Saturday, February 1, 2014

Talent no more

It's always fun and amusing travelling back to old blog entries. Sometimes i cant believe that i was the one who wrote all those playfully structured sentences. I cant write that good nowadays. Probably because i hardly have time to creatively thing anymore.

Sometimes when i come across a good book which writing style i recognized similar to mine, i always get a lil bit of nostalgic tingles inside me. I used to write alot, and really well too aside from the much too many grammar mistakes.

I wish i can just sit down and let the word flow out of my fingers like it once did. 

Those were the days where i had fun the most. 

I wish i had just keep on writing from the day i decided that work are important. Now i think the talent blessed on me is gone because i took it for granted. 

I guess i have to start back from sratch then.

Diena Wong