Thursday, September 30, 2010

Unfathomable Curse

Its like a curse u know. Like a venomous poison slithering down a path of innocent weeds , demolishing their 48 hours of nourishment. What is this oppressive curse one might ponder. Well here i tell ya.

Everytime i wanna write something inspiring , i become uninspired.

like just now , how i wanna write about my view towards why/how young teenagers proudly and publicly buying a condom over the counter store. I already had few good pointers and even few humorous cynical remarks on this matter but as i said , it is like a curse.

Everytime my eyes fixed on this small immaculate white writing area , i got demotivated , uninspired , out of words , mental blockage and any other disease related to this matter.

issit fatigue ? lethargic? maybe my brain doesnt have enough air supply? am i gonna turn into zombie soon? yes i admit that i sleep less , maybe lesser than the amount of the less hour i usually get but that doesnt mean imma craving for brain soup anytime soon right?

if i am a zombie , im wanna be a nerd zombie. i might be a a flesh eating creature , but that doesnt mean i have to do it without a proper research.thats the blood ive been trained on doing , research research research.

fuck , this this! the digression what makes my brain really function. and it all craps accumulated into this pile of big big mountain of nonsense-ness.

i dont know how im gonna become a great academician if this continues.

good night everybody.

this is the last night that i got to enjoy my sleep because starting tomorrow onwards , hell of stacking up workload awaits with no time to spare.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

50 videos before my sister goes to Egypt

Hello hi,
My name is Diena Wong and i have a baby sister name Miya Wong. She is going to Egypt to pursue her tertiary study in the field of Medic at Mansoura University for 6 years. That's like forever for me :( .

We never been apart for this long period of time so we decided to do something that both of us could playback without the help of memorizing the moment.

Our target is to reach 50 videos by the end of 14 days. We dont know whether we would be able to achieve this but we gonna try our best!

This is us , adding string of memories before we parted for the very first time.

SEE OUR FACEBOOK PAGE here to see all the videos!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The day i got kidnapped for a Random Getaway

Pada satu hari , tak la lame sangat , lebeh kurang cam semlm , aku kene kidnap ngan dua org manusia ni,

Sorang nama Kasuma

Sorang lagi nama Chaq (bukan nama sebenar)

Kami jalan2 di tempat yang gelap , aku takot tapi buat ilek2 je.

Tapi tiba2 ada civilization di celah2 kegelapan dgn rumah yang agak cantik2

Lepas melawat kawasan yang macam ala2 bunian itu , kami proceed dgn journey kami. We were surrounded by total blackness without any light resource other than our headlights car and dashboard.

Tengak signboard hovering tanpa tiang. I couldnt imagine how many jerking off has been aimed towards this signboard.

Lepas god knows how many minutes we traveled , akhirnya sampai la dekat destinasi kami , iaitu Pork Dickson.

Muka bangga pasaipa ntah aku tak tau.

Tujuan utama kami adalah utk tengok sun rise tapi sebab kami semua mmg geographically impaired so our hope utk tgk sun rise agak kecundang. We just have to make do with watching the sun rose up from the other side of the world.

Ketenangan la jugak.

Marshmallow uuuuuuuuu~ i wanna i wanna!

Ini la budak paling comot skali dalam dunia.

Sand-abuse : Sebab tangan gatal couldnt keep it to myself.

Deorang tgh main tic-tac-toe katenyeee~

This is supposedly to be a sand tits but somehow tak jadi because my hand arents as dexterous as i thought it was.

Stended ah kan , mesti ada self-shot photo.

While we were lepaking chilling2 tetiba ada noise pollution betul2 dekat depan kiteorg. NOISE POLLUTION WEH!

Bajet nak capai langit , tapi tak sampai.

Lepas tu kami decided nak pegi Nilai 3 for some window shopping.
p/s : aku nak tampar muke pompuan tu bole tak? muke mintak sial minah ni.

Kasuma and chaq tgh dok pilih2 baju tapi endup tak beli apa pun.

Lepas da penat and half-awake , kami pun balik.

Itu la cerita Random Getaway kami ke Port Dickson. Unplanned trip FTW!

Yours ,