Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sombre little mood.

Someone , out of this world , is a fucking psycho to an extent of replicating my life into his/her own. I dont know what about me that intrigued the hell out of him/her. Get your own life or u might as well be sorry that u even have a face in the first place.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Chocolate Madness

Call me kiddies , call me little girl , call me anything related to immature but when it comes to choosing chocolate biscuit , i know quality better than other.

And i tell you , i am one hellava fussy food chooser , especially when it comes to chocolate. My tongue get swell whenever chocolate that tasted like shit comes into contact. Anyways , there is one chocolate biscuit that always has a special place in my collection.

Behold , here i present before you , HELLO PANDA!

The only choco bisc i never get bored of and to prove my hypothesis , all of my fellow MA batch agreed without any hesitation. I have injected the Hello Panda Revelation into their grown up life. Booyahhh~

Anyways , on other non-choco related story.

I've found another snacks that succeeded on having the same effects of what Hello Panda does. It's called Special-K Bar Vanilla Crisp. Im not sure if this snacks will be forever on top on my list but i'll keep a close watch on this. Here is the video ive made yesterday talking about the product. Enjoy~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ranting pasal kerja byk dan bende best.

Hello hi ,
Somewhere along the line , it ticks me that i still have this medium that allowed me to pour down my thoughts and bridge it to the world , namely ; this blog. haha. see how nonchalantly that "haha" sound which indicate the passiveness in me.

Anyways , ive been super busy , super occupied , super attached with my MA programme. All of us , albeit part time or full time student are being intensively push to an extent that we didnt know existed in the first place. Here are some of my preliminary stage of my artworks. Its all done now but m not gonna showcase it in this post , maybe months down the line because u know how "often" i usually update my blog.

First time attempting in using soft pastel

Its been 2 weeks that i didnt know the meaning of beauty sleep or even clean clothes for that matter because ive been caged in the studio with the rest of my friend. But today i gotta detach and reward myself from all the work that ive been struggling on coz today m gonna experienced the coolest thing after rubik cubes , tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i present to youuu VIDEO GAMES LIVE IN KL! wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo m so excited i could do bungee jumping eventho i know it has the possibilities to kill me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My obssesion #1 : Books!

Hello jelly-o,
Just came back from my routine weekly daddy dating with papa and little sister. We ate a wholesome goodness of Kenny Rogers. I must say that their cooking has gotten less shittier than the usual meal they used to served. Well done K.R!

After eating , we went to MPH , mostly because I just had HAD to buy a book. I dont know why , i think i might have develop somekind of compulsive disorder towards purchasing a book in consistent manner.

Invariably , after browsing for awhile , ransacking section after section , leafing one book after another , i finally stop and startled. My eyes were fixed as this very book , just one copy left because i cant see any other duplication near this particular edition. I dont know if anybody ever feel the strong sensation of being overwhelmingly mesmerize by a book , but i sure do.

Somehow i felt connected to this book because it seemed so curiously familiar. I read the title "Her Fearful Symmetry" and aha! the receptacle behind my mind that stored past data flick and at that instant i knew that this must be it , the book ive been waiting for.


The cover itself have bound me in a way i cant describe with words. It has this mix feelings of longing , misery , agony and somewhat crestfallen.

Written diligently by the none other than Audrey Niffenegger , one of my favorite author.

The name sounds familiar? Of course it does , she is also the writer of the most complex but romantic story ever produced ; The Time Traveller's Wife which i have reread almost 3rd time now.

"What book is this about? How come there is nothing written behind? Is this even a book?" Papa said in disbelief while inspecting the book for details. I just grinned and walk towards the counter. I just know that this is going to be another great story to be read.

At first i was kindda unsure to purchase this book because it is so damned expensive compared to the usual book i always buy which cost almost half of the price of this very book and of course all the buying would be out from papa's pocket , but then papa permitted this book and paid for it. Im such a daddy's girl. I know i am.

Anyways , earlier this week i went to Popular Pyramid and bought another book. Sometimes i would just absent mindedly choose a book and pay it. Everything happened under my conscious mind. I bought Man & Wife by Tony Parsons because from experienced i knew that his writing would make me shed my tears like a baby bear having a splinter stuck in its paw.

Another Tony Parsons book that i already owned. Gotta collect the whole collection of it.

I am such a nerd. Do you still wanna be my friend now that u already learn this hidden obsession of mine towards book?

On a separate note ,

Here is another piece of my class sketches. I knew she didnt realized it but this very phrase she uttered was somehow inspiring to say the least.

"Eventhough I have PhD , doesnt mean that I'm smarter than you" - Dr. Zet (UiTM)