Monday, November 17, 2008

Weird dream for weird people. not me. ur mother. yes. ur birth mother. i cry almond every morning thinking of that.


sebab die : semlm tido awal! yes yes. miracle yaribaa yaribaa!

i have done my deed to the nation , now i can vandalize public property without feeling guilty anymore.

oh semlm, before my morning call, i had a dream. the dreamt was kindda random, i couldnt exactly remember what was it about but somehow it involved me and inai and a group of under-influenced party people dancing in circle to the commotion outside the building? wadeheyl? my dream is getting weirder each day.

tapi pakai inai? YES AKU DA NAK KAWEN!!!

tape, mak aku mmg tau aku gatal , mengenyam , garik. sume aku. yes yes yes!!!

oh ok. i have to go now. the traffic to cyberjaya is crazy i tell u. not as crazy as kl but still everyday my breakfast is the harmful smoke coming out from these vehicles. bye

p/s : thank u syg!


rage said...

wa tau lagi satu cara beb x bagi krenki.. bebgn pagi.. wudhuk.. smayang subuh.. :P

p/s: ala beb.. traffic kat hollywood je kot.. :))

Rajuna said...

people dancing in the circle?
it might be a circle pitt. the similar things gig goers does.