Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Random strokes in boring class

I guess my brain concentrate better when im multi-tasking. I am a supertaskers! weehoooo.

Anyways , here are some of my shabby sketches i did while registering the words that come out of my lecturer's mouth into my rusty brain.

This is my rendition of Radiohead - Creep . I extracted their famous lyrics and depicted it into my chaotic sketch. hahah

My latest favorite tune. I havent really listen to the song but Boy's sang to me few days ago and the song had went its way into my mind since then. The Ozma - A Song For You.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Pakcik ni dah salah cakap pastu buat bodo plak.

Hello hi weeeeeeeeeeeeee,
As this sentence being type word by word , i am sitting here , on this shabby yellow plastic chair , under the roof of driving range at my house , Monterez Golf Resort. Why am i here? Because my bunny love has started to develop this new interest for golf. Yeah i know righttt , like pffffttt~

It is raining , it is raining mad over here and the roof does not cover the whole area well therefore you can say that i am aggravated because of the little drizzles that pour over me. It doesnt drench me out , that is the annoying bits , because it does not fucking drench me out!

Sigh~ i have nothing to write about actually but there was one interesting story that happened a few days back.

It started like this.


There were 2 guests that came over my house the other day , which day i cant really recall because counting days seemed so vague nowadays. These guests are from Dubai , a good friends of my mom. Both were man , successful in their field. Richerest in the pocket ive been told.

So being foreign , their effort to keep up with our Malay language has grew fonder , they told us while eating my mom home cooked delicious dinner.

I cant really remember what was the actual phrases but it went something like this.

Baba : Tomorrow I'll bring you to mamak and we gonna have our breakfast there.
Foreigner #1 : Oh , i would want to eat "Nasi Kentut"

Me and my sister pull this awkward face when we heard the words that came out of his mouth. I wanted to laugh but then it would appear rude to them , so i assimilated the words into my brain and deciphered it into the closest similar word i could think of.

Me : I believe U mean "Nasi Kandar" issit?
Foreigner : No "Nasi Kentut"
Me : that would literally mean "Fart Rice"
Foreigner : *ignored me and talk about something elses with my parents"

At this point i simply assumed that he was embarrassed and didnt want to continue the humiliation conversation he brought upon himself.

So yeah , i'd like to try "Nasi Kentut" one of these days. I wonder which fart would make the gravy more thicker and savorier.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Public Invitation to the most awesome event ever

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ask me anything

I got this one , just like anyone else.

You know how the internet always amuse you with all kind of "originality" ways of extracting people's attention from their pathetic life?

Yeah , and that people , me and you included, pretty much succumb to their orchestrated structure to control our way of interacting. The semantic rule of human rights are long gone.

And with that , rise another platform to fill our mediocre life. I just signed up , its easy , hassle free, dumb-efficient , not necessarily confidential-reliant but surely fun to fit in.

Behold , . Ask me anything. I'd also answer how i seduce your mom and bed her all night long.

Get yours here

Sunday, March 21, 2010

An Invitation to the most fattening event ever. (Fats not included)

My brain doesn't work on butterfly painted wings nor does it generate imperatively with the help of morning dew fluid

Therefore , I as a human cant control certain feelings that emerge out of the sudden. But lucky me , and my upbringing because being naturally harness with critical problem solving with almost minimal damage probability , I am certain that i can assimilate this sudden itchiness my hormone radiates and detour this digestion into something less implicating.

Sometimes , the words that came out of my fingers imply otherwise.

On separate note,

UiTM Campus in Jalan Othman , PJ (yes the one that i didnt even know existed in the first place) is having an INTERNATIONAL FOOD FESTIVAL this coming 27th March 2010.

And me being a goodie goodie two shoes welcome you and you and you to this upbeat event.
(Read poster for more because elaborating details arent my best interest no more)

Dont know how to get there?
Whats the use of Google map if u dont utilize it well?
Or alternatively , just move ur fat finger over here for the map. lazy ass!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where is my prince?

Where is my prince?
By : she.

There is the time when your heart screw your mind ,
you know its wrong but refuse to decline,
People say no no no , but u know u'd be fine,
Under the spell of love divine.

You believe where your heart lead,
Until one day it makes you end up on his bed,
Your body sore but your says heart says dont fret,
Mind dense , eyes wet ,
You try to remember , but somehow u wanna forget,

Forget but never regret your heart convince,
Body bare , your skin trembles , how long has it been since?
Your mind asked "Where is your prince?"
"Where is my prince?" your mouth utter , your face winced.

Now , only now you know the pain,
Now and only now you vote your brain,
But baby girl i tell you , its too late for a champagne,
Because your innocence has been drained,
You listen to your heart , try to understand
It is not a misheard when the heart said "Wanna do it again?"

On other unrelated notions;

Below are couples of experimental photos i captured with my minimo! cool eyh?