Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Black Lady

So we , idayu and i were lepaking and sembanging in the car at the carpark of my aparment. After the ultimately delicious choclate indulgence has been savagely chowed down by yours truly , which is me , and me wanted to smoke so badly. So we decided to chill at the pool side. I took my ciggarate box out from my small green sling bag. Pulled off one ciggy and put it in between my lips. Unfortunely , my lighter (only now isnt mine anymore because i already threw it down the drain) was out of gas.


I saw this one big black lady, i mean black like black! She could easily be invisible at night. And she was hugee! like a little bit smaller than ur mom. Her left breast alone could feed the entire starving children in Bosnia .Like srsly.

She walked towards us and said

BL : Hey baby! ( bile mase aku jadi anak ko? aku putih je)
dw : yeah?
BL : can i have one ciggarate?
dw : do u have a lighter?
BL : yeah , but the lighter is upstairs *sambil amek lighter kat tangan aku and try nak lightkan*
dw : it doenst work anymore
BL : u just have to shake it upside down u know, the gas is still there , they are floating bla bla bla bla *aku tak paham, lidah die pekat sangat*
dw : nvm. its take this ciggarate
BL : i want to buy ciggarate but all the shop are close
dw : but 7-e is just down there. u can just walk
BL : its far away! *sungguh2 ko tanak jugak pegi kedai! tegas!*
dw : not that far really.
BL : ill pass. anyway , can i have another ciggarate for my sister
dw : mm.. sure ?

Kiwak gile kene rokok kene pow ngan ngan pompuan itam. asal ko tak mintak utk pak lang,pak ndak or satu kampung ko skali? Da la aku baru beli plak tu rokok tu. Da die mintak utk die, die mintak plak utk adik die. igt aku nie welfare ke? Kalau aku tak bagi kang kene pukul. Aku nie da la kecik cam kerusi , kalau kene pukul tak mati aku?

aku redho je la. tape , rokok bole cari.


wan hussin said...


patut ko takyah bagi dow...

racist cket :P

cikudi said...

tapi nanti kalau tak bagi die pukul cane?

tak bole aku nak update blog lagi

Amir Hamzah said...

hahaha!! ur so comel la. :P

cikudi said...

oh well..tell me something i dont know please..hahhaha

Amin said...

cilake nye pempuan hitam
ahahaha racist gile. hahaha.

miyawong said...

itu maknenye dier sayang adik dier mcm kakak sayang miya... hehehe... mami ckp nak pi pukul mak gagak tu.. hahahah...