Friday, January 2, 2009

The Pictorial Tales of Almost Grown-Up Girl and Her Monstrous Cavities-Induce Lopipopas

Once upon a time , a very very long time ago if measured/counted by nanoseconds , there was a girl , who is still breathing right till this very moment. She , the girl who m writing about, favored to be called Jessica Alba , altho her appearance doesn't really matched the name. So with heavy heart she just settled on responding to diena or dayana when being called.

She , this diena girl , was a very very busy girl. She got tons and tons of assignment that had to be done , but still she didnt care. Her oblivious nature was uncompromisable as one would agreed because she always, like repeatedly always be a last-minuter. Being one , she'd constantly whining and bitching and dreading whenever that was not enough time to finish on her given task. And people , a person with a mercy soul , doesn't like this behavior , especially the people around her. Shes giving all her comrades a bad vibe. Bad vibe that is detectable by a dog nose that is filled with a sticky greenish-blueish gooey slimy and possibly-be biodegradable mucuses.

So anyways , one day , she encountered a boy. This boy was bearing a gift for her. Like any other prattling school girl , she was ecstasized by this surprising moments. She loved surprises! good or bad , she loved them both. Even if she knew that taking things for stranger could be life-threatening but that was the risk she willing to take because she didnt like the thought of "
the route not taken" occupying and haunting her mind in the future. So this boy , this yet-to-be-acquaintance stranger gave her this HUGE COLOSSAL GIGANTIC EXTRAORDINARY BULKY CHUPA CHUPS LOLLYPOP! Like really big you could fit two cages of elephant in it and still have a room for a flocks of delivery storks to hide babies that have been transformed mutatically due to the deadly overexposure of the remaining chemicals nuclear toxics from the world war II.

She accepted the gifts from the unnamed stranger and after expressing her gratitude to that boy she then happily skipping one legged all the way to her house without worrying about the consequences of the pain that her ankle might suffers later on. As soon as she slammed her front door shut , she hurried to her sanctuary , her hidden haven where she find solace from the outside staggering world , the place where her bed was positioned beside the oval-shaped window so that she could contemplate in sky gazing on the evening where the ray of sunshine weren't so bright. This was the place she hang-signed a steel shiny plate that had a beautifully engrossed italic letters in front of her sandalwood door that said
"THIS IS MY ROOM! DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOUR MOTHER SHIT GOLD BUT EVEN IF SHE DOES,IT WOULDN'T BE THE SAME BECAUSE SHE SHIT TURD THAT SHAPED LIKE A GOLD NOT A GOLDEN FECES! SO STAY OUT AND FAR FAR AWAY OR ELSE...!" she didn't stated the "or else.." because she always thought that unfinished sentence give an impression of alarming factor to her visitor and leave them to their own imaginations.

After she securely locked her door room , she quickly jumped on her bed which made few of her plushie immediately flown on the air. She settled herself by sitting cross legged on the middle of the soft mattress and put the supremely huge lollipop after cradling it for quite some time. "Ouch that hurts!" a voice suddenly emitted. "BLOODDYY HEYLLL!!!" she shrieked in horror. "YOU CAN BLOODY TALK???" she asked using the highest pitch of her voice that almost sound like a chipmunk if u ask me. "DUH~ of course i can. i have soul unlike u." the voice that came from the lollypop hissed back at her. "WATAFAKAKAKAK?? i may not have soul but i do have a pair of hand that m gonna use to strangle dear oh u if u keep on using that tone at me. and oh, i also will use this *she pointed at her left foot* and shove up right in ur back hole, that is if u have one" she back-fired the supposedly inanimate piece of candy.

The lollipop shut up almost instantly after he/she heard that. "Kimut" the candy said , almost discreetly. "thafak?" diena asked in puzzled. "My name is Kimut. Kee-h-moot" kimut explained himself. "Oh ok, kimut. mine is diena. nice to meet u." diena politely replied back and from that moment onwards , began a remarkable story of a girl who fell in love with her candy stick.

diena having a doubtful moment of kimut. because sometime he thought that he wud be better off as a can opener rather than a giant candy.

but nevertheless she still loves kimut for what he is. no matter wat.

sometimes, when people are not looking , kimut wud kiss diena. half-heartedly that is. but she doesnt care as long as kimut kisses her.

and she will kiss kimut back. as a reminder of her insanity.

she sometime pretends that kimut is a magical wand that sailor saturn from sailormoon used to summon a magic.

and when kimut provokes her , she will bite him viciously until her dignity is shamelessly punctured.

but then who is she kidding, she still adored him. always and forever.

kimuts likes to be tickles using diena's nose. as obscene as this may seemed , the part where her nose is placed is actually kimut's knees.

this is when kimuts feels really horny. he just like to cheek-fuck diena. she doesnt like it but she still compromising with kimut's odd fetishes.

kimut g toilet. wash up after all the tiring cheek-fucking session. diena feels lonely..

but little that kimut knows that diena is three timing him with inkheart and inkspell (by the amazing cornelia funke). threesome has never been so magical.


muke puas. hahahha

believe me , kissing plastic is better than a mouth that smell like ur father unwashed underwear.

everynite , kimut will sing or hum a song or lullaby until diena is sound asleep. sometime kimut fell asleep on his own.

cheek-fucking on action.

i love u kimut. u are the best thing that ever happened in my life. like ever.

soft-core cheek-cuddling. cam pinochio kan? dont u think so?

OK BYE PEOPLE! ade org call! i better attend to this call before i really lost my sanity.

p/s : thanks for reading this brainless story. can somebody help me restore my reality back? please?


izzyzatt said...

the cheek-fucking session sounds nice!!!hahahhaa!!!!!!

is that a REAL lollipop?????

cikudi said...

yeah it is! tapi tu cam bekas je la..dalam tu ade byk lollipop kecik2..hahahha

Bil said...

besOR bapak lollypop!!!!
nak nak nakkk!! mane diena beli?

kaznessrocks said...

wtf r u thinking siot@!!!!@$#@%!!

cikudi said...

bil : itu kawan diena yg bagi..die beli kat langkawi kot..besar gile kan..tapi its just a container..dalam tu ade la lolipop kecik2

kaz : im thinking about ur boobs siut! sebab tu jadi camnie..hahha