Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Cam Whoring Session in Class

i feel inadequately useless if i dont update my soon-to-be-shovel-deeply-into-the-grave blog. so to keep this blog undead like the zombies , i just post some of the photo that boboy captured with his new taskrin nokia.

with que and her suggestive post.

syam , sapentah.jpg, que and runal and belakang skali iwan in attempt to get into the frame

syam , budakapenie.jpg , que, ronald and aman in his attempt to get captured as well (complete with an emo expression)

boboy,boboy's rambut and i. and que's back (unfortunately not lower waist,demn gurlll~)

me and gasingboy.png dearly paan. comel kan. cam siput.

being short is god-given gift to me.

with the tudungnizer clan ya'll~

me and the future miss laki jepun mane ntah.

muke emo tak jadi.

kalau gambar itam putih je mesti nampak lawa. hahha

p/s : m too bored to even dance my hand on the kibod to arrange letters into forming the word "b.o.r.i.n.g"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Optical Illusion

I just wanna share something with all of u. These 3d street art is meticulously painted by an amazing artist called Edgar Mueller. His artwork is down right amazing! It would take me 3 reincarnations to be able to draw like that.

p/s : i was planning to conteng his artwork , but then it went halfway because child born with zero tolerance in focusing never succeeded in completing their work. thank u.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Overwhelming Episode

He made her cried , but it wasnt a sad tears that she shed
She wasnt in grief nor was she in pain,
She wasnt exactly happy nor was she full of proud
It was an overwhelming feelings
Mixed and stirred up directly to her tear bag

Nothing in the world cant help the way she felt , not even the biggest most softest strawberry flavored marshmallow.

Memories seemed to unearthed themselves to the surface of her consciousness
Series of episode in her life erupted just before her eyes , playing behind the shade of a shadow
Tears trickling down , swimming all over her cheek , few entered to an opening of her sobbing mouth , left a brine taste that she expelled by wiping it with her shirt sleeve.

"There there, what cause this dear little girl to burst now?" he said with voice full of love , confusion filled every inches of his face , wondering why this girl suddenly cried.

The girl continues crying , ignoring the consolation she received. "It was just so overwhelming, i cant help myself" she muttered discreetly , almost unheard to his ear. His mouth form a smiled , more like a grin , but still the confusion intact on his visage.

And finally she said

He laughed and kissed her all over her face. She bashfully smiled and kissed him back.





p/s : ohhh i feeelll soo miseghebeeelll without u by me sideeee~

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Visual Clarity of Bullshitness

This is how it will look like if my right brain being depicted into a drawing. Some visual interpretation of my usual bullshiting. Apparently i am not only gifted with the talent of crapping with words but also with the tip of the pen.

please direct ur browser by clicking here. or here

p/s : poyo je nak berdeviant2 nie. hahaha.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Purest Of Heart

This is genuinely based on true story (but this is my version of the story)


A son walked slowly to where his father was resting peacefully. "Dad" he called his dad to checked whether his old man was sleeping or wide awake. "Yes son, anything?" his father replied hoarsely. "Would you willingly run a marathon with me?" he asked his dad politely. "Of course son, anything for u" the father despite his age and almost-fatal heart condition responded with a broad smile spread on his wrinkly face.

And they ran a marathon together. Oh how the son appreciated every single step that they took together on the marathon track.

Weeks later, the son asked his father again "Dad, can u run another marathon with me?". Again,without any hesitation his father replied "Why of course my son, i'd do anything for u"

And once again , they run the marathon together.

One fine day , after came back from his daily working out routine from the community park near his house, the son asked his father again "Dad , would u consider participating in the Iron Man with me?"

Now for those who didnt know, "The Iron Man" is the toughest triathlon in the existence of mankind which require the participant to do a 4km swimming, then 180 km by bike, and finally another 42 km running, in one stroke.

Again , the father without any pause in his verbal tone said "Yes son , it'd be an honor to do that with you"

Maybe this doesnt touch your heart yet , or maybe this story is just a mere text , until u watch this clip .

p/s : i cried the very first time i saw this clip. and weep the second and the third time. So u must have an ancient heart to not feel the adversity of this incredible significant pair of father and son. That is one love that can conquer the world. period.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Completion of Black Book

Look whose hard work of countless sleepless nite and random deranged raging emotional broke down had finally paid off?

Now i feel useful once again. My advice to those who are going to do thesis, PLAN AND STRUCTURE YOUR WORK PROPERLY or else..or else..hmm..the worst that could happened is ; repeat another academic year or just drop off the collage.

p/s : this book is so thick i could use it to homicide a whole group of almost extinct land animal.

ralat : salah eja collage. sebenarnye nak eja college. collage tu yg tempek2 kertas composition art tu. haih.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Tag Games At Facebook

Since i am beyond inevitable of lazy to update so i just paste this here.

1) Were you named after anyone?

yeah. jessica alba. anyone know her?

2) When was the last time you cried?
last 2 days while watching Sepi.

3) Do you like your handwriting?
sometimes when it didnt turn out like a caterpillar dancing under the gleaming shine of moonlight

4) What is your favourite lunch meat?

5) Do you have kids?
do my boobs considered as one? coz they are twins u know.

6) If you were another person, would you like to be friends with you?
pfffttt..who would want to be friend with me?

7) Do you use sarcasm?
only when i know it wont backfired me back

8) Do you still have your tonsils?
what are u now? a doctor? of course i still have it. or not.

9) Would you bungee jump?
HELLL NOOO!!! i'd rather sleep in a coffin for 3 days without food supply rather than throwing myself down the bridge.

10) What is your favourite cereal?
usually i only eat fresh air mixed with morning saliva but otherwise i prefer to start my day with kelogs froties with fresh milk.

11) Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
well it depends tho, if i dont plan to murder anyone with a shoe laces that day then i'd tie it neatly until it form a beautiful shadeless butterfly.

12) What is your favourite ice–cream?
stoberon with extra syrup on top.

13) What is the first thing you notice about people?
their smell. sorry if i ran away from u, its not u, its just ur smell. do u bathed in sewage or something?

14) Red or pink?
Pink with little extra bitchy as a tone

15) What is the least favourite thing about yourself?
want me to write a book about it?

16) Who do you miss the most?
the question now is who are missing me the most?

17) Do you want everyone to complete this list?
this is an irrelevant question that should not be answered by any living soul , regardless how imbecile they are.

18) What colour of trousers and shoes are your wearing?
m topless, hair tied up neatly with my pink scrunchy,lower down covered decently with a blue polkadot panties.

19) What are you listening to right now?
the soft sound of my cpu

20) If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
why would i want to be a crayon? i can easily break and pieces of me would be scattered all around.i'd want to be the box that hold on to the entire family of crayon.

21) What is your favourite perfume
Bvlgari - rose essentials . this perfume make me feels like a little fairy who had just sprouted out a pair of magical wings and ready to be eaten by an angry dragonfly.

22) The last person you talked to on the phone?

23) Do you like the person who sent you this?
i even like the entire family of his

24) Favourite sports to watch?
Football! and also bunch of idiotic boys fapping away their dignity

25) Hair colour?
Black. like the color of ur skin.

26) Eye colour?
Black. like the color of ur mom's aureola

27) Do you wear contacts?
nopes. contacts are for wanna-be.

28) Favourite food?
anything that is deletable and wont come out from my mouth again.

28) Scary or happy endings?
happy endings. m such a wussy when it comes to unexpectable endings

29) Last movie you watched?
Sepi. sedihhh woooo.

30) What colour of shirt are you wearing?
skin color.

31) Summer or winter?
winter FTW! i hate humid weather.

32) Favourite dessert?
ciggy wiggy with zapple

33) Most likely to respond?
i dont expect anyone to respond.

34) Least likely to respond?

35) What books are you reading?
InkHeart by Cornelia Fudge

36) What is on your mousepad?
unidentified strands of hair from last nite raunchy battle with myself.

37) What did you watch last night?
You beating the meat. poor poor meat.

38) Rolling Stones? Beatles?

39) Where is the last country you have been visited?
my own dreamlalaland.

40) Do you have a special talent?
does sleeping considered as a talent?

41) Where were you born?
exactly under my mom's leg.

42) Whose answers are you looking forward to getting back?
i dont really effin care.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Random Occurance of Thoughts Again

Can feelings be divided? issit possible for it to have a partition so that it would contain an equal amount of emotions to be distribute to different person? and if its even emotionally possible , would we not be haunted and suffocated by the vicious claws of guilt? even so, are we not afraid of the karma and the consequences that will be bash upon us in the future? can we really anticipate what would happen?

i wish i can see the future. then again who doesnt?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Argumentative of Half-heartedly Birthday Girl

Hey..its already 3 hours 26 minutes pass the midnite which also means 3 hours and 26 minutes i cross the line between 22 and 23, not very thick line tho , very very thin , as thin as i wish i could be now. I know growing old is mandatory and inevitable but do i have to grow up as well?

pftt 23. thats a nice number tho. ahh demn , as a year added to my age ,my metobolism rate getting lower,therefore the slow inability to burn the fat like my system used to and this will result in more stressful battling with my inner self.

p/s : happy 23rd birthday diena. may this year rock ur pants real hard. so hard. real real hard. granite kind of hard that could only be slit by the tip of the most rare pink diamond.

p/s : will update more if i still have the interest of writing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Apprehension of Time






can i just stop time? or just stop myself?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Cool Retard

Hello , let me cordially introduce u to the could-be most talented korean singer. his name is..err..i dont effin care what his name is. he has the world most thickest tongue because whenever he wanted to pronounced something correctly in engrish, it sounded all over like korean again and that is so retarded in so many levels.

but despite all that, i do love how he hit the high pitch without even cringing his inexpressive slanted eyes.

nasib baik ko kat korea , kalau ko kat sini da mmg aku ajak ramai2 budak g pukul. pastu salam balik cakap sorry. pastu pukul balik. pastu belanja makan indo mee telur mata.

The Morning routine

Apa yg kita patut buat bila da bangun pagi2 and nak sesiap g class selain check fesbuk,kemas katil,mandi,shampoo rambut,gosok gigi,basuh muka,mandi ngan air slow pastu tetiba kuat preasure sampai melibas belakang,tuka 2-3 kali baju,lap rambut,pakai lotion, dan jugak chat ngan anak latip?

kite patut

picit jerawat sampai luka


nice job diena. lepas nie kalau org tanye kenapa sila jawab "domestic abuse. please help me!"

p/s : too busy to update anything.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Spiritual Piercing

Di sini saye ingin mengucapkan selamat hari thaipusam kepada Ahmad Hafiz yg duduk di rumah flat biru di sri kembangan. mandi minyak jgn lupe kat aku wehh and kalau ada kelapa lebeh sila la simpan sebab aku nak santan die utk letak kat rambut. jangan lupa bersih kan kapur2 putih (atau merah seperti yg anda katakan semlm) di dahi2 anda yg tak berkedut tu lagi. kalau menari jgn lupa diri , aku tau cane korang tend to naik hantu kalau da menari2 beramai2. have a merry day.

Dengan Ingatan Tulus Ikhlas
Diena Wong

p/s : pecah kaca pecah gelas , sudah baca harap balas

Thursday, February 5, 2009


i'd even swear to any god or any other sacred stuff if u didnt believe me.

cite die canie

i was doing my thesis at bk's house, no, actually i was PLANNING to do my thesis , but before draining my brain until it goes raisined i decided to do some socializing in kopitiam and while i was busy "socializing" the electricity suddenly went off. Everywhere my vision served was pitched black!

so,me ,hafiq,wawan and pait went to lepak outside because it was started to he
ating up inside the house. Wawan brought his guitar and started to strumming a song , pait was being his gigily self and started to danced foolishly while me and bk started to light up our ciggy. While we were laughing and complaining about the situation , suddenly 4 of us look up to the sky in unison and I SWEAR TO GOD we saw this thing darted out from the sky. It lasted only for a few seconds , 5 if i could remembered correctly. Its came out of nowhere and penetrated through one of the clouds and vanished! just like that. The shooting star was strikingly beautiful and it was blaring in intensity of blueish-greenish.

At first being a skeptic myself , i didnt believe in what i just perceived , pfttt a shooting star? here in malaysia? silly right? but then if it was a firecracker , then why didnt i saw anythin
g rocketing up from the ground? why issit darted out directly from the open atmosphere? and and and if it was really really really a firecracker , why aren't they any sound near the vicinity? firecracker do produced sound dont they?

But maybe, just maybe there is a slightest possibility that,that
was only a firecracker , maybe a new one that doesnt trumpeting out any sound and maybe my eyes was deceiving my perception , and maybe the blackness of the night had conflicted the way i see things , but if all of that were a case , why did four of us see the same thing?

Even if it was a firecracker , i still think that it was the most amazingnest mind exhilarating,jaw dropping,eye popping,nose bleeding,and ear blasting experience that had ever happened in my entire 22 years (23 in the next 9 days,hint hint ppl!) of life. M sure i wouldn't be seeing anything like that again even if i were destined to be reincarnated for 5 times.

This is exactly what i saw only mine has less reddish color on it. Image of course courtesy from NASA .

p/s : i do made a wish for anyone who wondered. i hope it'd comes true,although even if it wasnt a shooting star , i'd still make the wishes possible by my own will and effort.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Bebenang Buaya Di Kopitiam

If i hadnt been a lurker myself in here i wudnt have known that there was a thread about me. Ive tried so hard to keep myself off the radar but sadly ive been spotted through the crosshair of the buaya's sniper.

Ive been lurking in that forum for quite sometime now,and occasionally i'd contribute some thoughts there and by now i shud have known well to the consistent behavior of Malaysian forumers , particularly at the
casual conversation section , where crap is treated seriously.

Anyways , to thread starter, if u are reading this , hi m diena. Nice to meet u. Next time , if u want to post my picture , please dont choose the one with the morning faces and also , the permission to publish from me (its like asking a pedobear not to be entice with a fluffy white boy's arse , bounce bounce)

p/s : tlg la delete please. tq!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Choosen Lullaby

this song is so beautiful. i almost cried but that wud have shown how fragile i am instead i just sneeze to show my appreciation to this euphonious sound.

kalau ade org nyanyi camni kat aku i'd have agree to marry him instantly , that is if he asked , if not i'd just bury my head deep down and just settle in being an ostrich. a coy one that is.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The versus between two giant clubs.

Tonite is chelsea vs liverpool. i hope they'll win and get to the top. or not , i cudnt cling on the hope that chelsea will win considering the last match with man u was such a public humiliation to me but yeah miracle could happen.

m not sure where m gonna watch the game tonite , but m sure that place is not gonna filled with throng of enthusiast liverpool fans because if it does then i'd burn to ashes.

if chelsea lose , u can find me in front of the nearest 7-11 wallowing and grieving in hopelesness.

UPDATE : Ha..kalah. ok. tape tape. ala. nie sume permainan je. tgk tgk. mane ade emo2. tade pun. tak jerit pun. aaaa. dgr tak? tak kan. *hempuk2 kibod*. ape ape? ok je nie. tade pape pun. alah. kalah bet biase la. judi kan. bukan duit halal pun. slalu duit bet buat beli rokok je. *tapi kalau da setiap kali bet setiap kali tu kalah tu bukan judi , itu mmg sedekah duit kat kawan2 name die*

The Tagging Game - 25 Random things u shudnt or shud know about me.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. Sometimes , my hand , particularly my fingers think faster than my brain when typing on a keyboard which result in severe case of typo.

2. and that apply to my mouth as well.u know when ur mouth do the thinking while conversing with other ppl , u tend to create new unusual vocabulary , or better yet known as caipo (salah type = typo , salah cakap = caipo. geddit? if not please put ur brain in microwave and heat it for 5 minutes,and when its done u can dip it in mayonnaise and savor every single piece of ur idiotic brain cells)

3.I love sleeping. Dont get me wrong , m not lazy. I love sleeping because i enjoy dreaming . its like another form of entertainment for me because every single dream is different from another.I used to force myself to sleep just to get into my dreamy slumeberland. still am actually. i know its sound saikotik , but i cant help myself! grrr. kroihhhh

4. The winamp , or any things producing sound has to be shut off when m writing or else i cant hear myself thinking. i have low tolerance in focusing.

5. I am an avid torrent downloader. i have tons and tons of movies , tv series and anime. i know its wrong but I CANT HELP MYSELF! and its free! well technically its not because i have to pay for the internet and phone bill but i dont mind because what is that comparing to the satisfaction i get whenever i see one of my movies completed.sick yeah i know. the different between me and those penjual dvd is that , err..i dont know how to speak chinese?

6. When one of the apek/amoi penjual dvd offered me their dvd , this is wat i usually do,
1. i will show interest in buying their dvd
2. discreetly flip on my phone
3. act like m gonna text somebody
4. tapi sebenarnye aku just amek title movie yg baru je pastu balik download torrent. hahhahahahhaha.

7. I am allergic to numbers.Never did well on maths. Calculator is just a toy to me. an expensive well engineered toy that i dont have fun with while playing.

8. When i was small , i thought that KL Tower was a space ship.i shit u not.

9. I've been dumped twice for another girls before. Girls who werent half as good as me. Then again m glad all that happened or else i'd endup with a jerk right now.

10. I got my first mobile phone when i was 14. Back then , i only allowed to reload once a month. So yeah lots of miss calling other ppls phone so that they wud call me back.

11. i kindda intrique with the idea of true love. but doesnt quite believe innit because when every time im in a relationship (i had 3 previous failed r'ship before) i often feel like they are the one , the true love ive been searching for , my other half who complete me and this confuse me because arent we suppose to have just ONE true love in our life? correct me if m wrong but then again , this topic is subjective.

12. Thanks to Pet Society Application , i can now have the closet things i called pet who i can ignore mindlessly, never expired , doesnt stink and drink champagne?

13. I am getting annoyed by this and its not even 15 yet. Asal aku rase cam terobliged je buat bende nie. cam rase kene denda kat skolah , slagi tak siap tak bole balik. baik cikgu!

14. U know when u were young , ur head was always occupied with all this whimsical imaginations? mine too. when i was about,hmm 5 6 or 7 or 8 , ok 8 was old enough to think logically where is the rain come from , not scientifically but yeah it came from the cloud. But long before the logical thinking about how nature works , i used to think that whenever its raining there was a duel between god and Satan. why is dat? because the sound of thunder make me believed that god is throwing the thunder to repel Satan and to make things much more convincing then they already are , i also thought those millions drops from the sky was actually god's sweat. Peluh tuhan. apakah? i have such a disturbing mind while i was growing up which kindda scared me right now.

15.My full name is Nor Dayana Wong Bte Mohd Zaini Wong. I had several change in name before i settled for diena. People used to called me dayana back then but it was too long to pronounce so ppl called me Dai which derived from dayana, but calling a person Dai isnt exactly the nicest thing to do. U dont call ppl DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE everyday and expect them to live the next morning dont u. its rude and it make u look like a deaf person everytime u say it , the louder the retarder. So after that ppl called me by deyna , which sound more nicer and friskier. So yeah i dont know where diena came from , but u get the picture.

16. I love to read. I read book extensively. I can read book as thick as two yellow pages put together. I have books almost everywhere i go , i even have a book shelf in my toilet.

17. I got influence easily by reading so usually my current reading reflects on my writing. So u know what kind of book m reading from my writing. yes usually crap , and corny cliche love story.

18. Exaggerating on writing is the ability i develop and diligently maintain through out these past year. I can write 3 full pages back and front about 5 first minutes of my morning.

19. My routine of the day :
1. try to sleep again just to continue my dream.
2. check my phone to see whether ppl still remember me
3. stretch and sometimes i check whether m still a girl or not.
4. walk lazily to the computer area , turn on my monitor
5. drink water to get rid of the bad taste morning breath in my mouth
6. check on my torrent to see how many movie had completed
7. fesbuking

20. I love sniffing at the unburned candles.I love perfume shop , i can just stand there and sniff perfume after perfume until the shopkeeper give me this cynical deadly look , then only ill be gone.

21. I eat almost anything with mayonnaise. i'd call my first daughter by mayonnaise which m sure my future husband wudnt agreed on.

22. I am one of the few who were born with no talent. I guess talent is actually what u work for. Ppl say m good with writing and sometime drawing. If sleeping was a talent then i'd be an expert. or talking , or eating. Both of my little sister and big brother play musical instruments like drum and guitar ,me on the other hand play with myself. hahahah. who doesnt eyh?

23. So being a non-talented among my sibs , i tried to catch up by trying to learn how to play guitar and I suck! one time i swear i could hear the guitar was wailing in despair. me and music , no good. and i dont exactly have a dulcet singing voice. so yeah , ive born with no soul.

24. I dont know whether this is a tradition or not , but do u remember , when we were young , we like to call ppl names , particularly their father name just to pissed them off? well yeah , ive gone through that phase as well and having wong as a surname didnt help either. The name still echo in my head whenever i recall about it . "wong gedek gedek , wong gedek gedek" . but little that they know that my last name that distinguish me from others now. ape name bapak ko? azman? ismail? tak gempak langsung. name bapak aku gak cool. *those are random names , tade kene mengene ngan name bapak sape2*

25.I will turn 23 in the next two weeks , which is february the 14th. Every time when ppl ask for my birthday they will go like "SERIOUSLY? ARE U KIDDING? UR BIRTHDAY IS ON VALENTINE? omgg u are such a lucky girlllll~~" . err firstly , i appreciate the amount of energy u put on being so concern abt my born day. secondly , its not like i was born princess or something , my mother just decided to squeezed me harder on that particular day. lastly , no , its not fun being born on the "love" day because i cant remember the last time a boy actually ask me to a dinner on that day.

26. i know it say 25 things but m no good in following rules anyways . so here is the last one, whenever i finish shiting , i will look at the turd and see how big it is , if it is unusually big i will quickly call my sister and tell her about it. one time i even video called her.its amazing how shit that big can come out from a hole this small.

p/s : penat la sial buat bende nie. thesis tanak buat nie rajin plak buat. hahah

p/s to tagger : thank u bil. uve made me wasted half of my day doing this , alternately between few episodes of gossip girls of course.

the could be delicious p/s (if p/s was a cookie that is) : i tagged all my friend. malas nak pakse2. nak buat buat..tanak buat suke ati ko la labu.