Monday, March 30, 2009

The Bad Sight That Shouldnt Be Seen by a Boy

The room was filled with artificial cool air coming out from the mini a/c in his blue-colored wall room. There was little to no warmth wrapping my body that very time. I positioned my self comfortably beside him on the sheetless single bed. He was engaging himself playing the newly downloaded game on his handheld console. It was a fighting game , one which I could never commit myself to play. I saw a small frown on his face , increasing his level of focusing on the game rather than me beside him.

My eyes has lost interest in looking at those highly rendered 3D animation brawling game. Suddenly my eyes felt heavy , I was indeed tired and the exhaustion i should felt hours ago started to rushed rapidly into my conciousness. 2 seconds after i felt asleep. Ive disconnected myself from the outside world , from the reality of life , from the essence of living awake. The distinctive sound from the game sound more and more far away to be rendered by my ears. "Syg kejut i pukul 2.30 , i nak balik buat keje nie" I said before i finally dozed off. He just shook his head without saying a word.

I woke up after what seemed to be like a transient moment. I searched the room for his white cube mini digital clock. The integers on the clock indicated that it was already 3.30. Oh shit! I have to go back! I've tons of works need to be done!. I panicked! stream of sweat started trickling down my head. I turned aside back to him , he seemed to ignored me.Both of his hand still holding tightly on the black handheld game , for once there I thought he has turned into a zombie. The determination on succeeding in beating the boss level shown palpably on his face. "Syg! kenapa u tak kejut i tido??" I said mamaily.

He hit the paused button on the device , deliberately turned to me and said,
"Tadi i nak kejut , pastu tgk u tido sampai air liur terkeluar2, banyak plak tu. Pastu u tersedar kejap , pastu u nak kaver u lap balik.Comel gile! I kesian tgk u penat , sebab tu la i tak kejut". He smiled and continue his quest on the artificial world after leaving me speechless and stunned in moment of akwardness. I thought he was just messing around with me until i saw what seemed to be a wet mark on my shirt sleeve. Luckily there was no foul odour.

Dalam hati aku mampu berkata

"OH SHIT! Aku tido sampai kuaq air liuq siut!! COOL GILA!! tapi malu sial! comel mendenye! buruk gila prangai. pompuan kampung pun pandai tidoq kaver2. mesti stock mulut ternganga pastu air jatuh dripping2. shit! buat malu anak metropolitan!"

p/s : Never have i thought that a boy would eventually witness the glorified significant moment of embarrassment of me salivating in my sleep. If i was a prattling preppy school girl , i'd be unwillingly prancing myself on the pavement of eternal damnation. But of course , being a superior Diena Wong i am , i just treat this sticky moment as another episode of my life.Little did he knows that i was this close to self-destruction. Kite kene berlagak cool , the more we showcase our true nature to others , the more primitive we appear to be.


Anonymous said...

aku boleh bayangkan situasi ini perfectly. mesti kau terasa hina kan.

CHAQ! said...

dia tipu dia tipu. dia lupa nak kejut ko.

anon said...

owh..da ada bf nie..
mana pic dia?

cikudi said...


cikudi said...

yol..ko cam babi kan?

Anonymous said...

*hopelessly tumbles into freefall smacking hard, face-down into the dirt as my wings come crashing down*

the fall wouldnt have been so painful had it been anyone else. but u...u...and i couldnt see this coming.


Firdauz takes five said...

nice writing

sweet_knk said...

i really don't want to picture myself in that situation..
but if that happened to me, well, I'd hide from embarrassment..
but he praised u right??.. comel gile!