Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pronounciation impaired & few other slight remarks about the black people that can only be seen with xray,not u Obama coz u rocks big time!

Do u guys remember this one kids tv show that was once called ALONG? yeah the annoying big retarded lion with red overall and distrubing smile? the one that the theme song goes like A.L.O.NG ALONGG! no? doesnt ring any bell? maybe u werent born yet or maybe u were busy scraping off the remaining of dried feces from your almost expired grandpapa's back side. Anyways , like any other easily brainwashed kids, i loved to watch this show because choice was limited back then. The show was divided into few different segments like maths,history , english and so on.It was somehow educational and hmm entertaining? i suppose.

So this happened around last week where 4 of us , belang , fifie, piah and me were lepaking at ali corner sec 20 shah alam. As usual , we will always like talking rubbish and convulsioning as if we are suffering from an uncureable mad cow disease. Random topics always comes out of nowhere.Suddenly, this ALONG topic came out. i couldnt really remember how the conversation was like but it sound something like this

Fifie : ko igt tak dulu ade cite along nie.
Bels : ye ah tu..bla blah blah blah
Piah : haaa..tu la..cite tu cam blah blah blah blah
Diena : ye ah tuu..dulu aku cam annoying gile tgk SITI SIFLIS tu
Diena : woi woi aku tgh makan la wehhhh..harus la tersasul disitu *kaverline cemerlang*
them : dah la diena

This is the result of when ur mouth thinks faster than ur brain. Igt senang ke cam nak sync kan mulut ngan otak. This is a very difficult skill that can only be achieved if u were once suffer from childhood discontentment. and m still learning it. so hush~

moving on to totaly unrelated topics.

We , me and one of my favourite bitch , anep , went to terminal for lunch. There were like flock of crows hovering all around the parking lot and anep said

Anep : kan best kalau gagak nie jinak. bole bela
Dw : eeeeeeeeeeeee..diskastinggg..da la burukkkk..itam plak tuuu..
Anep : itam ah cool. tgk Obama. cool kan
Dw : ....
Anep : hehehehhe
Dw : anep tu ade parking tu cepat kang ade org amek. *malas nak layan kang cakap aku racist plak *

p/s : malasnye nak bergerakkk. OMG!!! loser cam broken razor betul la ko nie diena.

peee in the ass : ouch, jgn la tolak, tgk kite da jatuh da pasal awak. no, not u. him! yes, the one who make my life isnt worth watching tv series anymore. hahahah.deng madafada.


Mas Rahman said...

hahah that is superrr hilarious ! rofl

cikudi said...

hahha...yeah i tot so bodo je kawan2 i doh..

cikudi said...

oh..terutama skali belang..huawhuawhuawhawhuahuauhhuhuaw

Cutie Pie Lulabi said...

Siti Sifilis..hahahaha...
itam ah cool. tgk obama...wakakaka
OMG u memang terror la diena..i suggest kan u masuk raja lawak musim ke-3..uji bakat dah start confident enuff u will be the winner for this season!yeay!

cikudi said...

mmg tak ah..i malu kot depan camera..oh i shy shy u know.

spf said...

Kalau J.K. Rowling bace blog ni confirm nangis.

cikudi said...

hahahha asal kene nangis doh?

spf/spd said...

Perlu ke diterangkan??
terang lagi nyata.
dah blog ni menggugat imaginasi terlampau beliau~

aRe You? said...

hahaha aku dah ingat.mase tu ngah cakap saerah kot.pastu ko petik sal name cam siti siflis yang dalam ALONG.hahaha mmg gile....

Mas Rahman said...

"mmg tak ah..i malu kot depan camera..oh i shy shy u know."

hahah ,mmg tak ahhhh siap ada video skang , hahhaha ;p

go bels ~