Monday, May 31, 2010

Sakit Kepala yang maha gila.

Ive been having this series of reoccurring nasty headache for these past recent months. It kind of feels like some kingdom is waging war with another inside my head. As if my head is the wall of some castle and all these so called warriors are pounding my poor head with this big gigantic larger than life timber against it.

Or it could be a big long hard phallus belong to some sort of caveman and my head is his pleasure hole. Because i tell you , there is no civil man that could hit this mad in this modern era. RAVAGELY MAD i tell you. That is how nasty my headache feels like.

Sometimes it kind of feels like submitting yourself to an army of sex-hunger commando where their closest thing to sexual appeal is a dear butt , and let me tell you , its not even a male of a gender. THAT IS HOW TERRIBLY HURT MY HEAD IS!

Sometimes , when i am in the middle of battling with pain , i kind of imagine that i could extract my soul apart from me body because that way , i would be able to extricate myself from dealing with the agony , the suffering the process of healing.

I think my system would probably having a snow frenzy inside there because of all the Paracetomol that ive been consuming in order to lessen the pain. Do you think its bad chucking down those pill in frequent manner? But the adverts says its ok. I always trust whatever the internet or media deliver.

But i think the medicine makes my butt look big. And some parts of my body too and for some weird reason i kindda like it.

Sometimes when it hurts so bad , i have this tendency to shave my hair off because that way i could put my head in the washer machine without worrying about the tangle-madness it would cause to my hair.

My head is baffle , and not in a corny way.

This is how bad my headache it. And i hate it.



Monday, May 17, 2010

Untitled Rnaintg

I dont have the fucking zen to continue on writing. Maybe my life is so undeniably mundane right now that putting it in words would be a abomination to the progressive of human mind.

Maybe i'd just fuck and leave everything up ; study and friends mostly , and obligations , and commitments , and anticipation , and expectation , and what not . I'd go and travel , meet people from all walks of life , adapt in their style of living and when m bored its time for another culture to be explored. I'd love to venture into this exploration , just to plunge into a different perspectives of life perhaps. Not too long , a year or two would be suffice for this transient foreign crusade. I just want to get out from this tiny suffocating comfort zone of mine.

Above all , i'd want my baby lover boy to be there , holding my hand in this journey.

Sigh , how i wish life was that easy. Im having a quarter life crisis over here. Maybe a too long period of studying turn me into this. Im gonna finish my Master soon and after that NO MORE STUDY for this young lady!

or perhaps , m gonna work and gather all the necessary data for my PhD research. Just one level down , why would i wanna waste that chance of not getting my doctorate now would i?

Gila , Dr Dayana Wong. Awesome sangat tu!

Ok , eat time now , my stomach is going to commence into a battle warfare now if its not being fed anytime soon. Be good dear darlingest!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Please read , yes you. You with clever words who bombarded my chatbox the other day.

To whom it may concern,

with all due respect (although i think that u dont really deserved one) , before u start becoming all activist or some sort on me please read this or else you and your spirit of chivalry can go where people actually care , because i can guarantee you that i dont care a tad hell about what u think and say.

1. My name is truly and really Diena Wong. Friends , family , acquaintances , peer , colleague , lecturers , cousins , the auntys , uncles , everyone knows me by my calling name which is "DIENA".

2. I know that DIENA in your language means "DAILY" , which used in one of the newspaper in your country. I know that even before u ignorantly pointed it out , years back when i tried to google my own name. So the question now is , why the hell i wanted to choose out DIENA (which means daily) and used it as my calling name?

3.All the material written in this blog is based on my personal experience and mine alone. I do not write to offend people , let alone insult another culture , country or person. Dont u think maybe its you who go overboard and assume the worst. I suggest u better do your background research properly before bombarding others.

4. Sorry to say this but from the way i see it, i think that u are lack of rational thinking when looking at the way u abused my chatbox with vulgar and filthy words. I deleted those and didnt take a screen captures because if i do i could take this issue to a different level given what u've wrote.

5. Chinese , slanted , fucking whore - those are the words that u've wrote. Do u know that u just offended almost half of the world population , that is only people in China alone not including Japan , Taiwan , Vietnam , Korea to name a few. Do u think it is wise to insult this significance amount of population?

6. So yeah , Diena is my name and i've been known for it for almost 24 years now and your "newspaper" only existed in 1990. To strip this name from me is like asking a gay man to be straight or asking a prostitute to give a free sex marathon.

7. Grow up . World doesnt revolves around you and there are civilization other than yours. Please respect other people words and dont simply accuse people on doing something u arent sure of.

8.Last and very least , although i dont owe you an apology , but out of courtesy m just gonna say I'm sorry if u feel offended or insulted or whatever. I believe that for my name to have the same word in ur language is just a simple case of coincidental . Its all just a misunderstanding after all.

p/s : i dont even earn money writing all this , for u to assume such shows the lack of cleverness in u.i write this blog for fun and plus i dont do all those trafficking blogger thingy if u assume i do. im so sorry for u. be good now yeah? dont hurt urself in the process. toddles now.

Yours ,
Diena Wong.
From Malaysia. (Im not even from China)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The story of BOOBS

While i was growing up , as a little girl , i had this confine thoughts that all grown ups would end up having a big boobies. Of course I had some physical difficulties in the upper body region during my adolescent years because you see , my hormone didnt exactly act up like it does to other girl's body.

As far as i can remember , although vaguely , i first had my menstrual at the age of 15 , kindda late i used to think.So as far as biological process concern ,my body arent the type which would overblown according to what nature intended. While all of my friends chest were slowly inflating,me on the other hand still hadn't had much in store. Mosquito bite would have a better chances of winning the swollen process compared to my chest.

Being a soul seeking bla bla teenage girl , i used to think that i would never attract boys without any tits because you dont have to win a Noble Prize to know about teenage boys rampage hormone at those age. Lucky thing , the combination of good genes in my body structured up an okay features on my face which i used extensively to compensate the lack of meat in my undergarment.

I used to consoled my self , saying that it is just a matter of time before it blown into its full form. Maybe im a late bloomers, i optimistically reminded my self to alleviate the self of confidence inside me. And there i was , 17 , pimpled-face with little boobs. The face i was so proud of exploiting has come to an end (at that time) .The peer pressure was unbelievably suicidal at that time. Believe me , i was thisssssss close to stuffing in tissue inside my brassier but fortunately i came to my senses and wouldnt sink myself that low.

But aside from all those hormone-related symptoms , boys still come chasing over me , weird enough eyh? So anyways , long story short , the very first time i revealed these two twins to a boy , i felt like burying my head down the earth because god knows how embarrassed i was that time . I can literally felt crimson colored shade leaked aggressively all over my face , albeit being in a dark room , as if my face was a red traffic light beaming furiously on a dark starless night.

As life progress , my perception towards men changed. I got to know that no matter what sizes your chest are , just the fact that you are girl , you are most likely to get laid better than guys. Having a small breast doesnt mean that u are less attractive , and having a big bouncy breast doesn't mean that u are more favorable.

After all , all these fun sized boobs will someday be lactated with breast milk once you get pregnant , so no worries out there because sooner or later your breast will get inflated.Next time you see other women boobs that are bigger than yours , just imagine what would it look like 20 years ahead . At least small breasted would still look good because gravity couldnt pull out much from you.