Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Last Minute Survey (Closed)

UPDATE : Ive already closed the survey. Thanks for whoever participated in this survey. The feedback was overwhelming. I didnt expected it would be beyond my targeted amount of sampling. thank u again.


This is an emergency. I really2 need ur help. Be a darling and please answer this survey for my final year project research. This whole research thingy is killing me softly. Please delay my death by participating in this survey. Thank U very much. Ur kindheartedness will be awarded with good karma, without u realizing it. Like srsly.

Karma is real, as real as the mountains and the clouds. God made mountains and clouds and everything in between. So karma is ruled by God. Do u want to mess with The God?

If not , just answer this
survey! <-- click here for the survey

THANK YOU in advance

p/s : u will be awarded with a good offspring in the future. trust me, karma is no laughing matter.

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