Friday, December 5, 2008

The Photography Workshop

Do u :

Like photography? *which explains all the self-whoring-dust-gathering albums that u kept under the bed*

Own a camera? *Issit the big bulky one that cost more than ur virginity?*

Wants to be a professional and ur only source for knowledge is just the internet? *we all know internet is not a safe place anymore*

Like chicks in bikni , want to take their pictures but they refuse just because u have limited understanding about photography?

If u are all of the above *or not*, then u might want to consider registering urself in Photography Courses / Workshop by One Exposure Creative Center.

Photography Workshop for Beginners
Venue : Dinarshad Studio
Date : 13th & 14th Dec 2008(2 days)
Time : 9am to 5pm
Fee : RM350 for student / RM500 for others
Speaker : Zainudin Arshad

*light refreshment will be provided*

Why i think u should go. *and why it is worth the fee*

1. Because it is not only good for uself, but also ur future offspring. That is if u want to have one, but if ur not, the world wud be a better place without a miniture u.

2. The token to brag. What could be more self-feeding-ego than this? Extra knowledge is a 3rd balls for man.

3.CONTACTS! We all know that the more contacts u have the more likely u will suceed in this field. But its not my loss if u decided that Yellow Pages is more reliable in gathering ur contacts.

4. To get chicks in bikini to pose for u in the future. By then u will thank me for letting u know about this. The more experience u get , the superior u will be.

5. And lastly - U just have to go. Get motivated. Feel inspired.

More info here

p/s : i have done my deed. can i have my ice-cream now?


Amir Hamzah said...

what kind of ice cream? :P

cikudi said...

the expensive one.

Anonymous said...

u pny iklan nie mcm utk laki2 je..
pompuan tk bley join eh?

cikudi said...

bolehhhhhhhhhh..bolehh sgt~