Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Weird Morning Incidents and Some Pictures of me and ur mom doing it

I woke up at precisely 7.15 when i searched the bed for my phone. It was an easy wake up i have to say because my head felt clear and none of my body muscles was aching except for both of my thighs still recovering from its soreness. Such a rare occasion this was for my eyes to feast on the beautiful Saturday morning because usually i still didnt sleep at this hour. I have this nasty headache attacking my head yesterday and after taking medicine i fell asleep while watching Underworld , hence the early waking up.

Anyways , deciding on not to waste this glorifying moment , i put on my brown skirts, took out my ancient purse and went out to buy a nasik lemak. After i parked my car at the side of the road , i slowly sauntering my way to the nasik lemak st
all , one which open on Saturday morning , such a hardworking man he is. From far , i could visibly saw a man who was wearing an helmet doing his transaction with the vendor , just another morning person, or so i tot. As soon as i reached the stall, i could feel the man was scrutinizing me. His eyes were scanning me. and suddenly he said , nonchalantly , without any suited expression

"Nie mesti tak mandi lagi"

for a moment there , my mind couldn't compute with the situation so i just let out a nervous chuckles .I tot he was going to continue the conversation , instead he took his purchase and walked away. I was like wtf?? Is this man a natural born bloody psychic ?? How did he knew that i didnt wash myself? Can he see through my soul? Did he knew dat i was wearing yesterday bra? or the rabbit hole panties i intended to throw away but didnt have the heart to because of the cu
te pattern on it. Did he knows that my menstrual circle is next week?


pic not related with topic but have some context in it which could remotely matches the situation

Such a weird situation . I hope that man have a good life and use his gifted talent for a good course. Anyways , on totally unrelated topics , here are some pictures from our random outing. I put the liberty on scribbling some of the pictures coz i am a superior human being.


he look like that everyday. srsly. this is the action of people who is in denial for his confliction of orientation

dayana and dayana. we make great sexy time with u.

i just realized that i have 3 D's. All with different patterns and designs.

read the shirt yo. statement improvised.

if life were easily labeled.

burned chocolate asses on stick perhaps?

the death of a blond stripper with blue soul.

this picture has no sense at all.

borat remaking.

the invasyun of the mushroom clan

please click on the picture for better viewing. u know the drill. I better do my work now or else (insert any horrifying sound here)


sweet_knk said...

you have very weird titles for your posts..

cikudi said...

haahha..indeed i do..usual is boring

Anonymous said...

pic of brown skirt or ....

cikudi said...

not gonna geddit bro

MyKy said...

haha does /k/ comes in here often?

Anonymous said...

im not ur bro, fren.

cikudi said...

m not ur fren , bro

becoz /k/ is already overatted

Anonymous said...


aRe You? said...

ni ke keje ko ari2 weyh yang konon nye siap kan thesis?wuarghahahaahhahaha....

cikudi said...

thesis aku da lame siap kot wehhh!!