, my memory spans is only as good as the goldfish) to checkout the renowned theme park, now that it is physically nearer to us.

So details aside of the fun fun fun weee weeee part , for this post im gonna write about one of the merchandises i bought during the trip.

I bought these cute Princess Fiona t-shirt with this really adorable illustrations of her in the middle of the shirt. I wanted to buy more but my deflated purse doesnt seemed to come in agreement with my impulsive shopping behavior.

So this tshirt i bought is all cute and all but round neck cutting has never been my favorite , this is probably because i feel choked and suffocated wearing em. Its like someone is bondaging me or something.

Here is the Princess Fiona tshirt i bought at USS

U dont see this but the tshirt was internally crushing me.

So i grab my half-seasoned scissor and chop off the round neck area and tadaaaaaa~ i dont look like a nun no more.

And plus , the cut off piece can be modeled as a hair band that coincidentally look like a crown.

or a mask.

Other SHREK merchandises in my collection.

And of course , the confuse dilemma of angry birds , mistaking baby shrek for green pig. HAHAHAH even i find this amusing , and i am hard to please , mind you.

So yeah , boring post i know , even now , at this very moment this words are walking letters by letters,  i swear my brain is half functioning , therefore explain why am i half-asleep. Boring as hell , now , then and forever.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tutorial : GSC iPhone App using Maybank2u (Detail instructions on how to use it)

Hello hi,
If u are like me , pemalas ,movie-buff, cranky , tak suka buang masa ,like to go cinema but hate the long queue to buy the ticket, owned an iphone and have an unhealthy behavior of downloading apps after apps , then may i introduce you to the greatest iPhone app ever created (apart from Angry Birds and Cooking Mama and Tom Tom and Tweetlogix and etc) which is GSC iPhone App.

So today i want to demonstrate how easy it is to book a ticket via this app.

Upon opening the application , u will be greeted by a splash page of animated GSC Logo.


There are 5 tabs that serve different purpose at the below part of the interface. This is tab no1 , which is the "Promotions" tab which showcasing few posters for new movies showing at GSC.

This is the "Cinema" tab which show a complete list of GSC branches all around Malaysia together with the details of the premises.

You can check your history of booking at the "History" Tab.

HOW TO BOOK (details instructions)

The "FasTicket" tab is where the booking will happen. Here are three rows of important inputs.

First row is where you choose the venue of cinema , in this case ive chosen GSC Summit USJ.Click close.

2nd row is the date , you can book the ticket on the day itself or advanced booking on other day.Click close.

The third row is where you chose ur desired movie title , as for this, im choosing X-Men : First Class. Click close.

So this is what ive chosen earlier. Please double check ur choice to avoid any frustrations.
Click next.

Next step is to chose the desired time for your movie.

This is the part where you have to insert your details and preferred payment method. Let me remind you that PayPal cant be used for jailbroken device.

Here you have to select how many tickets that u gonna purchased.

Ive chosen 2 seats.

This will bring you to the seat selection page

Select your desired viewing area , those in red are not available , green are available while the yellow color is for the seat that u selected.

This is the detail of my booking selections. Click "Pay with m2u mobile" button. This is the last time before u pay for ur booking so make sure all selection is correct before proceeding to the next step.

Insert Maybank2u username

Request for TAC number to proceed with payment.

After payment has been made , click logout.

This is your confirmation ID. For summit USJ , you have to collect the tickets manually ,which means , queuing up but if

Your confirmation ID is QR Code , this means that you dont have to que to collect the ticket because u can directly walk at the movie entrance and the staff will scan the QR Code. Ticketless , neat huh? This i like.

Collected ticket at the counter.

Im a happy girl when i dont have be u in a log queue

Well , even though the application itself is self-explanatory and this tutorial is kinda easy , but i hope it helps clear any confusion that u might have relating to the apps.

Good night now :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Horrifying Investigation of My Mom's Refrigerator

Every refrigerator in a household contain their own secret to keep but mine is about to be dramatically expose!

What seemed like an innocent appliance might be a receptacle to an unknown mystery waited to be solved.

This is an exclusive ransacking episode of my mom's refrigerator. Last time i heard , this place is sooo cold that it has become a suicide space for dead bodies.

First i started to investigate the exterior of this object. Seems legit and nothing conspicuously suspicious seen at the scene. Almost got smitten with that yellow bird but quickly shed that excitement away for it might be a luring object. Gotta be aware and alert.

I slowly , with all my courage pulled the right door which revealed stacks of compartments in various sizes. It look messy , unsystematic. There was no significant smell that could lead on to a discovery of dead bodies , yet.

Moving on, i inspected the very top compartment of the refrigerator which has been a nest to

A half open Hershey kiss chocolate , which i forgot to check if there are any left. A square cheese , almost approaching its expiry date i think , a carelessly re-wrap butter and unknown object no 01.

Moving on to the next compartment , you can see couple of various sizes bottles , containing several food enhancing in different color. One which i naturally recognized is ketchup , and oh yeah , the yellow cap bottle is honey , definitely not pure and just beside is oyster sauce i think. And i would not talk about the big elephant in the room , ahhhhh yes , the bizarre mispositioned bread piece out of no where.yeah , i perplexed myself too!

Still a bundle of bottles , another honey (which i dont know why mummy needed that much honey. arent i sweet enough?) , choco sauce , mayonnaise and apa dia tu? air badak kot. still , nothing that could triggered any suspicion yet.

AHAAAAA! what is that? another piece of bread lay in between bottles? weird , just weird. could this be a clue to our case? we'll see. oh yeah , another mayonnaise. hmmm apparently , mummy likes to buy stuff in pair. this is an act of wastage. BLASPHEMY!!

Spot the odd.

GASP! chunks of meat! could this be pieces of human flesh covered in deliciously cooked masak kurma? hmmm , my mind ponder while i slowly regressed from the potential evidence.

ANOTHER BREAD PIECE? i see conspiracy written all over this.

It looks like blood , probably taste like blood. IT COULD BE BLOOD disguised in a smoothly blended chilly paste! u can never be too sure.

Well , it was still too early to conclude because i have yet to scrutinized the other part of the refrigerator. I embraced myself , preparing to retaliate if needed so.

Door opened. Everything look as if they belonged there. They are feigning , i could sensed that.

Frozen food , probably those couple of balls and nuggets are spies from the Frozen Ville. A place where hard , solid , possibly littered with crumbs and cold hearted species reign to seek revenge from human.Their mission , i presumed , always come to no avail because they always end up being excreted down the drain. Human superiority once again!

Ice. Lotsa of ice. U know what they say about too much ice dont u?

Subtle message for a particular organ of the body. Gettit? Nut surprise? I supposed the victim only had one left considering the singular indication.

COULD this be it? Does that look like a chopped up finger and a decapitated head to you? At this point , i would believe anything even if that was just a food stock my mom just bought from pasar malam yesterday. BUT! u can never be to precautions when it comes to neatly packed meat.

I faltered when i saw this part of the freezer. I could hardly assimilate what was served before my eyes. My intuition strongly suggest that what holds inside the containers were different degree of shredded human meat.

Well, at the end of the examination , I failed to gather any solid evidence that might impose that there are dead body parts in my refrigerator. Dead body parts that sometime taste like chicken or fish.

Hmm , maybe it were poultry and seafood after all.

With this , i shall end my absurd investigation.

I bid you , good night :)