Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Contradiction Of Heritage

While i was doing my un-progressed thesis , someone , a girl , she was wearing an ESPN black cap and a washed out pinkish could-be FOS t-shirt lingered mindlessly around my table. Politely she asked me

Ntah sape ntah : Ade org tak duduk sini?

aku : tade..duduk la.

She laid herself on the couch in front of me,unzipped her bag and rummaged through the content of it , ransacked it for awhile and at last she pulled out her hand that was firmly holding a book. Then she took a sip from her newly purchased coffee and before she opened her book she looked at me and said

Ntah sape ntah : u bukan org kl kan?

aku : err..kenape eh?

N.S.N : u nampak cam org sabah or sarawak. are u from there?

aku : err...tak..i mmg org kl. bapak i cina , mak i melayu. minggu nie je da dkt 2 org ckp camtu.

N.S.N : ye ke? u betul2 nampak cam bukan org semenanjung

aku : eh asal plak?

N.S.N : mungkin sebab u cerah kot

aku : celah mane nye aku cerah? da la berkarat , comot plak tu

N.S.N : hahahha..tade la..u cerah la

aku : ok tenkiu..muke je cerah...mase depan tak pun.

After that i spread the nicest smile and excuse myself from that pointless conversation. Ini memperkuatkan lagi theori yg mami mungkin beli aku kat org2 aborigin luar semananjung

p/s : i think i am the luckiest girl on the 7 petala langit in the whole wide endless universe! smile smile diena.


Bil said...

agaknya.. rambut diena mcm abu bakar ellah kot! kuikuikuiiiii

cikudi said...

rambut diena da cantik la bill!!!!