Friday, October 31, 2008

Hari tu aku rasa aku nie Paul Mitchell

I should have posted this 2 days back. but i was too lazy going out with ur biological dad. yeah the one who has deep eyes and bulky wallet. yerp. remember when the time he said he got to go to an urgent meeting at Cali? yeah i was there. and it wasnt a meeting,more like a holiday. ha ha ha. u are nuthing but a a tiny portion of his productive cell. namely ; the sperm. which he withdraws kindda generously nowdays. oh,tell ur mom hes not coming back tonite. we are going to Japan coz i told him that i am the incarnation of Hello Kitty and he believed it. Such a moron, just like u when i told u that the blood coming out from ur birth canal every month tastes like maple syrup. true story!

last 2 days, the day that my papa shifted into this house. remember? u dont? oh i forgot that u had an ostrich's brain. there there, calm down. dont hyperventilate! coz u got an onion breath. sheesh!ok ok stay with me..there there.

So papa moved in and summore i had to take my two lovely little devil out to the pool. i was feeling kindda tensed out so guess what i did after swimming?


yeah i did that. luckily i got steady hand and accurate instinct of "main belasah je la". Kalau tak, u wont find me in Malaysia anymore. Ill be gone, to a magical province where only people with retarded fringe are welcome. Otherwise,if u are a guy, u'll be decapitated. Yeah, both of ur head. Let see if u can extricate urself from that. And if ur a girl, u will be force to fornicate with a limping and almost decease horse until ur pride has been shamelessly punctured.

Now i feel like a school girl. who just know where babies came from. IT AINT FUNNY MOM! i do not come from a defected mass produced canned food!! especially not from a pickle jar!

see i told u it wasnt that bad? or is it? good bye cruel world!

the pre-loved hair. do not get any ideas ok. ini bukan pubic hair. sheesh u old dirty peverted minded! lucky thing u already secured my heart or else ull be long gone just like the others. hahaa

foot/note : kepada abu bakar elah. ko da bole claim aku jadi anak ko. dulu tanak ngaku kan sebab fringe aku senget. skrang rambut aku da same cam rambut ko. i love u daddy! mintak2 la tade org bace nie. kalau tak kantoi aku anak iban. eh da bace. ehheh hello there earthlings. *waves hand and turn back in shame*


Anonymous said...

hahahaha..lawak dileee..
tapi diena cutee laa..
u anak abu bakar elah ngan bini mana plak? hahahhaa..tapi muka u mmg ada iras2 die pun..wakakaka..just kidding. peace

cikudi said...

ntah la..i pun tak tau ah..ngna bini die yg kat sempadan sabah tu ko..




ade kan? tu ah..oh daddy please come back. hahaha

cornell said...


wuarghahahahaha.. ye ke u tak tau u? =))

seriously seyh.. it does look like it or else i won't say it lorh... lmfao..

cikudi said...

no it doesnt. u just have sick minded. uggh~

cornell said...

it does!.. want me to ask everyone? :)).. lol.. tapi cam yg dah kena straighten ah.. hahaha.. dem dem..

cikudi said...

WHF!! WHF WHF WHF!!!!!!! amek ko ughhhh

cornell said...

*mamak.. curl it up babeh!!*.. lol

Anonymous said...

bulu pubis..ahahha!
cam sial...
nice gile bulu pubis kalo camtu..
siap die lagik! hakhak
diena2..u mmg 'cacat' lahh! d=


barb said...

hrmm..mmg sah anak abu bakar ellah

wan hussin said...

potong rambut seh...
still cute.... as usual.