Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Living Dead

Let assume that there will be a day when day light isnt appreciated by anyone ,
where blood is a mandatory supplement for our system to function ,
where the paler ur skin is the more lively u will look ,
where having the sharpest fangs makes u the chief of ur group ,
where your butt look perfectly tone in leather suit ,
where being evil is actually a good deed ,
where the dead walk among the living ,
where vampire rule the world ,

eh, i want to describe zombie but endup describing vampire. wtf?

dang shit. tak jadi ah post nie.

anyways , my point is , when that day is finally arrived , i mean the day when every living soul is turning into a zombie , i'd welcome the day with open arms because i've been trained to sustain my self from sleeping. this is annoying mind u.

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