Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy. Its HOLIDAY!

Heya shooters,
Its been a quite period of time that i havent touch this blog but i would today because i'd like to wish , as a default gesture to all of you a very happy holidays and that come in a package of big bouncy jolly ol' Merry Christmas along with a wholesome goodness of Happy New year wrapped in a decoratively box filled with lots love.

If i were to conclude my year into a book , there would not be enough tree in this world for the pages in it because this year , 2009 has seen transitions after transitions of my life and that includes surmounted every obscures , challenges and tormented moments during my final year of degree to becoming a proudly fresh graduate to opening up my own small business which by far is doing surprisingly well to becoming a full time master student to yet another year of adventurous journey to come. If this book aint gonna top Harry Potter , i dont know what will.

Anyways , hope u guys have a joyous Holiday and here i am signing off as a blithely festive bunny.

Friday, December 4, 2009

An invitation . Please come or the unicorn will be dreadfully annihilated

Its a cosmic miracle how i can still radiate fumes of enchanting aroma even without a constant touch of daily shower. Not that i say my skin never get intimates with the water , but being damp isnt always my daily requirement except the occasional down south leaking fun time.

I must get into the shower pronto else i would be no better than a hairless feline. Though , the cause of this unhygienic time line is not a rocket science because i have a motive , a reason which is almost rationale , if not convincing.

The reason being said because i am too busy preparing for my booth opening at e@curve and Rasta , ttdi. You can find all the details here. Check out the poster yaw~

So if u have nothing to do on this weekend , u are gracefully invited to one of these place , if not both. Dont hesitate to say hi to me!

On totally unparalleled notion, here i present to you a theory that can pawned Darwin's anyday because deep down we all know that male populace never step out from their primate nature .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The almost healthy day and one sad desperate virgin on net

Hello my bread and crumbs,
Today , in all its unexpected , crucially counter-procrastinate glory , me and Hafiq went for a walk. A long and healthy walk at one of the tamans at USJ 2 near his house. We have been in constant moment of disgruntle about our happily expansive flesh on the waist-up-chest-down region but having only so less meager amount of determination , the healthy bits part never surface on our to-do-list what with the wet , muddy , stain-induced pavement climate entering the scene.

Today was different though.
It was drizzling on the pre-evening , and so i thought this would be a good reason for me to delay yet another unseeingly exercise but the whether decided to be dry today. Dry but nice. So seeing the "opportunity" risen , Hafiq and I changed into a proper attire , slip on our running shoes and lastly , but not so cherrily , drag our ass off to the nearest padang. We managed to walk and jog almost 5 rounds of d unusual course until the day started to changed its color.

All those calories shed during the excessive movement didnt last long , not even 12 hrs long before i chucked down a good fattening meal at Williams , and we all now how Williams serve their food.

Oh goddemafak ,I dont want to be fat and not be able to squeeze myself into my wedding gown.

Good genes are a myth. Believe me on that. Or maybe , just a tiniest possibilities that my genes arent parallel with my parents which only concludes to one unjustified answer : I am adopted or switched at birth , or even worst , a tube baby. That cant be true , can they?

Anyways, on other totally unrelated agenda,

I was lurking , coz being a lurker is what i do best day and night , on one of those many forums on the net and it has been my habit as a rabbity clicker to click at all the topic even though it was clearly would not bring me any gratifying bits of information.

And for once , i dont regret because who knows that u might came across a sad product of human who is without a faintest hint of self-respect would beg , plead and even beseeching for the courtesy of our woman populace to give him a taste of our juice WHICH is just PURE DISGUSTING!!

Click the image for better viewing

If i have a baby boy , I'd expose him all the truth , horrifying ,terrifying and frantic details about how consummate will fatally destroy your life until he learn the truth behind how wondrous fornication can be.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I got FFK'ed but its alright because world need people like this to balance between good and evil

Have u ever been FFK before? (For those who didnt know , FFK is a widely known acronym for Fong Fei Kei which in Cantonese means standing someone up. )

It happened to me and my boifren once , it was yesterday and the memory still pretty much lucidly playing repeatedly behind the back of my mind . The event was as disappointing as much as it was obnoxiously happened. It has strengthen my mind to be aware about people who got pride as high as a mountain and manners as low as a dirt worm. Then again i cant blame them for having such an extensive amount of vainglorious egotism because the environment they've been breed on possibly might have effected the way they behaved.

You said that we werent being professional , that we didnt respect u as a customer but i think that there wasnt a mirror anywhere u were standing because every bits of word coming out of your mouth reflected perfectly back to yourself.Pardon me if i am new to doing this business , but apart from experiences , i think good manners,ethics and COMMUNICATION are d fundamental root to your establishment. How can u claimed urself a pro when u dont even know how to converse well. The second time that u called me , i swear i heard nothing but gibberish , even after i told u to slow down u still sounded like a dying spaceman who was hyperventilating out of oxygen .Chewbacca sound even more clearer than u.

And what the fuck saying that i was rude to ur girlfriend? As far as i know ,only people with limited spaces in their brain couldnt differentiate the intonation of vocal between nonchalant tone and a foul pitch. Even a child with severe retardation could compare an angry tone apart from others. I'm not saying that she is as suggested but every verdicts came back positive.

You once stated in your emailed that u always come by here which made me to assumed that u know this place very well but then when everything went haywire u blame us for not coming to you because this is an unfamiliar place to u. WTF man, dont blame the music if u didnt know how to waltz.

U said that we didnt respect you as a customer ? But do u respect us as a seller? As a seller who gave u one hellava good deal? I think you planted the policy of Customer is Always Right one inch too deep because albeit the self-explanatory statement , that doesnt mean you are allowed to be RUDE , INCONSIDERATE , GRUFF etc etc. And what's up with your quick-meek judgment man? that is how u parade your professionalism?

We tried to put ourselves in your shoes , we even gave u benefit of a doubt , convincing ourselves that maybe u've been mugged because u DID NOT PICK UP/ COMPLETELY OFF your phone after so many countless call made to your number.Remember how u didnt reply my messages? And this is again u called professional? We waited and waited and still waited even after half of the mall was already dark but u never turn out as promsed . How could u behaved as such considering we are living in a civilized world and equipped with good manners and rational thinking from such a tender age. Did u lose all that while u were growing up?

I never had any problems with my customer and i dealt with numerous amount of people from all over the nation. Everyone received their product as perfectly as i delivered it except you. Maybe perhaps the problem is you?

Yes I know that we also have ourselves to blame for not HAILING you as a king from a foreign land but the main contributor of what happened yesterday is still u.

With this i have made my first acquainted virtual fiend. Lets this be a lesson to me not to trust people who appeared to have good morality.

p/s : i am not going to reveal who is this guy and what company he is working with but if u venture long and hard u might stumble upon the answer :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Weekends

Hello yous,
So this was how my weekends were filled.

On friday night , or was it saturday? i couldnt really recall because i have a memory as bad as the goldfish but anyways , i took elin , my sweet little angelic devil , sayang and aus out for a movie. At first we wanted to watch 2012 but being the super-megablockbuster-mindwashingjewcreationmovie , we missed out on buying the ticket before it were all sold out. So instead , we choose Fourth Kind.

I wudnt want to spoil the movie plot for those who didnt watch it yet because this story is best watch when u are vulnerable and ignorant. But i can guarantee by the end of this movie u wud have a mind-altering moment of reality check.Another thing ,curiosity that leads to heavy digging would end up in miserable disappointment.

I guess a little hint wouldnt batter a soul now would it?

These are the artifacts obtained from the time when people claimed that god walks the land of earth which was from the Sumeria Era. See now Sumeria Era was being dated way way way way way back sometime in mid of 6th Millennium before century. It is the earliest civilization ever recorded in human history which means people are not walking around naked and showing their tralalal only to be mock dreadfully by others , and lucky thing those day over. My guess is people from this time cant help but being curious to their surrounding and to their new code of behavior , not to mention the ethics and the unlimited knowledge that has been waiting , yearning to be discovered by these Sumerian people. Blablablabla yes yes i know i am digressing right here.

Back to the point , what m trying to imply pretty much correlated with the movie 4th kind . Watch it and u'll know what i mean. And one more thing , issit me or does those artifacts resembles a simplify outline of an Alien? Not Nordics , or Reptillian but the Greys , the one which is commonly portrayed by mass media as a popular skin of an alien. Just a thought to ponder by the way.

We went for another movie on Sunday and this time , albeit waiting for 5 hours lingering around The Curve area , we managed to get a hold on a ticket , and a nice pair of seats in d house too! The movie started as late as 0100 and the curtain close at almost 0300. It was tiring but it was all worth it!

I think by far this is the greatest movie ever made since Titanic. 2012 was a strikingly made fiction story about our world being obliterate before our eyes, but i guess u already know that duh~ even the poster itself is self-explanatory. I dont want to elaborate much on this because as much as i enjoy this movie , i also dont agree with Mayan's prophecy about the world is heading to its doomsday as we speak. I have my theory on these but im too light headed to explain it now , but even if i do , u guys wudnt even understand a notion about it because sometimes i dont get it myself either. So just watch the movies , and enjoy this heavily CGI movie.

MIND FXCK! Do u see what i see?

Yay~ foot massage while waiting for the movie. hehe

extra sempurna.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Are u Quacking me?

Hello , last nite we ducking good , we went to MarketPlace and wash ourselves like never before. All of us smothered our glistening body in the forest of bubbly white foam. Here is some of the visual evidence of my attendance to the said event.

And from the skillful clicking fingers of Sezen Zuwairi. The quality is way better than my amateur flashlight-free camera.