Monday, December 29, 2008

The Wishful Wishy Wish

Seriously , i am so tenseeeee!

all stressed out like a single mother who had to take care of her 4 retarded son while battling with bladder control.

tension nye aku buat thesis nie! demnit

the only thing that keep me motivate is this

ARGHHH HELLO KITTY GUITAR! i want it i want it!

tak kesah la aku tak pandai main ke ape janji i want one!

ade sape2 nak tlg belikan tak? ill be a good girl. promise!

ill drink my milk

ill eat my vege

ill help out in delaying the green house effects

ill clean the dishes after dinner

ill scratch and give ur back a good massage.

ill contribute my support in teen pregnancy

please please pretty please with cherry on top?


my birthday is coming and i want one!

p/s : tanak bagi sudah name ko bedah tetek ko kemungkinan ade sebelah. bluek!

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