Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woot Woot

I hereby declare that today was my malas day with boifren. He came to my house around 12-ish which i left him annoyingly dingdonging about half an hour outside my pink door house. It wasnt my intention letting him almost decompose along with the ray of sunshine , I was in the shower and the music was kindda loud even to a deaf person , moreover , my ears arent quite in their best condition , not for the pass few months they arent.

Anyways, last nite before I went of to bed with my new found blankie (yes i am 23 and i still have a blankie which i bring together to sleep and salivated mindlessly on those soft and addictive piece of worned-off cloth) which popo gave it to me that evening , I diligently planned my itemize roaster for tomorrow which supposedly to start with me bringing the dirty laundry to the dobi , pays my maintainance fees at the office , traveling to MMU with boifren to settle up the credit transfer for BM (ughh bugger!) , and lastly rewarding myself watching a mind-boggling , mental-teasing , life-altering, adrenalin-stripping Transformer 2 : Revenge of The Fallen at Pyramid.

THE MOVIE WAS UBBER AWESOME!! This movie even better than the previous one because they have more robots , more transformation and definitely more jikjikjik sound (the sound that they make when transforming). It would be such a shame and waste for one not to claim their rights as a human with this highly CGI movie at their nearest cinema.

Oh , i havent finish on my story yet .

So i endup doing none of my tedious roaster of my TO DO LIST but straight went to Pyramid instead. Such a role model i am. If laziness could be turn into gold , i'd a leprechaun right now.

Oh have u guys checkup my blogtique teaser yet?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bloqtique. Mine.

After so many weeks of doing nothing and kept myself idle , i decided to do something useful for me and my country. I decided to sell clothes. For time being the website is still under construction hence the print screen image above (notice the grid?). Still many things to plan and consider. But i already have the clothes tho. So whoever wants to have a sneak peek on my collection just drop me an e-mail at

Oh did i mention that the name of my blogshop is gonna be I SHIRT YOU NOT. Its kindda similar to ur everyday phrase "I Shit You Not" but a little less stinky and stenchy.

Some support from u guys would mean a world to me.Show some love.
So click here to redirect ur browser to the website which is still under development. But i got teaser tho. TQ!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I am the luckiest girl in the world because not only i have two dad but also two incredible soul that will always love and support me no matter how i turn out to be. The most impeccable treasure that god sent upon me and my other sibling to guide us through life. No word can describe how thankful i am.

Happy Father's Day Papa and Baba

p/s : seeeeee i got twoooo dadd!! hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh take that superman! weeeeeeeeeee

Monday, June 15, 2009

Autobiography : Guess What Am I ? - [Chapter 1]

Chapter 1

It was exactly this date i was being perfectly born last year. I can still remember vividly how the process went on for producing not only me but millions of my friend as well.I always known that i am a product of some kind , but never really take it deeply to my heart of how short my lifespan would be depending on the expiry date.I rather be ignorant and just go on with my life like it was intended to be.

The factory i was being born in was generously huge , it would take a transportation for one to travel from one end to another. It was so big that i felt so lonely inside.Its funny really how u can have so many friend , so many comrade yet still feeling lonely and trapped within your own self. I am alone with the companion of my three beatless hearts, each which being sealed tightly in a form of a plastic sachet. Honestly , I have no idea whats happening nor can i anticipate what would happen next.

The next morning , when i open my eyes , i was at totally different place . This is not what i remembered it was yesterday. The room felt much more colder but not in a harmful way. The surrounding was better than before , much more tidier i would say, less cramp and the space wasn't so bad either. What top it all off is the quieter and comforting sound of a repetitive melody playing on the air.I already adapting to this new situation without realizing it. Suddenly i heard a loud DINGGGG followed by a faint thud of closing door coming out of nowhere. "Hello , Welcome to KK Mart" a voice echoed behind me.

to be continued....

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Medical Alert the Sequel


I just woke up , well not really "just" ,ive been awake since the sun has its first sly peek of the day. Again , not really "awake" tho , ive been rolling and dreaming half-asleep more like it. U cant expect me to sleep comfortably serene in an hospital ward now could u? Do u think its fun to stay in the room where the wall is so frigging white it almost appear transparent. I can actualy feel that the wall is staring ghastly at me , as if they have eyes as big as the size of Saruman's where it has a red laser pointing out and trying to tediously scan my soul , waiting to mercilessly suck it dry from my helpless shell and labeled it on a wooden fiery shelf among thousand or maybe more trapped innocent soul.

The bed , oh the bed ,dont they have other terms for bed in hospital? I think they should replace the word bed in hospital because whenever "bed" it self arrive on our thoughts, it would automatically relate to a comfy situation where we can just lie happily , release our self from all day burden and just succumb to the sweet sweet surrender of pure relaxation. But the feeling about being on this bed inside this provided close space for patient is nothing close to my definition of bedding. It would not only brutally smash your emotion down down low until u excrete a couple of depression turd but would also encourage u to plan for ur own sepulture which is a fancy word (if not less terifying) for funeral.

I can go on and on and on about the sadness being in this ward without any companion but i cant


hahahhaha gotchaaa!!! did i scare the hell out of u??? are u thisssss close to call me to ask my condition?? NO? demnit! i guess m not that important after all! hahhahaha

ahhh~ the feeling of gibberish is so electrifyingly overwhelming.

Anyways , my greatest mummy brought me to seek medical attention at one of the local clinic. The doctor diagnosed me with urine infection. Apparently , there is a problem with the function of my kidney filtration. He gave me the usual have-to-finish-consume antibiotic , a pain killer and this concentrated liquid that suppose to cleanse off my urination system. I hope nuthing serious would surface from this tho. So far the pain has gone away and my urine never been so clear. So clear i could fool people into thinking that it is a drinking water.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Medical Alert

I think i might have a serious internal problem of my system.
My lower part of abdomen keep on aching each time i make a motion.

Im freaking out right here , what if it turns out to be malignant? Do they have to poke and penetrate through my skin and fix the problem once and for all? What if the failure is futile? Would i be able to progress my life like a normal healthy person? All sort of unhappy drama is playing on my mind right now.

M not done living yet , there is so much i want to do , need to do.

If the pain continues tonite , i think i might have to be admit. Not necessarily of course but it is standard insurance policy , where u have to be admit at least one day to claim ur medical insurance. I never been admitted before. What if there is an headless transparency ghost hovering on top of me while m sleeping? demn. Is the nurse there as scarier as i always imagined they would be? All those raunchy and lewd images of sexy nurses wearing a scantily outfit didnt quite put me on the safe side, emotionally that is. My imaginations need to rest or else ill end up freaking out a little bit too much.

Then again , this could be nothing but still i really ought to check it out , just to be on the safe side.

Wish me luck everyone. Ill report more on this matter. Maybe ill report on the blatantly white sheet bed where i lie uncomfortably with one too many wires attached inside my skin. sad huh?

p/s : sayang i miss u so much. see what happen when u are not here by my side. i got sick and u are no where to be reach. :((

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yet Another Pointless Post

I have become increasingly boring nowadays.
I have no topic to write about , even if it is concerning my every day life , which is also always oh-so-consistently uninteresting.

WEH DUCK!! tulis padam tulis padam tulis padam. padan la muka hang diena oii , otak pandai2 tak guna. pemalaih tak guna punya budak hakkk ptuihhhh.

hafiq has gone to kelantan and leave me alone right here for 2 days. i need my zen back!!

and this stupid ghost hunter/analyzer documentary show on RIA do nuthing but annoyed the hell out of me.

ok this post is pointless. i really need to start writing properly again , with passion and interesting content to present and this time no vaguing around.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Final Year Project Rendered in Low Quality Video

Ive been wanting to posted evidences from my final year project that ive been hassling about these past few months , but ive always been occupied with some other things that i almost always forgotten about it.

But the laziness of arranging the interfaces still holding me back.

And this is when video comes in handy. THANK GOD I DONT LIVE BACKWARDS!

So yeah enjoy the video.

Verdict No 001

Verdict No 002

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Place. Never again.

I was this close to technology deprived until my mom suddenly told me that she had brought along her laptop all this while. Being away where the term internet connection itself is as rare as digging an oil behind ur backyard where everything is made of parquet. I dont know how do ppl even live here.

The humid whether even make it ridiculously impossible to build a comfortable life here.Dont get me started about the people. I mean , those who born and reside ever since in KL but had to go back every once a year is a different story because they are better in the manners department and that well being is acceptable.

No wonder their existent always put in exile.

Carrying such pride will only end up with cynical look or a mocking hiss from others , this is not because of the superior root they have but merely because of the disgusted thoughts and the stereotype these people portray in general. I need not have to unveil where is this place , but all u have to know is it sucks beyond words could describe.Where else would people be so willingly to abstemious themselves to an extent of an extent?

Maybe I was at the wrong side of the place where every bad seed nestle and being push and cover up at the corner of the area. Maybe i havent been to the well develop area where everything is what i am familiar of or what i can sheepishly called civilization. I know its not my place to judge or criticize them and the way they had been living for centuries but issit gonna hurt to accept a little bit of modernization? Not materially but mentally.

p/s : and having a swollen gum and an aching teeth doesnt help in sobering me up either. what a nice week to shed of my tired mind.