Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The So-Called Morning Class and Drive-Thru Tragedy

She stared at her reflection before her eyes. Her mirror was kinda stained and blurish because of the abandonment weekly cleaning up she often forget. Her lightly eyelinered eyes scanned her choice of wardrobe she choose after her 10 minutes morning bath. She decided to wear her pale brown corduroy-like pants and plain black t-shirt. As simple as that, she doesnt need to wear all flashy considering her destination was only MMU.

After a momentarily astonishment of herself, she went to the computer area and sat on her hand-down black chair that her papa gave her few months back. Lazily, she turned her eyes to the bottom right of her screen where the integer that always indicates the current time. 0735. Still early to go out. Her class, as she remembered stated on her schedule was at 0900. So she just lazed there and alternately tabbing between Facebook , other ppl's blog and few websites about dim sum and not to mention about the morning web cam session with someone over the sea. over the seas. over few thousands of dry and wet sands.

The time now is 0810. She hastily put her phone and her red marlboro box inside her locker-like bag, grabbed the bag and hurried to the front door.She then safely locked the rusty door gate ,walked towards the elevator and pressed the down indicator button. TING TONG, the sound of the elevator rang. *sebenarnye tade pun bunyik ting tong. die cam senyap je bile lif da sampai. loser gile lif umah aku nie. bisu.*. The door opened wide and divided into two which slided left and right ,revealing a man inside its body. A full office attire man complete with black briefcase.He seemed like an assiduous worker. A determined kiss asses one that is.

She gandered at this particular man and wondered - is this how m gonna look like less than a year from now? The man caught her eyes, their eyes met in this peculiar kind of way. He threw her a soft forlorn glance. She then realized that this guy has zero attraction on his physical features.Suddenly the elevator cage hit the ground floor and finally broke the none-frisson moment between her and the nonchalant industrial robot guy.She stepped out from the elevator and advancing herself to the designated car park area.

From far she could see her small blue colored kelisa. This car was definitely not a new purchased one coz there were few visible unpolished scratches lines all over the body.Her papa had bought her this particular car 5 years back when she first got her driving license.She got in her almost ruin car and started the ignition , turned on the a/c and lastly the radio. The time now was about 8.30. After about 20 minutes drive, she arrived at Mekdi Sri Kembangan. She turned off the engine and the air conditioner followed lastly by the radio and lastly she pull off her car key from the ignition. Opened wide her door and get out from the car.

She walked slowly to the eating ground outside the Mekdi,find herself a chair and sit,cross legged. She waited expectantly for anep to come in his silver kelisa.10 minutes has passed and still Anep was no where to be seen.She was getting kinda exasperated by his lack of punctuality.She rummaged inside her bag for her partially functioned and almost decayed phone. She flipped her phone and dialed Anep's phone number.

dw : anepp mane ko nie? aku da tunggu lame da nie tau tak.
anep : diena, class pukul 11 kan ari nie. Ko lupe ke? ari tu ko yg beria2 dok yey yey bile lecturer cakap camtu.
nie sape nak jawab nie aku datang awal? ughhhhhhhhhhh!!! FUK FUK FUK!!! *and several variation of mild vulgar words*
anep : hahaha..good nite diena. aku nak tido.
dw : i hope u rot in hell bitch*cakap dalam hati*

p/s : aku rase sem nie mesti aku dapat dean list dan kepujian sebab datang class awal.

After the very upsetting moment of truth, she called few of her friends who reside around the area but to her disappointment, all her friends were either sleeping , didnt pickup the phone or got morning class.She was on the way to cyber and suddenly she remembered her brother bitch from another mother, Adi Nazreen.She quickly called him.He was awake *YAY!*(or forced to be awake ) and doesnt have any class. "Ok adi, aku datang umah ko nie tau" She said before cutting her brief conversation with Adi. She steered her car back to Sri Kembangan and straight to Mekdi because her stomach was already complaining sullenly.She directly went to the drive-thru space and stop at the first counter.

Kakak Mekdi yg sore annoying : Adik..sile order kat peti suara depan tu eh.
Dw : ...

DEMNIT! buat malu aku jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! bile mase mekdi ade peti suara la sialll???????!!!!! nampak sangat aku nie cam org kampung yg baru lari rumah datang kl pastu nak berlagak bandar! fak gile!


nampak jugak cam aku nie healthy org nye. tak makan fast food. oppose against the industrial wastage of fast food and the greater good. hahahhaah!

p/s : I'd like to congratulate u for suffering ur mind and eyes reading this very entry. seriously. No brain cells were harm during the composition of this true story. except for few naturally fallen hairs.


rage said...

=)) *adeh* lost of words.. =))

aRe You? said...

ni ke ceerpen ko ckp smalam??

abg said...

otak tu jauh sangat kat oversea sana.....tu yg jadi camtu

your bitch brother from another mother said...

ko patut buat post "the stupidest thing ive ever done between 6am til 10am". pintu rmh aku sentiasa terbuka utk rakan2 yg bermimpi nk dpt deans list mcm ko.
and yes, i was forced to be awake. not to forget my wet dream with mia kirshner, you ruined it. send my regards to your brown corduroy pants becos it saves ur ass that morning bitch! hehe. slurrpy