Monday, August 8, 2011

Princess Green

Hi there ,
This post is long overdue and the enthusiasm to commit to it is far lesser now when the initial plan was intended but what the hell nobody really read my blog so whatever i post is considerably "latest" to me.

I went to Universal Studio Singapore with few friends on early (or was it end?) June (i cant really recall the date because as you know, my memory spans is only as good as the goldfish) to checkout the renowned theme park, now that it is physically nearer to us.

So details aside of the fun fun fun weee weeee part , for this post im gonna write about one of the merchandises i bought during the trip.

I bought these cute Princess Fiona t-shirt with this really adorable illustrations of her in the middle of the shirt. I wanted to buy more but my deflated purse doesnt seemed to come in agreement with my impulsive shopping behavior.

So this tshirt i bought is all cute and all but round neck cutting has never been my favorite , this is probably because i feel choked and suffocated wearing em. Its like someone is bondaging me or something.

Here is the Princess Fiona tshirt i bought at USS

U dont see this but the tshirt was internally crushing me.

So i grab my half-seasoned scissor and chop off the round neck area and tadaaaaaa~ i dont look like a nun no more.

And plus , the cut off piece can be modeled as a hair band that coincidentally look like a crown.

or a mask.

Other SHREK merchandises in my collection.

And of course , the confuse dilemma of angry birds , mistaking baby shrek for green pig. HAHAHAH even i find this amusing , and i am hard to please , mind you.

So yeah , boring post i know , even now , at this very moment this words are walking letters by letters,  i swear my brain is half functioning , therefore explain why am i half-asleep. Boring as hell , now , then and forever.