Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Penat Day and couple of shots of us jizzing in our pants.

Good morning ppl, yes a good morning to all of u, eventho its pitchy dark outside , i'd still like to greet u a very very good morning , and there is a reason behind this unusual greetings of a time like this because i just woke up from sleep. Yes it is proven that i am a nocturnal species because my arrangement of dna has been reengineered that particular day i was biten by a vampire. Haha. eyukh~

The reality : Ive had such a exhausting day which explain the extreme sleeping hours. Once again , ive succedingly screwed my sleeping hours. Which i did not plan to but bound to happened nowadays.

Anyways , after waking up at 7.30 , i went to MMU only to find that there is no class. But we had a discussion over some final details of our installation. As usual , i did not participated in the meeting, instead i was playing and goofing around and i dragged a couple of ppl with me. The meeting was almost a failure with me being high on sugar (
Note to self : no more sugar in the morning) We took a couple of experimental photos to be put on our description tag. A mug shot of our creative criminal mind. After the meeting , we went lunch at Sakae Sushi and after eating we went to an unplanned shopping session which i spent more than enough to make me suffer financially by the end of the week.

Enjoy the pictures. And remember , drinking milk doesnt make ur bone stronger , that is just a mass media propaganda and a well-planned marketing strategy to drained out all the cow's in the world. Pity the cow.

me and nadia preparing for sexy time together.

meet boy and alep. they are two lonely boys and were matched together by a dating site.

they clicked instantly after knowing each other sizes. such a cute gay couple.

preparing for mugshot. as u can see , only two of us were holding those supposedly name plate , while the other is a natural born retard.

Name : Diena Wong
Crime : being short in the tall people convention.

jgn tengok perut. focus on the hand.

yes! nampak tinggi sikit. camera angle FTW!

bookworm bitches. haha

ye ye. ensem wan ensem. tapi alep lagi ensem. hahaha

sometimes i caught myself thinking about doing it with myself.

the first couple. chaihhh

rokok lemau. lembik. bengkok. kene call abg Superman camni. HAHHAHA

Rangers Mask at Daiso for on 5/-. It doesnt make u smarter but sure make u look cooler.

Me and yunyi after doing it.

On totally unrelated agenda,




rmz said...

lol fengurl.

lol perut

MyKy said...

bookworm bitches... i liek....
lemme know if u starring in one of those