Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Flavour of The Month

Had enuff with crappy songs nowadays?

then u surely havent heard to this guys yet. they are the new definition of coolness! like really good u thought it was hari raya all over again.

seriously ,i wudnt even think of promoting this band if they werent good!

and also the keyboardist/pianist is a good friend of mine which goes by the name KAY when being called.

so here u go , the IRAMA~ *
like so original huh? irama~ hahha*

this is their myspace music page

p/s : Like srsly. You would be doing ur ear a jolly ol' favour by hearing to them. Like srsly double choclate syrup serious.

p/s : kay yg no 1 dari kiri. hensem kan. cam cipan yg sexually confused! hahah sorry kay.


khir farid said...

aku blanjer ko meehun kungfu nanti

*cipan pon cipan lah :P

cikudi said...

ko igt aku buat bende nie free ke? ko kene bagi aku lesson piano sampai hebat ok!!!

khir farid said...

yer arr
yer arr.
ko nk hebat mcm ner?
ckp jerk!
auby suwito?
rosaln aziz?
alicia keys?
jordan rudess?