Friday, November 21, 2008

The CopyKat Repellent

Hello dearest readers , stalkers and potential impostors,

I have been blogging since i was still in high school.I still remembered using the old-time classic notepad editor and publish it using Geocities under i-dont-remember-what hosting. It has been on and off over the years. There are time i feel so inspired to write until i'd be lost in my own swirling duo-tone color world and there are also time when i feel that writing is just like a small under-develop unknown country. useless and tak mendatangkan faedah. but most of the time , i am just plain layzeh beybeh.

So heres the thing,

Ever since ive been blogging , there are few bloggers who , well lets just say they kindda snatched a few of my phrasesssssesesss here and there. Using it like their own , as if it came out from their brain. Yeah , the big ugly meatless organ inside the center of your skull. Ive also encountered blogger who ripped off the whole entire entry which was just kindda sad and pathetic because u know , people already know that it was mine .

At first i was pissed off ,rebarbatived, infuriated and any other words related to that. But then i realized , i cant do anything about it , i cant let these loser fazed me. I didnt lose anything, in fact they are the one who should be ashamed of plagiarizing and neglecting the usage of their brain space.And moreover i am not the one who lose away my dignity and pride.

So today , after eating two helpless banane , i decided to put my blog under some license. So this way i will somehow feel safe. I know this is not going to secured or guarantee anything but still! its a license! License is law. And no one is above the law. Not even you , yeah the one under ur big brother's crotch. Is that ur hair or wat? It looks so shiny and pointy . Oh wai-. darn it!

See the circle that circulated around the double C? Thats indicates law. And u do not want to mess with the law. License is law.Law is life. Life is great. Great = Awesome. Awesome is diena.Therefore, diena = law. This concludes our lesson for today kids.

peenut butther asses : counting days is excruciating.

Note to self : No matter how tantalizing a fake plastic decoration fruits are (namely,the apples) , they are not meant to be eaten or bitten. They also cannot magically turn into a real fresh fruit overnight.

note to others : my bonda is the greatest mom in the world! better than mother theresa. and definitely better than ur mom!

p/s : i have problem spelling lisence.licsene.license! yes dapat. pandai diena! hee..mesti la pandai..diena kan good girl. kan kan kan? kan ke tak kan?

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