Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Trip where i wear a wet bra

Hello dear readers,
Today was a really really fun day , half of our DM class went to Sungai Gabai for a stress-free day. Its been awhile since i go for any soaking-myself-in-the-other-ppl-urine-but-didnt-care-that-much-because-itwas-effin-awesome trip (fyi,i urinated just now and i know most of u did that too). I didnt go for this kind of trip often enough in my life because i really dont like to see myself getting a fast forward pruned before my eyes but today it reminds me of how really fun it was. We laughed , we played games (a really stupid one but lasted almost at least an hour , or so i thought) , we slide on the rocks which i went back and forth to. SERONOK GILA!

Now my body is aching like hell!

Apart from climbing the never ending slanted stairs up to the waterfall, fallen container of sandwiches (which i really2 looking forward to eat sebab farah yg buat) and shaky ankle afterward , it was a perfect outing!

Ill post the pictures later coz bk is on the way to fetch me up nak tgk bola.

p/s : masa nak packing tu punya la semangat , igtkan sume da habis packing , blakang bile nak sampai umah anep tetibe teringat tak packed bra skali. Mmg balik tu all the way ngan dampend bra ah cite die. Seb baik tadak bauu~. Penat gile weh! tapi worth it nak mati.


Imran Yusof said...

gabai yg cilake..
nk g port best skit punye tinggi :(

cikudi said...

tau tape..sakit doh kaki panjat!

Anonymous said...

still waiting for pics of u in ur wet bra. :)

cikudi said...

hahaha..sadly i dont have any of that..and even if i do..i wont recklessly post it here..internet is a dangerous place with someone like urself mister

nab said...

i agree. oh btw mmg sakit gil abdan nak mati. nak kata beranag tak... so obviously it sthe tangga. lets puke