Monday, December 8, 2008

The Doesnt Make Sense

Anak dara ape yg bangun pukul 11.30 on hari raya qurban?

1. the one who is living under her own roof. my house my rule.

2. the one who thought that hari raya qurban is a lot less like thanksgiving.

3. the one who three of her family members *out of five including herself* are out of the country.

4. the one who thought that cotton wont crease so much no matter how crumple it may be. but poor little girl , she thought wrong.

5. the one who had run out of creative juice. she just type here aimlessly , no vision. Maybe her imagination is due to its expiry day.

6. the one who still uncertain of the whole concept of how the universe really works.

7. the one who is craving for something sweet,wet,cold,fried to burnt,juicy in the middle. got any ideas?

8. the one who doesnt know where is this going. like srsly! cigar anyone? no? then u havent been to cuba yet.

9. the one who desperately need this list to get to number 10. but still, she doesnt have anything better to write. her mind is undergoing a major brain blockage. like that time when ur dad wanted to approach ur mom to a higher degree of physical interaction , and she said no because she was all classy and decent and untainted. "Ahh shut the trap woman. dont block me!" . yeah that is pretty much the block i was talking about. doesnt make any sense? yeah i thought so too.

10. yay number 10! finally! so yeah. selamat hari raya. can anyone pass me that tartar sauce? i love mayonaise. Like srsly! i could eat mayonaise with chocolate. yeah the choclate on ur boifren when the night he told u he was studying for his MUET.

p/s : tlggg tlggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wan hussin said...

is that u? *gelak golek2 kat lantai*

cikudi said...

more or less..hahha

Anonymous said...

bodoh. seriously bodoh. Yes we all you like, eh no no in love with mayonnaise.