Friday, December 12, 2008

The Lunch Tragedy of The Unlikely

I should have posted this few days back when it really happened but as usual , i just lingered here in my bedroom , rolled my eyes into different directions or in other word PROCRASTINATED . If procrastinating is a crime , i'd be prosecuted even before u can say "somebody gonna get hurt realll bad" (Russel Dominic Peters )

So anyways , something interesting , yet improbably thing happened on this particular day. It was holiday as i would like to remember it. Papa called me around noon and asked me whether i want to go makan with him. He shudnt be asking a question to an obvious answer. Of course the answer was YES! Diena Wong never refused to any makan invitation. I live for food but apparently my body is not.

Anyways , after long and deep consideration about the place we should be eaten , i decided to go to Kenny Rogers at ioi mall.
I ordered my usual , jacket potato covered with the-sumpah-to-die-for tangy chicken topping and coleslaw, macaroni and cheese and another one i couldnt really recall as a side dishes. Papa ordered ape ntah aku tak ingat. Ayam ngan ape ntah. So we ate , chatted about the recent BA landslide and some other third world countries issues.

After we finished eaten , papa raised his hand to call up the waitress. She came and presented the bill to papa , papa paid the bill and we waited for the balance. Again , she walked casually towards us , but this time she did not only came to give our balance back but also a plastic bag.

Waitress : Nie ade free gift.

dw : wadeheylll??

So, what is the most unlikely free gift that one would received after dining at one of the well known restaurant?

This may look like a normal plastic bag that should contain anything edible. Behold the truth! look can be deceiving boys and girls for this bag does not only contained things that would make u jolt all over but u wud also be momentarily rigid and frozen until one of ur body part fell over. particularly the productive part of ur anatomy.

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! die bole bagi ubat gigi! UBAT GIGI WEH! kalau die bagi fruit cake in occasion of this coming christmas ke bole la aku tolerate lagi. Pepsodent plak tu. sounds alot like a roddent dont u think so? Mencegah gigi berlubang? wthhh???! ABEH TU POCKET AKU YG BERLUBANG NIE SAPE NAK JAWAB! sheessshh!!!

Lepas nie ape plak? Pegi denties pastu dapat panties yg ade tampal2 smarties?


pesot said...

hehe...aku Orng baru..erm..ok pe dpt adiah..

Bil said...

diena.. tolong la.. ure such a joker!!! btol2 terkoyak panties bace ur blog.. kena beli smarties la pas ni nak tampal panties!
gile lawak!!!