Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Last Page of The Year

Akhirnya aku siapkan jugak REPORT 2 utk thesis. itu baru report 2 eh ade lagi 3 report aku kene buat which aku rase akan jadi lagi excruciating than this one. but its ok , i will live and tell the tale of thousand stream of tears and moments of suicidal hours i spend on this thesis.

Lepas nie aku nak g MMU , selit report bawah pintu Tg Puteri pastu


oh 2008. a year has past once again and this year has been one hell of a year. year of tears , laugh , sad , happy , and everything in between. this year also i learn that the value of family and friends. who is going to stay and who were there just for the sake of being there and within the split seconds they are gone as soon as problem arrived.

i learn that u just have to be content for who u are.

i learn that my heart is capable of loving once again.

i learn that my hair isnt as nice as it appear on the picture.

i learn that my smile is a little less like sunshine in the morning.

i learn that u can be strong with the support of ur family and close friend.

i learn that my eyes is the shape of pet society (facebook ppl! hahah) when they smile.

i met new people. new people who captivate my heart just by a single hello.

i met new people. the one who menyakitkan hati but turned out to be a darling.

i see my two lovely angels grown. from being able to count 1-3 now they can count the whole new set of 10.

i splurge on online shopping which i then sell back online. i dont need 20 bags in my almari.

Few series of meltdown that i managed to get through with the help of loved ones. thank u! because of u guys i am still standing solid and stronger than ever.

i chopped off my fringe but now it is back where it was before.

there is inumerable things happened in 2008 and this post is going to take forever for me to list all of them. so , in the nutshell, this year has been a good year for me even if its not i will still cherish it for many years to come.

so hello mr/ms 2009. wait for this little girl to grow up and do wonders to the world. hahhaha

p/s : sebenarnye tade beza pun mcm tahun2 lepas.

p/s : demnit aku da lambat g mmu! anep is so gonna kill me! BYE PEOPLE

HAPPY 2009!


Imran Yusof said...

happy new year cik diena

cikudi said...

happy new year cik imran yusop