Monday, March 30, 2009

The Bad Sight That Shouldnt Be Seen by a Boy

The room was filled with artificial cool air coming out from the mini a/c in his blue-colored wall room. There was little to no warmth wrapping my body that very time. I positioned my self comfortably beside him on the sheetless single bed. He was engaging himself playing the newly downloaded game on his handheld console. It was a fighting game , one which I could never commit myself to play. I saw a small frown on his face , increasing his level of focusing on the game rather than me beside him.

My eyes has lost interest in looking at those highly rendered 3D animation brawling game. Suddenly my eyes felt heavy , I was indeed tired and the exhaustion i should felt hours ago started to rushed rapidly into my conciousness. 2 seconds after i felt asleep. Ive disconnected myself from the outside world , from the reality of life , from the essence of living awake. The distinctive sound from the game sound more and more far away to be rendered by my ears. "Syg kejut i pukul 2.30 , i nak balik buat keje nie" I said before i finally dozed off. He just shook his head without saying a word.

I woke up after what seemed to be like a transient moment. I searched the room for his white cube mini digital clock. The integers on the clock indicated that it was already 3.30. Oh shit! I have to go back! I've tons of works need to be done!. I panicked! stream of sweat started trickling down my head. I turned aside back to him , he seemed to ignored me.Both of his hand still holding tightly on the black handheld game , for once there I thought he has turned into a zombie. The determination on succeeding in beating the boss level shown palpably on his face. "Syg! kenapa u tak kejut i tido??" I said mamaily.

He hit the paused button on the device , deliberately turned to me and said,
"Tadi i nak kejut , pastu tgk u tido sampai air liur terkeluar2, banyak plak tu. Pastu u tersedar kejap , pastu u nak kaver u lap balik.Comel gile! I kesian tgk u penat , sebab tu la i tak kejut". He smiled and continue his quest on the artificial world after leaving me speechless and stunned in moment of akwardness. I thought he was just messing around with me until i saw what seemed to be a wet mark on my shirt sleeve. Luckily there was no foul odour.

Dalam hati aku mampu berkata

"OH SHIT! Aku tido sampai kuaq air liuq siut!! COOL GILA!! tapi malu sial! comel mendenye! buruk gila prangai. pompuan kampung pun pandai tidoq kaver2. mesti stock mulut ternganga pastu air jatuh dripping2. shit! buat malu anak metropolitan!"

p/s : Never have i thought that a boy would eventually witness the glorified significant moment of embarrassment of me salivating in my sleep. If i was a prattling preppy school girl , i'd be unwillingly prancing myself on the pavement of eternal damnation. But of course , being a superior Diena Wong i am , i just treat this sticky moment as another episode of my life.Little did he knows that i was this close to self-destruction. Kite kene berlagak cool , the more we showcase our true nature to others , the more primitive we appear to be.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Birthday Dinner (Updated With Videos)

I just came back from Secret Recipe Bukit Jelutong for Mummy's pre-birthday dinner. Here are the pictarsssss~

this is what kissing will look like centuries from now because by then scientists had discovered that friction created by rubbing two noses together would help in delaying the inevitable green house effects (unlike some sort of earth hour stupid campaign)

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Birthday Wish for Dearest Mummy


happy birthday mummy!

hope this year would treat better than previous years. wish u all the bestest best best in the whole wide wide universe. U will always be 32 to me no matter how many wrinkles u have. and remember that cooking cannot be count as exercise no matter how much u move ur muscles.

i love u
i love u
i love u
i love u

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Facelift and a few updates.

New layout. not mine. copy wit consent here.

why red? because m getting my menstrual cycle anytime soon. and because red is the only color that represent two different words that are totally contradict to each other which are LOVE AND HATE.

red also indicate the color of Durex "LOVE" which by far i think is the most cutest box in history of latex product.

Anyways little update :

1. My mom birthday is this friday and all of us gonna celebrate it on saturday which is also this so called "Earth Hour" day

2. Which bring me to my second point , although the campaign appeared to be seemingly convincing but in reality it doesnt serve any purpose to the cause of delaying green house effects. stupid advertising ppl. do u know that it takes 2 times the energy to switch on the electricity? so tell me where is the logic behind this campaign if all of us gonna switch on the lights one hour later at the same time? thats millions of light bulbs! This whole event is nuthing but just a mere publicity propaganda created by those who cant face the reality of recession thus initiated and execute this event to gain more money from our senseless society.

3. My plan for today : continue sketching , eat (i have to seriously remind myself about the existence of food) , drag hafiq along to watch "Confession of a Shopaholic" , tbc.

4. Start digitalizing my sketches. Adobe Illustrator is a good lover ,take me up down side to side ,any position i desired. blergh~


singing and signing off. ciao.

p/s : grow up. dont harbour any feelings towards the history you created. learn to accept things that arent urs anymore.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The WishMaster

I wish for fairer skin so that i would look clean even without a daily wash up.

I wish for less body hair because removing each hair from its follicle hurts like hell.

I wish for smooth shiny skin. So shiny it could illuminates a dark room.

I wish for full pouty pinkish commercial lips so that my picture would look more lively.

I wish for a pinky peach health so that i could work more and earn more.

Then again , who doesnt have mountains of nearly-possible wishes locked inside themselves?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Bla Bla


dont make me detach the "CHELSEA SUPPORTER ON BOARD" sticker behind the back of my car.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Two Black Sheeps

Us , my sister and i just discovered a mind-boogling,jaw-dropping,eyes-popping shocking news which would come crashing to u as hard as it came to us. Prepare to unravel the truth.


yes u read that right , we just discovered that both of us sister were being legally taken by both of our parents long long time ago.

scrol down

keep scrolling down nikka~

yo nikka..not there yet..keep on going low


no shizzle joke my shizzly homies~ peace and out yo~

News Flash : The story about our abrupt skin changing might had been altered to cater to some entertainment purposes. Thanks to the miracle technologies geniuses had developed , society can now ceremoniously enjoy the goodness of black mask made from some kind of mud , which could also probably contained some of beaver's poop that was not mentioned on the label behind the back of the product.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Merging Of Two Love Birds

For centuries pictures, photo or visual has been widely known as one of the substitute to compressed and sum up thousand of words in just one rectangular shape . So believing in those ideology , i'd just post pictures from last weekend trip to Malacca for my cousin engagement instead.

Anyways , the trip was fun despite the humid climate i had to endure. I for once support the cause of delaying greenhouse effects.

p/s : all the pictures are not consecutively in orders. deal with it.

the apple of my eyes Nur Erisya Dania.

My sister , cousin and the lord of happyland.

the greatest aunt and the superiorest mom in the whole wide wide parallel universe.

the soon-to-be pengantin.

the ultimate sibs.

the progenitor of our beautiful genes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Singing Birds (9 Crimes - Damien Rice [Cover])

we were bored and there was a camera fully charged standing there waiting to be deploy to its sole purpose of existence. Anyways this is our suckier version of 9 Crimes from THE Damien Rice

CAUTION : Severe hearing damages may occurred. Dont come back to me and say that i didnt warned u earlier.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Schnoo Schnoo time


schnoo schnoo time is the best most divinest moment ever in the whole wide wide universe!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Nothing But Happy Thoughts

I know u want to die ,
I know world isnt fair , life isnt fair
Everything seem too good to be true , too superficial to be achieved
I know you want to be seen , to be known , to be at least remembered,

I know u are jealous , u let anguish overpowering ur heart until it turn up to be an ugly hairy monster u urself cannot control,
I know u want everyone to die , to deceased, to vanished, to get suck into the vortex until not even a single cells survive,

I know u didnt planned to conceived that little spawn of urs ,
I know u arent ready to have an accidental baby,
I know u are sad and beyond devastated when he walked away , run to be exact

Come sit on my chair ,
take my place as u please
Adapt urself with my lifestyle
Take my life and make it ur own
Look if u can handle this other life than yours,

Gray area , so vague , so transparent yet so lucidly presented,
You dont have to hold dirty grudges,
Just smile and smear those hope dust all over ur eyelid,
Hoping that everything will work out eventually,
Wishing that one sweet day will arrive,
Knowing that everything is already been fatefully written upon you.

p/s : nuthing to do with anyone. m just taking a break from menganimasikan my application. so bored. damien rice inspires me to my very last bone.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Short Note

Dear little readers , including u who always thought that fairy dust resembles a little less like eye flooder,

Pardon me for my absence in writing recently , ive been very very extremely occupied with my final year project. There are shitload tons of work need to be done and being me m struggling myself opposing to my nature of procrastination which i dare to say is quite nearly impossible to achieved.

I am craving for a cake with an ice cream. I dont care about fatigue or weight gaining . Life is too short to be wasted on healthy food and none of the supposedly anti-aging food taste delightful to my taste bud anyways.

Good day everyone. Im signing off now.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Two Kids with a Hair

Class was boring today because we have to wait for turn to present and the room was frigging frozen beyond ice age. My classmates, nabilah and ron were bored and they decided to turn my hair into their playground. behold!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Other Living Specimen

I was lurking under the nose of uncle google searching for any illustration reference that might be relevant for my final year project. I typed "alien food" just to get the idea of how it might look like so that i could branches out my ideas from there. So i clicked at one of the link that apparently appeared to be seemingly convincing.

But nor did i not convinced but i also thought that, this is the most ridiculous research ever.Like EVER!

And i shit u not,that man sounds so convincing that i think he actually believed in the made up stories he made for himself and for the rest of the believer. Gotta give him the credit for scrutinizing the details tho. I think he is the non-human himself. Maybe this is some sort of crappy-planned propaganda rising from the new world leader to messed up with our head.

I rest my case.

p/s : i believe there is a parallel universe and somewhere out there ,maybe just maybe there is someone like me,only a little talented and got pointy nose , but shes gotta be a boy. Then again my thoughts doesnt counts because im not only a firm believer in crap but also managed to dissuaded myself in discussing any serious matter about our current affair. mostly about our mentally corrupted and cash-motivated society (mostly the upper class corporate zombie) nowadays.