Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Sudden Departured (UPDATED)

I woke up this morning with 2 shocking sms.

Mamad : iQ meninggal dunia semlm pukul 330. xcident

shahan : diena..awak kenal iQ kan. mat rap yg kecik2 tu. dia miningal accident semlm. accident yg kite lalu semlm .

Al - fatihah. May u rest in peace bro.

p/s : will be updated after i come back from the funeral.

UPDATED : Just came back from KL. Really, i have no mood to write watsoever. His smiling face kept on playing in my mind on my way back to Puchong. Somehow , a series of flashback came into the picture. Everything feel surreal. He is just 24. 2 year older than me and already, hes gone.

This make me realize that we, human being are not invincible. We are made from flesh,bones and blood. We are fragile , easy to break. No matter how overcautious we are in handling our daily life , we still cant escape the fate that already been written upon us.

Firdhaus Othman was his birthname but he prefered to be called iQ as his streetname. He was the nicest and sweetest guy i know. I used to be like really closed to him. We used to hang out and chilled and lepaked. Somehow we drifted apart because of our busy schedule but there were still occasional calls and txts in between our void.

Mamad and I went to his aunt's house at AU5 , his body still there. Laying motionless , covered in cloth. My heart sank. My friend , my dearest friend already gone. After reciting yaasin , they brought his body to the Mosque beside the house. I went inside the mosque , bace yaasin skali lagi for him and semayang asar with the rest of makciks2. After Asar kiterang semayang jenazah plak. And then all of us went to tanah perkuburan AU4 . It was drizzled at first , so they quickly put his body inside the liang lahad.

Again , my heart sank.Although we grew apart and didnt hangout that much anymore , but memories is still memories. fond memories.

Dari tanah kita datang , dan dari tanah juga kita kembali.
Dari tanah kita mendapat makanan , dan tanah juga akhirnya yang memakan kita. - Ustaz yg bace2 tadi kat tanah perkuburan.

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wan hussin said...


Yang muda tidak semestinya akan melalui hari tua.

Yang pergi tidak kembali.

Redha yeah cek Diena. Hidup mati urusan Allah.