Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Mindless Weekend

Good morning stalkers , stumble uponers and whoever thought that the law of gravity doesn't applied on them.

Its already sunday.

I dont get it, why do they call it sunday?

Issit because the birth of the sun?

or maybe perhaps the day itself is so sunny hence the sunday? what if it was raining? would it be called rainday instead of sunday?

does sunday brings the same meaning as sundae? if sunday was a food, wud it be as sweet and fattening as sundae?

Issit possible for sunday to be an english variation of sundal? i dont know, i phailed kemahiran hidup in high school.

None-the-less , i haite SUNDAY!

why one might ask?

because i always feel that sunday only last 10 hours! and before u know it , it is already MONDAY! which i guess stands for Monster Day , therefore the MON? i dont know , i havent had my breakfast yet. my brain work on illegal immigrant chinese workers.

seriously! m fcking bored! m out of my mind! pfffttt!! this is even worst than staying in a prison solitary while playing solitaire in solitude of the isolation.

I have assignments to do. but as usual , i wont do it until it is due 10 minutes before. so yeah, i still got a couple of hours. so chillex~

p/s : pet society is so in yawww!! m so hooked yaw!!

yet another useless p/s that u dont have to read but u read it anyway because u tot it would be somekind of national secret but little that u know that this is nuthing other than a useless p/s : ARGHHHHH BOSAN LA SIALLL!!! take me awayyy.. plis plis plis!

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