Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Occurance of Random Thoughts

Letters are meant to be arranged together to form a word

Words are meant to be assembled together to build up a sentence

Sentences are meant to be constructed to a full view one whole length of paragraph.

Paragraphs are meant to propagated into one reading material.

And reading materials are meant to be read. Aloud or discreetly. It deserved the right to be seep into someone's mind.

and i still wonder why people set their blog for private only.

This only means one thing. self-professed ol' garden bitch.

kalau tanak bagi org bace baik tulis diary pastu letak bawah katil.

kalau nak mengata baik mengata depan2.

kenapa nak mengata among the group of "invited friends only" ?
ko igt ko bagos? ko igt kawan2 ko bagos? ko igt penulisan ko tu sangat confidential or ko takot kene tahan ISA?

aku bukan ape , nak kate annoying pun tak jugak , tapi menyampah dgn org2 cani. menyampah macam kat sampah sambil makan kepah dgn cik bedah.

p/s : nuthing to do with anything, just my unplanned random thoughts.

this is not a p/s,thus any reading below this line is merely intolerable : aku bukan nak cakap aku bagos. tapi at least m not hiding , m not reserving anything for anyone , m not afraid of the world and why shud u?

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